Ratings: Great Week for GH

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(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Ratings Report for the Week of October 15-19, 2012

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Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,502,000 (-147,000/+23,000)
2. B&B 3,197,000 (-203,000/+130,000)
3. GH 2,781,000 (+110,000/+464,000) *
4. DAYS 2,478,000 (+112,000/+85,000)

* Highest since February 28 – March 4, 2011
* New high for FV/RC regime

1. Y&R 3.4/12 (-.1/+.1)
2. B&B 2.4/8 (-.2/+.1)
3. GH 2.1/7 (+.1/+.3) *
4. DAYS 1.9/6 (+.1/+.1)

* Highest since March 21-25, 2011
* New high for FV/RC regime

Women 18-49 Viewers
1. Y&R 840,000 (-6,000/-66,000)
2. GH 672,000 (+43,000/+75,000) *
3. B&B 614,000 (-87,000/+31,000)
4. DAYS 513,000 (+4,000/-67,000)

* New high for FV/RC regime

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 1.3/9 (same/-.1)
2. GH 1.1/7 (+.1/+.2) *
3. B&B 1.0/6 (-.1/+.1)
4. DAYS 0.8/5 (same/-.1)

* Highest since October 24-28, 2011
* New high for FV/RC regime

Women 18-34 Viewers
1. GH 261,000 (+58,000/+118,000)
2. Y&R 221,000 (+29,000/-13,000)
3. DAYS 173,000 (-4,000/-2,000)
4. B&B 159,000 (-10,000/+5,000)

Women 18-34 Rating
1. GH 0.8 (+.2/+.4) *
2. Y&R 0.7 (+.1/same)
3. DAYS 0.5 (same/same)
3. B&B 0.5 (same/same)

* Highest since April 11-15, 2011
* New high for FV/RC regime

Day-To-Day Ratings – HH/Total Viewers

Monday: 2.6/3,390,000
Tuesday: 2.4/3,169,000
Wednesday: 2.3/3,108,000
Thursday: 2.4/3,095,000
Friday: 2.4/3,221,000

Monday: 1.8/2,429,000
Tuesday: 1.8/2,420,000
Wednesday: 1.9/2,495,000
Thursday: 1.9/2,566,000
Friday: 1.9/2,478,000

Monday: 2.2/2,916,000
Tuesday: 1.9/2,610,000
Wednesday: 2.0/2,644,000
Thursday: 2.1/2,956,000
Friday: 2.0/2,777,000

Monday: 3.5/4,650,000
Tuesday: 3.5/4,455,000
Wednesday: 3.5/4,580,000
Thursday: 3.4/4,412,000
Friday: 3.3/4,414,000

For the SEASON September 24, 2012 through October 21, 2012

1. Y&R 3.5
2. B&B 2.5
3. GH 2.1
4. DAYS 1.9

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 1.4
2. B&B 1.1
2. GH 1.1
4. DAYS 0.9

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  • TiredButSoonExSoapOperaFan

    Well I am definitely sure now that soaps as we knew and loved them are dead. And there is no hope. People vilified Guza and Phelps for mysogynistic, plot driven, stunt laden writing and acted as if they were the death of GH and then they turn around and reward hacks like Valentini and Carlavati for writing even more of the same mysogynistic, plot driven, stunt writing. I have watched soaps since 1969 and I have been a tired soap fan for awhile now trying to hold on. I will stick around to watch Susan Flannery’s final scenes on Bold & the Beautiful and then this Tired Soap Fan is no longer tired — he is an ex soap fan. If Ron Carlavati and Frank Valentini are the futures and the saviors of soaps. Then daytime soaps are not for me any more. Who would have ever believed that a writer would come along and make me quit watching — not 1 but 2 of my favorite shows. First he ruined OLTL for me and drove me away. And then he comes along and kills GH for me too. Savior my left cheek — the man is just as big of a hack as Guza, McTavish, Sheffer, Maria Arena Bell, etc.

    • Didja Noit

      I just want to say Thank You Steve Burton, for the increase in viewers for GH!
      I’m right there with you almost, TBSESOF. I’m watching Susan’s scenes on B&B too. I’ve already gotten very irregular with my Y&R viewing. Stopped watching GH, except for sometimes checking out videos on YouTube back in February. I’m waiting to see how Greg Vaughn does on Days, as to whether I just drop out of that show.
      What is really sad is that people are not just turning off GH, they are dropping off the message boards too. The online community of GH viewers is dwindling, and I fear that won’t stop any time soon.

