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EXCLUSIVE! Ryan Bittle Is New JR Chandler on ‘All My Children’

Hallmark Chan
Hallmark Channel

Soap Opera Network has learned exclusively that “” has cast veteran actor in the contract role of JR Chandler. Bittle replaces , who is currently appearing on CBS’ “” as Rick Forrester.

Bittle first broke out into television in 1994, when he starred in the teen series “Sweet Valley High.” He portrayed Todd Wilkins on the popular series. Bittle’s other television credits include recent appearances in “Shameless,” “The New Normal” and “Bones.”

In a bit of irony, Bittle appeared on “AMC” in 2010 in the role of “Logan.” He will return to the series when it becomes available on Hulu and iTunes later this spring.

  • He is a similar look as Jacob Young so I believe this actor will do a good job as far as passing himself as JR. Looking forward to the return of AMC/OLTL.

  • hmmmmm

  • cindercity12

    He has to be the most notable actor out of all the recasts. I’ve been aware of him since Sweet Valley High. He’s been acting for 19 years.

    • I can’t wait to see how JR and AJ will be like when they debut in April. I hope that JR will have his act together. Good luck to the future.

  • eileenhargis

    I think They are making a huge mistake. Maybe one recast but several? And why not since Jacob is unavailable currently, have the writers have him offscreen as in prison for assault with a deadly weapon, or injured and in a coma in a hospital. Write around him gor awhile instead of sticking a new face on a popular character. Write for Debbie and Darnell and Vincent and Jordy and Lyndsay. Go with whata familiar and tinker later not sooner once u HAVE an audience!

    • cindercity12

      But you can only write around a character for so long. I think we all know Jacob Young isn’t leaving B&B anytime soon and we damn well know they aren’t open to letting him appear on another show. So your options are to either recast him now and write stories with him or recast him later and talk about him offscreen. If those are the options, what’s the point in waiting?

      And if you don’t recast all those characters, what do you do? Will they just not be on the show, at all? I think having familiar characters be completely

      absent from the reboot is going to be more harmful than having a lot of familiar characters onboard, but played by different actors.

      Sure, we love the actors who play the characters, but at the end of the day, the character’s presence is more important than the acting who is playing them. I have to believe having a characters present, but played by new actors has to be preferable to having those characters offscreen and unseen because the previous actors aren’t available and probably won’t be available.

      This happens all the time on soaps. If they want to bring a character back and the actor doesn’t want to return, that role is recast. That’s what this is. And it’s not like we’ve never experienced a number of new actors playing familiar roles in a short span of each other. It’s just how things work.

      Certain characters have become central to the show and you just can’t write them out. They need to be on canvas.

      • jeb22

        Totally agree with you cinder.

  • Yes i am also concerned with all these maybe but several…i am shocked myself…i really hope my 2 favorite shows make it..

  • harver

    What channel is this on. I miss all my children and one life to live. Let me know because I miss these two show a lot

    • cindercity12

      You’ll be able to watch them on Hulu and iTunes in April.

  • hilda

    wht channel is on i miss amc

  • eileenhargis

    Cinder, I agree wumith whay ur saying, it does occur on other shows but not in big bunches, usually only one character at a time. To do recasting on several characters at one time is riaky when PP isnt sure of its audience yet. Why wait, cause slow and sure beats hasty every time, changes ,a little at a time are not as jarring. If fans tune in and see a slew of ne.w faces, they might not stick around to see if tge newbies work out. Just my opinion

  • Good actor, smart choice. And after all, JR has been recast successfully before. Now, with Jacob Young currently unavaliable, let Ryan Bittle carry the torch. I’m sure he’ll do a great job! I’m looking forward to his scenes with Adam, Brooke, Dixie and AJ.

  • When will AMC/OLTL come back to ABC during the day time soap?

  • He has some Big shoes to fill. It will be hard to get use to new faces but I love AMC enough to give it a try. As long as Erica is not recast I think I will be ok. NOBODY I mean NOBODY can ever replace her or fit into Erica Kane’s shoes!!! I simply wouldn’t watch if she was ever replaced.

  • While Jacob Young is enjoying himself on “The Bold & The Beautiful”, TNPTB of “All My Children” feel the need to not wait for him to return to the fold, so, they had no choice but to recast JR, and Mr. Bittle seems to be the perfect fit.:)

  • I wanted to wish Ryan Bittle and Eric Nelsen as JR/A J Chandler all the luck in the world. I can’t wait when All My Children and One Life To Lives when it finally debut on the internet. I still hope that Michael E. Knight and Susan Lucci will return in the near future.

  • why can Jacob Young stay on CBS? When the OLTL characters have to leave GH and return since Prospect Park owns the characters?? Don’t understand

    • Tokumei

      It’s because Jacob Young isn’t playing JR Chandler on CBS. He’s playing an unrelated character.

    • Jacob signed a contract with CBS. The actors who moved to GH were told OLTL was not coming back and they were asked to be on GH. It is a completely different set of circumstances. And JY made the right choice IMO, staying on an established show in an established format.