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Say Goodbye (For Now?) to the Llanview 3 on ‘General Hospital’

Craig Sjodin/ABC
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Soap Opera Network has learned that during the week of March 18, ABC’s “” will be departing the “” characters consisting of Starr Manning (), Todd Manning () and John McBain (). As previously reported, and have been in a dispute over the characters and their appearance on “GH” vs “One Life to Live,” which is rebooting for the web along with “” later this spring. The actors are under contract to ABC, while holds the license rights to the characters.

In mid-February it was revealed that Howarth had signed an agreement with Prospect Park that would allow him to return to the set of “OLTL” for four weeks beginning Monday, March 18, before then reporting back to “GH” shortly afterward. During a press junket last week, Erika Slezak (Victoria Lord Buchanan, “OLTL”) commented on the situation to reporters and added an interesting tidbit about scheduling.

Joshua Zuckerman Photography
Joshua Zuckerman Photography

“They [Prospect Park] put out a statement a couple of weeks ago saying they’re going to share the characters, which is going to be a little tricky, because I was told they cannot appear on the internet and on the air on the same day. So if they are on the air show on ‘GH,’ they can’t be on the internet and vice versa.”

There’s been no official word on the status of Alderson or Easton, but Slezak says, “I’m hoping Michael Easton will be able to come back, at least periodically. He’s such a good actor, and he’s such an interesting character.”

  • CTwildheart

    I just want it to be worked out so we can all move on…

    • Guest

      I think they are picking up right where it left off last January so you need them for that & star for Cole & Hope’s funeral

      • Jillwagon

        That would just be dumb since they’ve all been in Port Charles for a year and it’s been over a year since Cole and Hope died. Besides, they already had an off-screen funeral for Cole and Hope and John and Natalie aren’t even together anymore. Whatever!!!

        • Irish Girl

          As I understand it,PP had no intention of ignoring the history of the characters on GH for the last year.

  • GH50

    Good riddance. Too much time and money has been wasted on these 3 already. Maybe now we can focus on GH characters and its history since, in case anyone doesn’t know, the show is celebrating 50 years, but for the last month we have been watching a vampire story starring a OLTL actor in dual roles.

    • Mike

      But the vampire was his Easton’s character on Port Charles, a GH spinoff.

      • Catherine Watters

        Which has nothing to do with General Hospital.. It was a separate show.

  • Kathy

    I want Michael Easton to stay on GH!!! I use to watch one life to live, but I really enjoyed him better on GH, I just love him as Caleb!! Let him STAY!!!

  • Deb

    They will all be back on ABC and GH. ABC is paying them still and they would not be if they did not plan to bring them back. The ratings are up at GH and these three are apart of the success. What GH could live without is spending the money on some of these returnees for the anniversary. Many of them like the character of Brenda have long out lived their place on GH and Richard Simmons come on people.

    • jamy47

      I’m sorry but what? Brenda belongs on GH way more than Clowns like Todd and Mcbain will ever be. They are all boring characters that dont belong there.

    • I agree I do not like the influx of tired old characters that have played out their SL years ago. I do not like Brenda!!

  • Can they make it a permanent exit? Theres enough GH characters. These guys are leads on OLTL. Let them take their own show into the new media generation!

  • mary surdynski

    Michael Easton is the best just sayin lover roger and starr too sure gonna miss them all over again : (

  • I want Roger to stay on General Hospital!

    • So do I

    • gjrchief

      he will only be gone 2 months tops

    • johnski3

      Roger will be back on GH. He’s only going to be here for the month of March. Something needs to be done for Michael & Kristen, and quickly!

  • jonboy

    Prospect Park is starting a new project so why did they have to drag back their old baggage? Don’t they have enough returning actors to carry the internet show? If I were an actor I think I would opt for network rather than internet.

    • Robin

      Did you ever stop and think maybe the more relaxed scheduling that OLTL has now will be appealing to these actor((s)), and the fact that PP does not have the Restrictions that Networks have which allows them to write way more edgy story lines, Or even maybe They would like to be apart of this new medium, Epically since ABC is not the most trustworthy company and is known for Cancelling a Show in the blink of an eye ((So saying that they have a more stable future with ABC is laughable)) and the temporary ratings increase due to all the Alumni coming back is not going to last.

      • gail

        I think they make more money on a network.

      • kaitlyne

        I don’t imagine it will be more appealing to Easton and Alderson, as they live on the west coast now. That’s a hell of a commute

      • lc

        You nailed it on the head! 🙂

  • Ladykellz1973

    We need Mike Easton to saty on GH!!!! he is AWESOME, especially as Caleb Morley, the hottest vampire!!

  • mefan

    GH can survive without OUR characters. They BELONG ON OLTL. If the actors don’t want to do the reboot, that’s fine. RECAST and move on! The actors can stay on GH, but the CHARACTERS belong to OLTL and need to be there!

