RATINGS: CBS Daytime Up Week-to-Week in Total Viewers and Women 25-54


For the week of June 10-14, 2013, CBS Daytime once again led all networks in the households and total viewers. Consisting of soap operas “” and “,” game shows “Let’s Make a Deal” and “” and talk show “,” CBS was up week-to-week in viewers and the Women 25-54 demo. “Y&R” was up 5% in both viewers and women 25-54, while “B&B” was up 4% in viewers and 7% in women 25-54.

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All CBS Daytime Shows Post Week-to-Week Gains in Viewers and Women 25-54

THE TALK delivered its largest audience in more than four months, while all of CBS’s daytime programs posted week-to-week growth in viewers and women 25-54, according to Nielsen live plus same day ratings for the week ending June 14.

THE TALK averaged 2.52 million viewers, its largest audience since the week of Feb. 4 when it delivered 2.54 million viewers. THE TALK averaged 1.1/07 in women 25-54, up +10% from last week.

The rest of CBS’s daytime lineup also notched week-to-week growth in both viewers and women 25-54.

Game shows LET’S MAKE A DEAL 1 (2.64m, 0.9/06) was up +4% in viewers and +13% in women 25-54, while LET’S MAKE A DEAL 2 (3.08m, 1.0/06) posted increases of +4% and +11% respectively. THE PRICE IS RIGHT 1 (4.50m, 1.4/09) was up +7% in viewers and +17% in women 25-54, with THE PRICE IS RIGHT 2 (5.53m, 1.6/10), up +9% and +14%.

Daytime drama THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS (4.73m, 2.0/13) was up +5% in both viewers and women 25-54, while THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL (3.59m, 1.6/10) posted gains of +4% in viewers and +7% in women 25-54.

Recently, CBS led all networks with a combined 21 wins at “The 40th Annual Daytime Emmy® Awards.” THE PRICE IS RIGHT won its sixth Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Game Show. Other top wins included Outstanding Lead Actor Doug Davidson of THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS (his first win in his 38-year career on the show), and an Outstanding Lead Actress win for THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL’s Heather Tom, her fifth overall.

  • PatF

    If YR hit 4.7 mil…that’s quite good.
    When are the full ratings out for all shows?

  • Bored GH Fan

    Good job CBS. I look forward to seeing the rest of the ratings. They seem to get later and later each week. You used to could count on dependable every Thursday reporting unless it was a holiday week.

  • Angela Margot

    So, The Price is Right as an old “classic” aside, Y&R and B&B are living proof that soaps can achieve much better ratings than those cheap game and talk shows.

    And indeed, As The Wolrd Turns, as an example, had significantly better ratings than “The Talk”, year after year after year, even in its weakest period (that CBS was only waiting for in order to get rid of another soap, after having done NOTHING to get ratings back to the level where they were still in 2008, a year before cancellation!).

    • Philip

      Angela, I don’t know what ratings you are looking at or even what ratings you are remembering — but you need to look up and read the article and look at the numbers.

      As the World Turns was only averaging 2.2 million viewers in it’s final year. It only got to 2.5 million the last week it was on. Both The Talk and even Let’s Make A Deal are getting over that now. Look at the numbers above.

      And Guiding Light was only average 2 million to 2.1 million viewers. It did better than ATWT it’s final week and hit 2.6. More people tuned in to say goodbye to it than ATWT.

      I loved both of those shows dearly and miss them alot. But even I know that CBS made a better decision.

      • Angela Margot

        You are talking about a single “good” week of “The Talk” in comparison to the last year of ATWT, when everybody already knew that CBS had cancelled the show. So, who are you trying to fool here?

        I can tell you – and everybody can check the facts via Google – where all that “The Talk is gaining viewers” propaganda comes from: It comes from the fact that this show, in his first year, had strikingly lower ratings than ATWT in its last (and weakest!) year.

        As of October 2011, The Talk averaged 1.83 million viewers per episode, a 25% decrease from As the World Turns’s ratings the previous year.

        As of October 2012, The Talk was seeing an average viewership of 2.294 million this season.

        As The World Turns, in its last and weakest year (2009/10), when everybody already knew for most of the time that the show was cancelled, averaged 2.3 million viewers, as can be verified by the numbers published every week by the Soap Opera Network.

        In 2008/09, ATWT averaged over 2.4 million viewers,

        in 2007/08 it had an average of 2.8 million viewers.

        In 2006/2007, ATWT averaged over 3.3 million viewers.

        It is absolutely obvious, that ATWT, as one of the two longest running soaps, had a significantly higher viewership over its last years than “The Talk” has been and is having now.