      • Sam

        Sure Jason’s departure made people watching and now Aj’s return will maybe (and i say maybe ok) make it for Jason’s absence and they will be able to keep these ratings..we will see, time will tell..Ah there is also Edward’s funeral with some Quatermain returns..we will see, watch and see..lot’s of things happening..

  • Waaaa Waaa-cry me a river. Ya’ll are so disingenuous it’s pathetic. You have no idea what quality soap writing is. Shut up and watch GH like good little children. BTW, it looks like there’s life in Salem, too-good job,everyone

    • Patrick

      Troy Lee Turner, You do that first part so easily it just comes natural. You go from board to board constantly whining and crying about people talking about your precious GH and your precious Cartooni. Why don’t you shut up and crawl back in Marc Berman’s behind so that you can go from board to board and defend the great Cartooni. Tell your Mama it is time for a diaper change.

      • Didja Noit

        And here I thought I was special to have Troy Turner following me around, calling me names! I guess defending Cartini got to be too much and it is just easier to attack posters who don’t agree with him. I loved GH through Guza’s many missteps, because I thought he was very good at telling stories, even those based on plot points. I too read many, many negative posts during Guza’s years, but I never saw the personal attacks on people for their opinions like is happening now if you say anything negative about Cartini. I don’t understand why it’s so different now, unless the OLTL fans feel that keeping Cartini around is the only way to save a bit of their show.

        • TiredSoapFan

          Troy Lee Turner is so pathtic. I don’t know who is more pathetic him or his leaders Cartooni and Marc Berman. I wonder what he does when they are not there to tell him what to think and do.

          I agree with you about the way things have changed. I think what Cartini and gang have done to GH message boards and soap opera message boards in general is almost worst than what they did to GH as a show. I miss the days when you could actually discuss GH rationally — both the positivie and the negative.

          Now the GH message board community is so divided, and the whiny cry babies are so hypociritical that they are the first ones that call names esp. dealing out the HATER name, but yet they say the HATERS are the ones who call names and stuff. And I especially love how they have become big supporters of the censorship of free speech. And it is so funny that it is okay for them to call people names and make fun of them but it is not okay to talk about a TV show. They definitely have their priorities straight.

          As if they shut up all the HATERS then GH will definitely be safe from cancellation.

          Its funny that we are supposed to be the HATERS but it is them that has brought all the hate to the boards. Esp. folks like Troy Lee Turner.

          • David F

            The thing that makes me laugh is people on here saying GH is so bad. That is your opinion. And it might even be the opinion of a lot of people on message boards. It is not however the opinion of the majority of viewers. I am sorry but if a show was so bad and so many people hated it, it’s ratings wouldn’t improving, they would go down.

            You talk about stunt plots, etc. Well it is not 1969 anymore IN order to reach a younger audience the shows need the stunts, they need the shorter scenes. Why because people’s attention can be on so much else. Shows have to change with the times. Obviously what is being done is connecting right now with the audience.

            I thought the time change would be disaster for GH but the ratings have been decent to excellent since the time change. The key demos of 18-49 and 18-34 are up. It is funny when those numbers are down the people who dislike GH are the first ones to immediately say well the key demos are down and that is what matters. But if someone dare come on here and point out that those numbers are the highest they have been in a long time, they are immediately attacked.

            People like TiredSoapFan think GH should cater to their tastes only! If Ron and Frank had done that the show would have already been gone. Instead they are doing something different to garner interest in the show. It may not be popular with some of the long time viewers but definitely is popular with some.

            I started watching GH in 1981/1982 at the start of the whole Luke and Laura phase. I watched for the most part ever since. There were times during the Guza era that I tuned out because I didn’t care for it I didn’t come on the internet and bitch and moan about the show! I didn’t come on the internet and get upset at people who defended the show.

