BREAKING NEWS: Llanview 3 Back to ‘General Hospital’ as New Characters

After months of rumors, speculation and back and forth, ABC’s “” has announced that , and are returning to the soap. Additionally, sources have confirmed to Soap Opera Network that all three will resume filming at the Prospect Studios next week as new characters with a storyline to kick things into high gear beginning Friday, May 10.


“Exciting storylines full of mystery and intrigue are planned to usher in the return of these actors that will lead to the answer of one of the most asked questions in Port Charles,” said an ABC spokesperson in a statement released to Soap Opera Network.

Stay tuned to Soap Opera Network as this story continues to develop.

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  • lulu

    OK so now what characters will they play ?! ummm Serena Baldwin for KA, a long lost Cassidine or Quatermain for RH or maybe ME or..the Caleb twin for ME…other guesses people ?! Fun to speculate..enjoy

    • KE maybe a recast for Kristina davis . ME maybe a recast for Jason quartermaine (morgan). RH idk yet

  • KA will probably play the missing Quartermaine what’s her name…Lauren Frank or something, I just hope Easton’s character is paired with KeMo and I’ll be happy. I couldn’t care less for Alderson though, she lost that spark she had on OLTL

    • lulu

      I think it is above all because they wrote Starr as some damsell in distress, soap ingenue for a long time now whereas at her core she was a scheming badass kid..totally out of character and boring this development as the young heroine imho and it was not KA strength as an actress..If they write her more as a young schemer (and if she is Scotty Baldwin’s daughter Serena it could be in character) it could work. I will just miss her dynamic with RH as daughter/father..she was still good at playing Starr the Todd’s daughter with her always great chemistry with RH.

    • KA won’t be a Quartermaine. They wouldn’t be able to pair her with Michael if they did that.

  • Nobody ever believes me….lol

  • im probably in the minority on this one I wish they weren’t bringing these 3 back as new character I think there are enough new characters n I think 3 more is overkill. usually bringing 3 characters back as different hcaracters rarely work.

    • Philip

      I totally agree with you. I hate this. This is exactly the reason why ratings have gone down. Its stupid decisions made by the stupid people running these soaps. GH was doing good back in December and the first of January. Since then the show has become a big mess. This obsession with 2 cancelled shows Port Charles and One Life To Live is overkill this year. And the ratings are showing it. I haven’t even enjoyed the returns. The stories have been meaningless and so over the top. Even Genie Francis who I love acted today like she was doing some kind of campy comedy. I was so embarrassed.

      • lulu

        What are you talking about ? ratings for GH are better than ever..hello !

        • Philip

          They are not as good as they were in December and early January. They even had a few weeks where they lost total viewers. It was only this last week before they gained any back. So not the ratings have not been better than they have ever been. You are confused. Back in the fall and winter they were #1 in the 18-34 every single week. But they have been beaten by Y&R often this year. And recently even Days of Our Lives beat them in Total Viewers and dropped them to 4th place. Look it up. The proof is in the numbers….not in what you think.

          • lulu

            please there is up and down with ratings but all in all they are up, deal with it. And for the record i root for GH AND OLTL but i don’t work with biased and lying review on how these soaps do right now

        • Jolie

          Really Lulu? 3rd out of 4 soaps is good?? They are ALWAYS in 3rd just barely better than Days in last place! Compared to over 4 million viewers a week that Y&R pulls EVERY WEEK 2 million is nothing to be proud of! Trust me ABC ONLY looks at ratings!!!

        • Birdie beacom

          But aren’t they up because of the OLTL Characters

      • lulu

        Yeap GH is pretty campy right now, it reminds me of Days from 90’s but it seems to work for this soap : ratings are GOOD.

        • yeah because the vets are being featured a lot more and not being propped for these three.. just wait, the ratings will drop again

          • lulu

            maybe..maybe not..if the stories are fun it will work no matter what actors are on it. End of story.

          • Good luck with that

    • I feel the same

    • This is atrocious to me. All three of those actors have become these characters. The fact that they’re doing this is the ultimate middle finger to One Life to Live and its long history.

      • lulu

        bla bla bla these actors owe NOTHING to any soap being OLTL or GH, if they want to be in one soap in this case GH: THEIR RIGHT !

