Nina Tassler, President, CBS Entertainment on Michael Muhney Firing: ‘Sony [Pictures Television] Came To Us and Said, ‘We Want to Make a Change”

Matt Hoyle/CBS
Matt Hoyle/

According to TV Guide Canada‘s Greg David, , President, CBS Entertainment, was asked by reporters today during the 2014 Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour to comment on the allegations surrounding the firing of as Adam Newman on the network’s “.”

While stating, “I can’t comment on any of the allegations,” the executive did shed some light on how the decision to remove the actor from the canvas came about.

“I can only say that when the producers and Sony [Pictures Television] came to us and said, ‘We want to make a change,’ and they laid out their reasoning why, we supported them,” Tassler noted nearly two weeks after TMZ broke the story that Muhney was allegedly fired for groping the breasts of one of his co-stars.

This marks the first public statement from the network in regards to the allegations.

  • Bexx

    The plot thickens…

  • tootie

    What a joke. A change in their ratings is what will be the change.

  • Karen

    Obviously their reasons were solid

    • JAL

      The only reason they had was their greedy little hands.

    • Bexx


  • Fred

    Tassler only said that they said they wanted to make a CHANGE, she said absolutely nothing about the RUMORS. The writer made it sound that way tho. So sick of the spin & smear campaign. The reason for making a change could also be that MM was making Adam TOO NICE, sheesh. He didn’t like that Adam was being written as a child killer because he has two small children. If I printed that the moon was made out of green cheese, some ppl would say the moon is made out of green cheese! Still no answers, only innuendo.

  • JAL

    You will see how we feel about CBS, Sony, & YR about making this change. The change will come 1/31/14 when we stop watching this dam show after MM is gone. You will never ever ever be able to replace him. JFP has caused a cast to be backstabbing each other and bad mouthing the fans. You are bloody nuts to think that in this time of social media that we would not notice or care. You are headed for the trash heap.

    • Bexx

      I’ll be watching on January 31st. Cliffhanger Friday – I hope Billy kills Adam.

      • JAL

        You idiot, Billy is not going to kill Adam. If he does he will go to jail. Adam will go to jail.

        • Bexx


          Because we all know how quickly murders are solved on daytime TV.

          Perhaps I should said: I hope that Billy kills Adam, and dumps his body in his Range Rover, afterwards torches it, and finally rolls it off a cliff. Wouldn’t be any money left in the budget though.

  • RedRiver38

    Doesn’t matter. Y&R is dead to me.

  • Susan

    They’re going to get way more change than they wanted…I love Karma!

  • Sharon Jesse

    Oh for christ sake grow up already, If you are going to leave, just do it you won’t be missed!!!!

    • Fred

      Madam I assure you we plan to do just that. You are as rude as Braeden calling his fans “ass” and “idiot” on twitter. Yeah EB I saw that.

  • Fred

    I’ve got a message for Michael Muhney. I’ve got your back man I’m a huge fan of yours and will follow you to your next success which btw your portrayal of Adam was. I don’t believe the smear campaign these women dish out. They’re showing what they. Ball breakers. As for the cast joining in this show can go to hell for all I care. I tuned into see you and Billy miller. When you are gone so am I.

  • Laura

    I love the character Adam Newman. Please don’t get rid of him.

  • courtney

    If they want to make a change they probably should have fixed the HUGE mistake of the Dylan character- wow that is the one of worst things they have ever done, Steve Burton is a DUD in that role, it is AWFUL- kind of like Chance was, so much potential but bored and annoyed to tears watching…There is so much they could do to fix this show and make it what it should be but they wont do it because they all have ulterior motives- I hope their ratings suffer for it!!! I would still watch after MM leaves if they did not have Dylan and Avery killing the show. Love MM, don’t believe the rumors about him- they are ruining his reputation because people were jealous of him and felt threatened by his success and ego.

  • Janettwokay

    The Peter Principle is alive and well at CBS Daytime.

  • Holly

    That bess must be related to JFP!!! How could you wish one of the best character of Y&R to be dead!!!