            Yes people calling people who like GH may be haters but the people on the other side if they are such respectable people as they try to claim would just ignore it and move on. Instead they get off on the daily debates and despite what they say read their comments and you will see they are the ones that are first to attach on many occasions just because someone has a different opinion than theirs

          • TiredSoapFan

            Oh yes we are supposed to move on and ignore it. But you and folks like Troy Lee Turner are supposed to be able to call names and say what you want whenever. You and your kind could also could take the high road and just ignore posts by us too. But folks like you and Troy Lee Turner just love to go from message board to message board so that you can see who is saying anything negative and respond to it. I see posters named David on a lot of boards and they basically say the same thing on every board. But I guess you are saying it is okay for you and your kind to attack but others should just shut up.

            As to you saying you are speaking for the majority of viewers. I glad you think so highly of yourself. You use the ratings to qualify that. I guess you are saying then that when the ratings were down in the months after Cartini came on then that the majority of viewers didn’t like it then. Funny I don’t remember any of the David posters or Troy Lee Turner saying that then.

            All I read and heard out of them then was how the ratings were wrong, that more people were watching they just weren’t being counted, etc.

            The problem with folks like you is that you want to take credit for your heroes when ratings are up, but when the ratings are down you want to whine and cry about everything that is wrong with the system. As I said before if someone is responsible when the ratings are up then they are just as responsible when ratings are down.

            Cartini have never proven that they can get ratings up and keep them up. Their whole time at OLTL was characterized by up and down ratings. I don’t see them changing that. Their whole time at GH has been the same way. They bring ratings up with a stunt or the end of a story and then they go back down.

            And as far as your attacks go. One thing I can say is that yes we may be the first to attack on occasions. But it is always attacking the show. But you guys consider that as the first attack since you guys have no concept of reality. We are attacking a TV show. You guys are the first to attack always with attacking a poster. You pull out the names, etc. because simply you guys are such crybabies that you cannot stand anyone saying something about a TV show. It is a TV show — not your Mama, not your Daddy, not your brother or sister…..IT IS A TV SHOW. Get a grip on reality.

            I would definitely like to be better known as a person who attacks TV shows than a person out of touch with reality who attacks people — and yes you are attacking people — because behind every Internet name is a person.

            And I don’t get upset at people who defend the show. I could care less. I come on and state my opinion. It is them who get upset at me and call me names like Hater. And if someone calls me a name then yes I am going to comment back. I am not going to be a doormat and walked over just because someone can’t handle the truth. And is a crybaby.

            As far as what you did or didn’t care. I don’t really give a dam*. That was the choice you made. When Guza was there I can honestly say that on the boards I was part of there was none of the mess that we have today. We had discussions about the good and bad of Guza and no one was attacked. The only attacks that ever took place was between the Lisaon and Jasam fans who could get pretty ticked at one another. But the show was discussed. Since Cartini came you can’t do that anymore. I don’t know what happened. But they just brought with them dissension and that is why many of the GH threads on many boards don’t even get the discussion they once did. Fans just don’t even want to discuss it anymore. And many who are still just GH fans have quit posting because of posters like Troy Lee Turner.

            You say it is out fault that we say something negative about every post that is posititve. Well look around I think you will count overall a whole lot more positive quotes. Why even on Berman’s board he will delete posts made my negative commenters because he can’t handle them. There is one poster left there who posts anything negative. The rest of us just all left. And you notice with his board there are hardly many posts made at all anymore. The majority of his threads don’t even get posts anymore.

            So you can say all you want, but look around you and your kind are not as innocent as you try to make yourselves out to be. But keep on preaching. I am sure those that believe like you will beleive you. As those of us still in touch with reality we know the difference.

            And as to that ignoring thing. Remember if you ignore my posts and don’t feel like you have to post something positive right behind every negative comment, then I won’t feel like I have to post something behind you. I can guarantee you that I can ignore your posts and positive posts a whole lot more than you can negative ones. I post my opinion. It is only when that opinion is attacked that I post again. And it is always attacked so I always get to post again. If it is not you or Troy Lee Turner it is someone.

          • David

            @5cc3cd000de1b4ddbdee02fe9005d106:disqus Exactly what I expected. You don’t want to admit you have faults! You want to put blame on everyone else but don’t want to take the blame. As for my posting on other boards I post here and at TVByThe Numbers I don’t post on other sites. To show how out of reality you are, there are plenty of David’s in this world I am sure I am not the only one and I am sure not the only David who posts about GH. I am not even going to bother to comment on your response, why because it is a waste of time. You chose to be a delusional old man who doesn’t want to realize it is not the 70s, 80s, or 90s anymore. Things change including soaps. So just deal with it. You say you could care less what is posted but you prove you do care by responding to everything and anything that someone says. SO right there that proves you are a liar and no time to deal with liars like you. Go back to your hating of soaps, what a life you must have!