    • Birdie beacom

      I agree I like them as their own characters I think its stupid to bring them back as new characters. It doesn’t make sense

  • ABC is and always will be a RAT!! If only they would have compromised we could have seen these 3 characters on both shows. the only reason I started watching GH again was for the OLTL3 and now that they are gone so am I

  • I just hope they pair Kristen’s new character with Michael. I love their chemistry! Also, suck it, Prospect Park! Good luck recasting a character as popular as Todd Manning.

    • cindercity12

      Shouldn’t be that hard. Trevor St. John was a Todd recast and he nailed that role for 8 years until the whole 2 Todds mess. It could happen again.

      • Not for 8 years. He was phoning it in for the last 3 or 4. Lightning won’t strike a third time.

        • Jolie


    • Philip

      Funny they have already done it once, and it worked. Remember Trevor St. John.

      • HUGE difference here. They brought a NEW actor on as an existing character in the case of TSJ as Todd. Not the same thing at all. The odds are more of this stupidity failing. Shame on ABC, RC and the actors for going along with this mess.

        • It’s Prospect Park who’s to blame, not ABC/GH. PP was trying to force these actors on a major network show to appear on their dinky little web series (that films in Connecticut for God’s sake!). You can’t blame the actors for wanting to do right by their careers.

          • Philip

            No Prospect Park wasn’t trying to force the actors to appear on their show. They were claiming their rights to the characters that they paid ABC for. That is what they wanted was their characters that belonged to them. ABC sold them. ABC knew they belonged to Prospect Park all along. And so did Ron C. and Frank V. It was no surprise to them. ABC owned the actors because they were under contract to them. Prospect owned the characters. In the end they both got what they owned. ABC gets the actors. Prospect gets the characters which they paid ABC for and ABC gave them the rights to.

          • When RH, KA, and ME came to GH, there was absolutely NO REASON to believe PP was going to get its act together and revive OLTL. PP was being the bully by demanding these characters return to OLTL after being established on GH. PP should have compromised.

          • Jolie

            Your not the brightest light in your house are you Dunn??? PP SAID THAT THEY WERE NOT GIVING UP BRINGING THE SHOWS BACK! The next time you LOAN something to someone and you want it back REMEMBER YOU ARE BEING A BULLY!

          • lulu

            So what ? PP has the CHARACTERS, so you should be happy, they got what they wanted..the actors is ANOTHER STORY, if they want to be on ABC and GH their freaking RIGHT, these ACTORS owe NOTHING to PP since they will not play the characters PP paid for. eyeroll.

          • cindercity12

            That’s not actually true. While it is the actor’s right to stay at ABC and on GH, they got those jobs because PP allowed GH to transfer those characters from OLTL. They wanted the actors to still have jobs while they were sorting things out with the Guilds.

            So they do actually owe something to PP. They had steady jobs for the last year because of them, and they have those jobs for the foreseeable future.

            I just think it’s pretty crappy that PP paved the way for them to continue working when they lost their jobs, but Alderson and Easton wouldn’t returned the favor when PP needed them back at OLTL for a few weeks.

          • lulu

            You don’t know what really is happening behind the scenes and the fact that these three actors will have NOW jobs as three NEW characters has nothing to do with PP and everything to do with ABC and GH and FV and RC who are hiring them for it.

          • Jolie

            Another great post!!!

          • lulu

            I am happy for these actors but you don’t need to pull down OLTL because it is on the net, maybe it will become a big hit and GH will be never know what can about praising BOTH soaps..what a concept..right ?

          • cindercity12

            What does that mean, “in Connecticut for God’s sake”. You do understand that Stamford is one of the main locations Hollywood studios are filming their movies and TV shows, don’t you? That’s due to it’s higher tax credits, as well as the fact that it’s only 45 minutes from New York, which means you still have access to East Coast talent.

            The WWE is located here for that very reason. NBC Sports also recently set up shop there.

            Dinky little web series? Really? Is House of Cards also a dinky little web series? Is Arrested Development? Not to mention the other shows from Hulu, Netflix and Amazon.Those are high quality professional series that are produced for online distribution. So is the new OLTL. If a “dinky little web series” is good enough for Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Jason Bateman, John Goodman, Famke Janssen and Dougray Scott, then it damn well be good enough for those 3 actors. Hell, any soap actor.

            I’m going to assume you’re out of the loop and don’t have that much insight into how promising the future is for original web-based content. But I guarantee you OLTL will have access to a larger audience online than it did on network TV. Advertisers will also be paying more for spots than they would for a soap that’s on television. It actually has a chance at a long life being online, whereas soaps on television are nearing the end of their lifespan.