        Therefore it was certainly NOT a “better” decision to kill a soap that had been delivering much better ratings year after year after year without ANY serious effort and smart investments to turn things around and get back to the ratings ATWT had only one or two years before cancellation. A level of ratings that “The Talk” can’t even dream of. The positive ratings trend of all the remaining soaps is the best evidence that it can be done! And that soaps can still achieve much higher ratings than those cheap talk and game shows.

        So. the current daytime ratings are the best proof for the fact that those cheap talk and game shows are not and will never be a plan for growth. Y&R and B&B are at a totally different level – and ATWT and GL could be there again, with smart investments in long-time growth!

        • Philip

          Thanks for proving my point. Look at the numbers you posted. What has The Talk done — IT HAS INCREASED ITS VIEWERSHIP EACH YEAR.

          What was ATWT doing — LOSING VIEWERS EACH YEAR.

          It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that when a show keeps losing viewers each and every year down from 3.3 to 2.3 not counting what was happening to its key demos — it’s time to look at replacing it. I’m personally glad that it went out when it did so that it didn’t end up looking like Guiding Light did when CBS and P&G kept cutting it’s budget.

          Now put on your thinking cap and look at The Talks numbers. It’s been increasing each year, building it’s audience. that is what new shows do. Plus it costs less, and CBS makes a clear profit since they own the show.

          Now genius it was clear that P&G and CBS weren’t going to make any changes at ATWT. P&G didn’t care anymore. On it’s course it would have continued to lose viewers each year. I mean not even that many fans cared enough anymore to tune in to say goodbye like they did with GL and even with AMC and OLTL. It got less of an increase in it’s final week than any of them did.

          I find it funny that you say I can’t compare a good week of The Talk to ATWT’s last year, but yet you can compare The Talk’s 2011 ratings to ATWT 2006 ratings. How hypocritical. If ATWT had been still getting those 2006 ratings it wouldn’t have been cancelled. But none of the soaps are getting 2006 ratings anymore.

          What’s next comparing The Talk to what ATWT got in the 1960s.

          And I am sure glad that you know what people will be watching in coming years. The Talk has already hit over 2.5 million twice this year. And they are continuing to grow. Who knows what will happen? Definitely not you and not me either.

          I never dreamed that Let’s Make A Deal would get over 3 million but it has now. So who knows what will happen with these shows.

          • Angela Margot

            Well, thanks for finally outing yourself as yet another member of the cheap talk show lobby that’s just having a problem with facts as they are.

            As a matter of fact, ATWT had BETTER ratings than “The Talk” even in its weakest (last) year when CBS was already doing NOTHING to promote it in any way.

            And now you are fantasizing about The Talk “growing” and maybe next year finally getting to the level of ratings ATWT had in its weakest period when CBS had already cancelled it?

            Now, that’s a plan for growth, isn’t it?!

            You are showing us the bizarre logic of people that aren’t capable of analyzing thoroughly and with a long-term perspective.

            It is not only a valid, but a very significant point that ATWT only shortly before the announcement of its cancellation had ratings that were at a totally different (considerably higher) level than the ones of the shows you are promoting here. Why?

            Because it shows a potential that other soaps as Y&R and B&B are still making full use of and proving week after week that it’s possible to get much better ratings with soaps, if only the writing and the package as a whole gets things right!

            The four soaps still running are living proof of the fact that it is possible to regain soap viewers if smart changes and investments are made. DAYS and GH had periods of low ratings that were very similar to the ones of ATWT, but they executed plans to turn things around and are the best evidence that it can be done, if it is done right. As an example, GH’s average for this season is the highest since the 2007/08 season. Whoever wants to implement a strategy for growth, has to think not only short-term, within the range of a year or two, but long-term.

            Your beloved shows “The Talk” and “Let’s make a deal” have never been even close to the ratings ATWT and other soaps delivered for many, many years There is still a huge fan base out there, many of them watching their soaps online or on Soapnet and not being counted.

            So, there are a lot of very important facts and factors you are just ignoring to distort the reality and push your “cheap talk and game show” agenda. I believe that the millions of soap fans out there are not going to accept that any longer and raise their voices louder and louder and better organized than ever to get their favorite soaps back!

  • Angela Margot

    By the way, it will be highly interesting how the measurement of online viewership that will finally be included in Nielsen ratings will affect overall ratings.

    I know loads of people who have been watching their favorite soaps online for years – and that’s a major reason why traditionally (wrongly!) measured soap ratings have been dropping significantly since the end of the 90s.

    Now, can anyone of you imagine watching those cheap talk and game shows online?

    I think it’s going to be a tough awakening for the anti-soaps pro-cheap-talk-and-game-shows lobby!