  • David F.

    Great to see the improvement in GH’s ratings! I knew Ron and Frank would turn it around and they have. Way to go GH and way to prove people wrong who said GH was dead, it is far from it

    • Patrick

      They turned it around all right. They did a 145 degree turn right into the same type story telling that Guza was doing for years. They have just packaged it a little different. It doesn’t change the fact that what was garbage under Guza is still garbage under Carlavati. Garbage is garbage. People are just gullible enough to buy into the stupidity Carlavati is dishing out because places like Daytime Confidential, Soap Opera Digest, and Nelson Branco tell them this stuff is so great. What people don’t realize is that these idiots who couldn’t tell what good soap opera was to begin with are only kissing Cartini’s behinds. Remember folks like Branco and DC as well as SOD called Maria Arena Bell great a few years ago. Proves they didn’t know what they were talking about. But people still drink the Kool Aid.

      • sam

        or maybe they just LIKE the show, simple as it, they are entertained and it is just what these tv shows are for, nothing more nothing less.

        • TiredSoapFan

          I’ll remember that statement when the ratings are down. I guess just like a few weeks back when ratings were way down then folks simply weren’t entertained. That is basically what I said then but I was told that Nielsen ratings were wrong.

          Remember Guza could entertain folks too for a little while and get the ratings up during climaxes of stories, stunts, and sweeps.

          Cartini got the 18-49 ratings up at the end of May too but over the next few months they lost at one time over 140,000 key 18-49 female viewers. When they did all kinds of excuses were made.

          As I said before if they are responsible when the ratings are up then they are also responsible when they are down. But no one ever wants to accept that at all.

          But yet we are supposed to accept the opposite when ratings are up.

          To me if I take what you say at face value, then when the ratings go down people are not being entertained — nothing more nothing less.

  • Shaunie Starbrite

    This is the first time I’ve posted here though I’ve ‘lurked’ in the shadows for years and observed. Majority of the posts I see for GH are negative when personally I find the show more watchable than it has been for me in years. I even tuned back in when Cartini took over this past winter after being run off by Guza after years of loyal viewing and suffering through Wolf’s 7 months of boredom. The show is certifiably way more entertaining that it’s been in years, is it perfect? Of course not but what soap these days is? None of them. What’s up with all the haters? It’s pathetic & transparent, so what you want to stop watching? Ultimately, who cares? Not ABC or Carlivati or the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of viewers who’ve returned in recent weeks. Just stop hating and let the rest of us enjoy the show, as if ANY of you could do any better. That’s why you’re the viewer and they (Cartini) are the professionals. Enjoy the fact that the show is fighting for it’s life and actually showing signs of improvement, why would you hate on that when you claim to love the show so much?

    • TiredButSonnExSoapOperaFan

      Oh wow it is okay to HATE when it is you. You folks are so hypocritical it is not even funny. You complain and hate on GH for years due to Guza and Phelps. Fill the boards with your hate and quit watching. But then now because you enjoy the stupid mess that Cartini are putting out it is not okay to complain or quit watching.

      You Cartini fans are so funny and such whiny cry babies. Don’t hate on my show or I’m going to go tell my Mommy.

      If Guza was still writing this show, this stuff he is writing would be called more stunt and plot driven mess. But since it is Cartini you guys act like it is Masterpiece Theater.

      If you guys can’t handle the negative comments about your show then take your butts off message boards or go over to Berman’s site. He has his head so far up Cartini’s behind that he doesn’t allow anyone to say anything negative or about him. Just don’t disagree with Berman though because he will delete your posts.

      You whiny crybabies need to start your own board and then you won’t have to deal with any negative comments. Since you guys can’t seem to handle the truth.

      • Shaunie Starbrite

        I was never one to ‘hate’ on Guza/Phelps, I actually enjoyed their stunt & plot driven mess version of GH for quite a while..LOL. Until say late ’09 after Claudia’s death and the show began cannibalizing itself with rinse & repeat stories, which actually had begun way before but I wanted to complete SJB’s 2nd tenure throughout. I call it like I see it, I’m not a Cartini fan who can’t admit when they make errors or have epic fails (fewer than Guza/Phelps mind you) but they are very far from perfect.