            You also factor into the equation that the show is no longer under the watch of a network or in Daytime, so they actually have some creative freedom. They don’t have to adhere to the sanitized storylines GH and the other shows have to. That makes the show attractive to actors and viewers.

            You say they’re doing what’s right by their careers, but I honestly don’t think remaining n a dying medium/genre is really helping their careers. I think making the jump to a new medium and on a show where they’ve made a name for themselves for over a decade would be doing right by their careers.

          • lulu

            While i agree with you about of the fun and maybe successful perspective of soaps on the net (House of cards is great by the way and Arrested Development one of the best comedy show ever for me..great choices..would be cool if Veronica Mars come on netflix after the movie..can’t wait..) these three actors are doing what they want and right now being on a network is still a good acting career move whether you like it or not. The actors you are talking about made a smart move to star on these new internet fictional shows but they did not abandon traditional mediums either like movies or even network and cable tv shows. And RH seems to do the same by working for BOTH a network show like GH and a new medium like the new OLTL.

          • Jolie

            You people do realize that “wanting to stay” and being Contractually obligated is NOT the same thing right??

          • Jolie

            BRAVO CINDERCITY! Great post!!!

      • Jolie


    • Wow, way to be mature

  • Mika

    i’m thrilled! I wanted Roger back on GH so bad.

    OLTL got their characters back which is what they really wanted and we got our actors in new GH roles. No more negotiations. It’s for the best.

    • yeah ABC didn’t want to share… PP wanted KA for ONE week, then she could’ve continued to play Starr, same with ME as McBain

  • Ladynin

    I’m do sick of abc/d those people belong back on oltl where they belong. It was fun seeing them on gh but now it’s time for them to come home. You suck abc

    • lulu

      ACTORS belong where they want to belong and where there are employers who want to hire them, simple as that..actors ARE NOT the characters they portray..with few exceptions of course..for example Jason Dohring IS Logan Echolls..yep i am biased like that but at least i admit it..well for prime time tv i am more sensitive in the ‘recast’ is BS, only one actor portray one character on a show..but on daytime soaps..there always have been recasts therefore maybe i am more lazy about it if the actor is good in the role i don’t know..

  • I
    can give THREE examples of why this asinine stunt of ABC’s won’t
    work….one for each of the “llanview 3” returning as new characters.
    1) Tony Geary aka Luke Spencer returning as Bill Eckert, 2) Natalia
    Livingston aka Emily Quartermaine returning as Emily’s long lost twin
    Rebecca, and finally 3) Sarah Brown aka Carly Benson Corinthos as
    Claudia Zacchara. Now while I actually liked Sarah Brown as Claudia the
    majority did not. Personally…..I thought RC was smarter than this.

    • lulu

      Natalia was always awful, even as Emily, i did not mind Sarah Brown as Claudia and the Bill Eckert..well the character was not very good, even more compare to Luke Spencer..but i don’t know if this new move with these three actors with three new characters will work, it is a challenge..we will see if it works..if not..big a time they will be written out..not the end of the world actually.

  • elizabeth ayala

    That is so stupid everyone know the actors as star John Todd how can they do that send them back to oltl

    • lulu

      it is not a first on daytime soaps..they are kind of know..since

    • Evelyn Gonzalez

      I agree with you 100%Starr has been on O L T L as long as Robin has been on G H..It would be no different as if you were to take Robin and turn her into another character on G H? It’s BS. I for one have no interest in watching them become different people.I will support PP 100% by tuning in and tuning out of ABC.Been doing it for the last month already and I haven’t miss a DAMN THING!! As far as I’m concerned G H will become an old newspaper and who wants to read old news? There’s a reason some of the actors are jumping ship,could it be they see PP as the same fate that awaits G H too?

  • Philip

    So much for Jill Farren Phelps and her Friends of Jill. Hello to Cartini and the Friends of Cartini. We’ll put our friends on our show at any cost. So what it if makes no sense whatsoever.

    I just can’t wait to see what convoluted campy mess Ron C. comes up with to end Todd/Carly, John/Sam and Michael/Starr. And I know that he isn’t going to go the route of creating new romances for them. No he will go the safe campy route of creating new characters and putting them in the same romances they were already in. And we will have to watch for another year as he either ignores to build them up as lovers or just throws them back into the points they were already in.

    I would love to be a fly on the wall of someone who doesn’t read message boards or magazines. And see the looks on their faces when these 3 all show back up as new characters.

