‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life to Live’ Casting Sessions Underway


Reporting by Errol Lewis and Scotty Gore

As recently noted, ’s “” and “” are currently in the casting phase of their reboots as we get closer to their expected first film date, which Soap Opera Network has learned will be in Mid February for both series in Stamford, CT.

Sadly, some of the roles being cast appear to be recasts of characters from the ABC eras of the shows. In addition to the expected recasting of “One Life to Live’s” Matthew Buchanan and Destiny Evans (last played by   and ), “All My Children” is also said to be recasting the roles of JR Chandler (last played by ) and Cassandra Foster (last portrayed by ). For those that may not recall, Cassandra is the adopted daughter of Angela Hubbard (), who the good doctor found abandoned in a dumpster during her run on ABC’s “” back in the mid-1990’s. The character returned as an 18 year-old seeking comfort from mommy dearest in 2008.

A few other roles currently being cast do appear to be for potentially new characters, or at least for past characters being recast under the guise of a totally different character. Last week, it was reported by Soap Opera Digest that “OLTL” was looking to cast the role of Billy, who is described as being “Caucasian, 30s, ruggedly handsome. Charming yet naïve when it comes to relationships. He falls in love first and thinks second. He is a man of strong values who puts family before all else.” And earlier this week, a revealing photo was posted on new “One Life” Co-Head Writer ‘s Facebook page showing a picture of her and writing partner hard at work on their laptops with an apparent character list for the reboot hanging over a picture in the background, which included the unfamiliar name of “Jeffrey King” amidst Llanview regulars such as Viki, Dorian, Blair, Clint, and Bo. Furthermore, the list noted that the new character was described as being in his 20s and “black and British.”  The photo has since been taken down.

With a pay rate of $115/day based on the SAG-AFTRA New Media contract, the shows are also seeking to cast a number of extras. According to a casting call we’ve obtained, Prospect Park is looking for males and females, all types, all ethnicities and all ages in various capacities including appearing in scenes as cops, nurses/doctors, waiters/waitresses, as well as individuals in their late teens and early twenties as students.  Auditions for the “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” reboots began Wednesday, according to a Twitter posting made by the shows new assistant casting director .

  • Doctors? AMC already has four, are they changing the characters career?

    • CTwildheart

      What are you talking about?

      • Read what it says, for extras, they want doctors, AMC has four doctors alread.

        • CTwildheart

          Yes, for EXTRAS…you know, background people walking around in a scene, making it look real.

  • Cassandra

    Please please please bring back tom degnan as joey oltl. Please!!!!!!!!!

  • Cassy

    I believe (but could be wrong, that Cassandra was the daughter of a woman Jesse married while he was in hiding. I could be thinking of another character. Was she not the daughter that was going to marry J.R. Martinez’s character. if so, I hope they can get back the same actress.

    • CTwildheart

      Her name was Natalia

  • Guest

    Cassy…you are thinking of Natalia.

  • CTwildheart

    Just happy they are returning!

  • Instead of recasting how about contacting current actors? Walt Willey still hasn’t been contacted, also still waiting to hear about Susan Lucci,Cady MClain , Michael Knight, Bobbie Eakes, Jennifer Bassey,Jamie Lunar,Christina, Sarah,Julia Barr.

    • Big NO to Jamie Lunar! She, along with Charles Pratt, totally destroyed the character of Liza!