  • cindercity12

    Does anyone know why Roger Howarth has actively worked out an arrangement, but Easton and Alderson haven’t?

    • kaitlyne

      I think Easton and Alderson have already moved across the country.

      • Irish Girl

        They’ve moved to Los Angeles, yes. Howarth evidently still has a base in NY or Conn, I think.

  • elizabeth ayala

    They all need to come back to one life to live ….

    • No!! They need to stay on GH!!
      P.P. srewed up ,not ME., RH.. & KA.

  • Jillwagon

    Much has happened to these characters since they joined GH and their storylines were altered. Starr had already left Llanview to pursue her singing career and have a real life with Cole who was on the lam from the law. When Starr joined GH, the first thing the writer’s did was kill off her little family to free her up for a romance with Michael. She now has roots, including ownership in the Haunted Star, in Port Charles. Todd got off on a sanity plea after he killed Victor and became pretty much an outcast in Llanview. He followed Starr to Port Charles after the tragedy with Cole and Hope and decided to start over there. He actually has something with Carly. As for John, the writer’s felt the need to create a storyline that had Natalie find out that he kissed Sam and she lashed out by banishing him from her life as well as the life of their son, Liam. John has also managed to make a life for himself in Port Charles while Natalie supposedly moved on with someone else. Is PP going to deal with what has happened with these characters since OLTL last aired or just pretend they’ve been in Llanview the whole time? If not, how will they explain why Todd, Starr and John giving up what they had in Port Charles only to come back to Llanview and face the crap that sent them packing in the first place? I’m sure, in time, GH will be able to move on without them but I hope they don’t have to because these characters have real roots in Port Charles now and I would love to see them be allowed to continue what they have started.

    • Catherine Watters

      Real roots?? serioulsy? But who cares what happend to the GH characters to even make that possible. Carly is no longer the Carly that we all love to hate or love, Sam, dont even get me started on her character assassination, and Micheal too, but thats partly to do with AJ. Ande Starr, part owner of a night club? A chemist now all of a sudden.. They don’t have any roots here. John and Starr have absolutely no scenes together, which is why he came right?? He mostly shares scenes with Sam and thats it. He basically bumped Dante out of the PCPD, is Dante even a cop anymore or is John the PCPD hero. So no, no roots here! They have roots in Llanview. The writers can easily fix what the hack writer, RC did, just like he did to bring them to GH, the writers of OLTL can get just as creative. If they were smart, they would pretend none of it ever happened, that way no explanation needed!!!

      • Irish Girl

        Take a breath before you hyperventilate and pass out, willya? Do you attack everyone on here that likes these characters, or just the ones that like them on GH?

        • Catherine Watters

          No more than you do really.. I may take the more direct approach verses your clever, or not so clever condesending approach. I have a right to respond as much as you do! Chill out

          • Irish Girl

            *shrug* Okay. It’s your oxygen deprivation.

          • Catherine Watters

            Yep and I have lots of it!

          • Irish Girl


          • lc

            I agree with you Catherine. Everyone has the right to express their opinions. It’s funny how many of the GH viewers love the characters and yet were they even watching OLTL to help the ratings a few years ago? Of course I can’t speak for them but I do know that we reached out to many GH viewers when the cancellation rumors began and they weren’t so helpful to the cause. Working in the industry myself I can tell you that I personally could write story to incorporate the characters back into the OLTL fold without an issue and wrap up their GH stories rather quickly and neat and get GH back on track. You know a soap about a hospital. LOL!

    • lc

      Hate to say it but I could write these characters out of GH and back to OLTL in less than 3 min’s time. Their OLTL story lines have been left opened ended. One needs only bring back Cole and the baby via “they survived the crash and were thrown from the car upon impact and floated downstream and were found by … yadda yadda yadda until Cole awakens from a coma and searches for his baby girl…. etc.”

  • Gary

    I find all 3 of them as characters to be boring and as actors to be boring. I wouldn’t miss any of them if they went to shows where I would never have to see them again.

  • I will never get sick of OLTL, I’ve been hooked on this since 1992

  • Gail

    I’m greedy I want to see them on both shows. Hope it all works out.

  • SoapQueen

    When these 3 characters came on GH, GH fans flipped out! These characters BELONG to Oltl. Doesn’t GH have enough characters? Why do they need these also? And why should Prospect Park have to start Oltl again without 3 MAIN characters? GH fans are just being greedy.

    • Catherine Watters

      Not this GH fan, I want them to gone!! They are not needed on GH!

  • I believe more fans will view network, then internet.. I think these actors should go with the more audience viewing (television)

    • SoapQueen

      Online viewing is the way of the future. More and more people are dropping their cable provider and opting for Netflix, Hulu, etc. I doubt the younger generation watches even 50% of programming on cable, but instead opting for on demand content provided by Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Apple, Google, etc. It’s already been proven these shows just cannot survive on network television.

  • kaitlyne

    Why would these actors want to flush their careers by going from a national tv show to what is tantamount to being one step above a youtube video?

