Monday, November 26, 2012: #TeamStephanie Day

David Becker/Getty Images

As previously reported, is leaving CBS’ “” after 25 years portraying the role of Stephanie Forrester on the world’s most watched daytime drama series. With today’s airing factored in, more than 6,450 episodes of the soap will have aired since she debuted on the series (she started airing on the show’s second episode on March 24, 1987).

In celebration of Flannery, Executive Producer and Head Writer, Bradley P. Bell will be tweeting live during today’s east coast broadcast (1:30 PM ET) via the show’s official twitter handle @BandB_CBS.

In addition, fans are being asked to tweet live with the hashtag #TeamStephanie as a way to support the character.

After the show airs tell us your thoughts on how they said goodbye and what the character and the actress meant to you.

  • Linda Stolarczuk

    I haven’t been watching the show that long but when I starting watching Stephanie (Susan) was a large reason why I continued to watch. I really wish Susan well in her coming ventures. I will truly miss you!

  • FlanneryFan

    I used to watch the show from 1995 till 2006. After that I only watched the story-lines involving Stephanie. SF became the heart and soul of B&B and with her exit it really means the end. She gave once again her best performances as well as KKL who has really became a wonderful actress. I think the absence of Ridge (Bell should have made a deal with Ronn Moss just for couple of episodes) ruined a lot but for 25 years the show was mostly about Brooke/Stephanie so it was an incredible ending for that hate/love relationship. Thank you SUSAN for all the great years. For me they could cancel B&B and show the replays of its golden years 🙂 Because there is no show without SF (and RM)!