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America’s Favorite Daytime Shows — Ranked by State

Craig Sjodin/ABC | Warner Bros. Television

Have you ever wondered which daytime show was the most popular in your state? Well, excluding ratings data provided by Nielsen Media Research, you now have an easy way to find out which shows made the grade outside of the big cities in terms of actual popularity.

Starting with a list of currently aired broadcast and syndicated TV shows (excluding Sunday morning and tabloid news), compiler USDirect utilized the Google search volume of each program over the course of 2018, separating the data by state. This led to their list of the most popular daytime TV shows (in terms of searches, not ratings) in each state.

Among the daytime soap operas, “” is the most popular daytime show in West Virginia, “” in New Jersey and “” in Louisiana.

America’s Most Popular Daytime Shows by State

Talk show “” tops other programs in New York and Pennsylvania, while “” topples things in Maryland, “Maury” in Tennessee, “The Dr. Oz Show” in Alaska, Hawaii and Iowa, and “” in California and Utah.

Among court shows, “” is hot in Delaware and Missouri with “” leading the way in Illinois.

Game shows are the most popular daytime programs in much of the country with “” taking the lead in the most states — Arizona, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin. “” is right behind with Maine, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia and Washington. “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” has Nevada and North Dakota locked up while “” enjoys its top viewers from Mississippi and Wyoming.

Morning shows “” and “” generally average more viewers in the early hours than most daytime programs overall, but when it comes to where their audience lies, it’s further north. “GMA” is tops in New Hampshire while “Today” is on top in Rhode Island.

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