  • I hope and pray that I am wrong that the writer will return Cole and Hope from the dead when Starr and Michael finally discover true love. Cole will have to come up with a long story why he let everyone think that he and his daughter was dead.

  • While sharing the stars between the two shows is taxing on the actors themselves, I like the idea as a fan. I hope this cross-pollination continues and leads to different policies between serials in the future.

  • Johnsfan

    As a OLTL fan, I was glad to see the three on GH and hope they return there, especially MIchael Easton. I’m already feeling that if he’s not back as John McBain, I will give up on GH. ABC and the former head of daytime really made a bad decision by canceling AMC and OLTL. When the three characters went to GH, it soothed those fans a little. So, taking them off will really kill the momentum. I already hate ABC, not letting these characters on GH with their character names will really make it worse.

    • lc

      Get ready because how much longer to you think ABC is going to be keeping GH after it milks the 50th anniversary thing with memorabilia, advertising, books, etc? Only one reason why GH stayed and the others were cancelled (you may recall OLTL had hiring ratings than GH in it’s final months) and that’s because of the 50 years of archival that could be positioned to make $$ for the network. Prospect Park should play it smart now and get their hands on GH next. ABC is already writing it into the ground while telling us the same old story about great story lines coming up that are only rehashed stories (OLTL DID story with Vicky, Nicki, etc is now Kate & Connie’s and hey let’s sprinkle in some of the OLD PC’s soap that we ran into the ground as well.)

  • OLTL Veteran

    A vampire storyline? Are you kidding me? Come back to Llanview where things make sense. I realize that shows like Twilight have made vampires sexy and appealling. But get real, people! ONE LIFE TO LIVE or info-mercials…….. Return to Pennsylvania ……. scr*w Transylvania!

  • Catherine Watters

    So FV/ABC is willing to taxi Easton and Alderson back and forth to share characters but they werent willing to give Steve Burton deal? Hmmm just proves they had an agenda from the start, IMO The way these characters were introduced was beyond desrespectful to the cast of GH and fans. Im actually liking this whole thing because it proves one thing, they had an agenda from the start, and its not really working out the way the wanted. They knew the characters belonged to OLTL and in my opinion, I feel that RC/FV have written these characters in a way that it would make it very hard for them to go back to OLTL. Jokes on them I guess. If they want to keep the actors they will have to play them as someone else and how stupid will that look. I don’t care if they moved to LA, that was their choice and they knew that going in, its the business they are in. Sharing characters and them not being able to be on the same day is not fair to the whole cast for both shows really because whoever they are in a story with have to suffer as well. I think thats a little selfish. Done with this whole thing. For people to say they have roots in GH now, or they saved GH, and ratings are up because of them is BS. Move on already!!!

    • Irish Girl

      Ah. Now it makes sense. Jason fan. Whatever.

      • Catherine Watters

        Yeah, so?? what does that have to do with anything? I happen to love GH, all characters except the transplants, well maybe Todd, but he honestly needs help. I don’t care for the these writers and their campy style of writing, nor do I care for the way they have changed just about every character history on this show. And the fact that I do like Jason doesn’t make what I said any less true. Jason has true history and roots on this show, but they chose to squeeze him out for Vampire Connections, stand up comedy of Todd, and Starr being the young star of the show. I have a right to be pissed about that, but in reality, thats just a small part of whats wrong with this show.

        • Irish Girl

          *shrug* then change the channel. Nobody’s forcing you to watch, you know.

          • Catherine Watters

            WHy should I change the channel! LOL, I actually did change the channel to Days and Y&R. Never thought I would do that, but…. IMO, I think most people do what I do, hope for better.. Its doesn’t seem to be coming anytime soon. Ater the 50, we will see what happens. I have already removed from my DVR and I have watched many many years. I have a right to complain just as you have a right to promote the ridiculous couple of McBam or should I say Calivie, or ME/Kemo, or Michael Easton. Shrug away…honey

          • Irish Girl

            You crack me up.

  • Catherine Watters

    Another thing, Im tired of getting the same articles over and over. They all same the same thing, they are still in dispute… How about the next one be what the decsion is. I don’t know why they feel they need to do another article because another actor has something to say about it. I personally can not wait until March 18th! Maybe then I can actually watch GH, however, the writing is a little to be desired.

  • SoapFan473

    Both Roger and Michael belong on OLTL. I hope it works out that they will go back and play the main characters on that soap.

  • They Belong On Prospect Park with the Rest of the Others

  • Gale

    I see no problem with these 3 characters finishing up story lines they left in OLTL. When they moved to GH there characters remained in tact. I thought they were very cleverly brought to GH. Once the story lines are tied up and not left dangling they can return to GH.

  • Bryan

    Is Kristen and Michael and roger coming back on gh and contracts I love them so much can they bring jp and farah with them and on contracts and on gh opening I hope so.