    • lulu

      ah ok so you only know people who check on soaps mags, sites ect.. ?!


    I’m done and been tune out since early march… I just tuned in for the famous Nurses Ball and was not impressed yet again.The only reason G H would have high ratings is because there’s nothing to compare it to? Right now it’s the only soap on the air at ABC… t huh? They’re making it as if F V was a savior of the show ? Hes just rewriting everything from O L TL same bone different dog..I have no desire to continue watching rewrites of the same old same old ……From the looks of things in one month I haven’t missed much….There’s a reason why I’m and on -off viewer of the show thru out the years, Now with this move I’m all the more determined to tune out yet again.till Robins return.? I was so disappointed for I just knew this was going to be the moment she returned, the Nurses Ball and yet NOT!! Hulu here I come in support of O L TL and A M C….

    • lulu

      you miss some things..Felicia chose Mac over Frisco..Stavros IS BACK and now he is in love with Lulu..lmaoooooo but i would say something you was wise to miss..the Ugly Betty show..that is really the weakest link on GH right now imho.

      • Evelyn Gonzalez

        I was never a fan of Frisco and Felicia anyways. So I really didn’t have an interest in that s/l.They were as a dead soldier in my opinion?cStavros back? Another dead end been there done that too? Really… I’ve been contributing to those falling ratings because of the empty s/l..The ugly Betty makeover I was looking forward too, also fell short of its mark…So by the looks of things F V and RC are looking towards the Lifers to pick up those ratings yet again…Hey with all the hype of the Nurses Ball they weren’t missed a bit…but, them coming back as totally different people is the main reason I’m tuning out. These three were the one and only reason I started watching G H again? Now, they will become the reason I will stop watching yet again…. GO FIGURE? For me they will always be Starr, Todd and John..It’s like taking Robin and turning her into someone else on G H? It won’t work for me that’s just MPO ? I’ll return when Robin makes a comeback, if she doesn’t nor will I…

  • Sharon

    Maybe Michael will play the new Jason but nobody will know that it is Jason.

  • Mchert

    I love these actors, particularly BECAUSE of the ROLES they play! I cannot imagine Todd not being TODD – that arrogant, quirky, sarcastic person, funny roles he plays and McBain not being a cop, being so softspoken, but doesn’t take your crap and Starr……well, I’m not sure, but coming back as Serena is absurd!

  • I loved the characters of John,Starr, and Todd; but if we have to change their character names to get these fabulous actors back to GH, then I say GO FOR IT…I think that the possibilities could be great storylines….Imagine another Ouartermaine relative showing up out of the blue-maybe the son of Celia Quartermaine/Jimmy Holt….And/or Scotty’s daughter Serena just before his wedding to Laura…..maybe Kristen can come back as Franco’s daughter to mess up the Q’s will….And of course Michael would make a great long-lost brother to the crazy Stephen Clay -vampire wannabe…..come on people-the possibilities are endlss,as well as exciting!!!!

  • Birdie beacom

    its not the same since they aren’t returning as their original characters

  • Julie Howard, mustang, Oklahom

    I’m not buying what they are selling! We the viewers became very attached to these characters AND to the characters they were paired with. NOW, you want us to just be okay with the SAME people, to come back to GH as commetly different characters? Thats a complete insult to the millions of fans to GH! It would be in the best interest of Prospect Park to allow them to come back to GH as their ORIGINAL characters.

  • Julie Howard, mustang, Oklahom

    Todd Manning NOT being Todd Manning; obnoxious, self absorbed, etc., is NOT what GH viewers want!

  • I am dissapointed but I would rather have them back even as new characters than not have them back at all. I would rather they had gone back to OLTL as the characters. It couldn’t be done so at least we still get to see them and it is going to take quite a bit to get used to them as new people.

  • Why are they “filming at Prospect Studios” when they aren’t on OLTL? Isn’t Prospect OLTL? I’m confused.

    • Prospect studios JUST HAPPENS TO BE the name of the studios where gh films in the Prospect Heights section of Los angeles california. Prospect Park is the production company that is producing OLTL AND AMC and a few other cable shows.

  • I want Starr (played by whoever, since we can’t have Kristen) to come back to OLTL and wake up and have had this horrible dream where Hope was killed. GH shouldn’t have killed off Hope.

  • Lee

    These new characters played by old faces suck-The story lines were thrown together like a tossed salad.