        You have every right to make judgments on the 5 day weekly, 38 minute package delivered to you by Valentini/Carlivati as does every other single viewer out there. We all have variances of taste, opinion, style and entertainment levels, that is a given. But as my message stated I had never posted before until recently, not out of some grand Cartini blind loyalty but because I am tired of seeing nothing but negativity when the show is more entertaining to me (and obviously again HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of returning/new viewers) than it has been in years. I am not whining because in all honesty, you are entitled to your opinion but if the SHOW is succeeding on any level why lead a hate parade against it.

        This is probably it’s last chance to make it and so far, so good. Especially with the flop of ‘Katie’ on the books, GH is looking mighty good to ABC right now. I can handle the negative comments but it’s like doomsday every single time and when there is someone who’s positive about the show, they are lambasted and ridiculed as ‘Cartini’ lovers, then promptly dismissed. But there are some of us, who just like the show and want to express that in the same forums that you choose to express your dislike of the show. Why can’t we like what we see and be left to rejoice in the positivity and steadily climbing ratings?

        • TiredSoapFan

          If you will look around on boards, you will find what you are saying is totally wrong. You accuse us of attacking positive comments, yet every time someone even says something negative there are at least 5 or 6 positive folks who come on and attack them. Calling them haters, whiners, babies, etc. People like Troy Lee Turner even follow some of us around just to attack what we say.

          And people like Marc Berman at TV Media Insights not only attack but deletes the negative comments.

          It used to be before Cartini arrived that you could have an intelligent debate about GH and everything was fine. But not anymore.

          If the Cartini and GH fans don’t want to be attacked or called names then they should practice what they preach and not call names. As much as you are tired of seeing the CArtini lover comments, etc. I am tired of being called a hater simply because I can’t stand what they are doing.

          People need to grow up and realize this is a TV show and not their Mama, their brother or sister, or their grandma. It’s a TV show and people are entitled to feel the way they do about it.

          And as to the last part, I don’t care whether you bask in the glow or not. But this is not a GH Love Board — this is a public message board. If you only want to bask in the glow then stay off message boards. Because there is such a thing as FREE SPEECH and it applies to the Internet.

          That is until you guys finally win and get it censored that no one can say anything negative about GH, Frank Valentini or Ron Carlavati. I guess that is what you guys will be petitioning congress for next. Because you, Berman and Troy Lee Turner sure are working hard to act as censors on these boards.

          For those of you who don’t want to read negative — go over to Berman — he does a very good job of censoring free speech on his board. You can bask in all the glow of GH positive comments all you want on that site.

          • Shaunie Starbrite

            Huh? I am not working hard to censor anyone on any boards. I am only voicing my opinion and giving feedback on what I see on the message boards. I am not so blinded by contempt/devotion for Cartini nor some irrational belief that GH is anything more than a television show. Plain and simple. Nothing else. I like the creative style, rhythm, pacing, acting (for the most part), directing, music and functionally the entire ‘flow’ of the show. The writing is specific and unique to a finite point, perfect not by a long shot but enjoyable and for sure compelling.The ratings prove that I am not alone in these feelings.

            I do not know Marc Berman, Troy Lee Turner or any of the other posters in any capacity other than what they put on the boards, IF this Marc Berman is actually deleting negative posts on a site that he runs/moderates or whatever then that is his prerogative and it’s our individual right whether we partake in that forum or not. Get it? Don’t lump me in with anyone else. I would thank you for that courtesy. If my post was read THOROUGHLY and COMPLETELY you would see that I agree with your rights on a free, public message board.

            All the comments don’t have to be positive, the only reason why I posted initially in this thread, (MY FIRST MIND YOU, again mentioned in my original comment) was because I stopped by to see the numbers after reading the fantastic ABC press release. Upon my visit, I noticed all negative comments, proclaiming soaps are ‘dead’, Cartini has ‘trashed’ GH, only 1 positive comment from Troy Lee Turner and he was crucified by other comments. I am not supporting anything other than GH, no individual posters, not Carlivati/Valentini but the accomplishment that a soap opera that I enjoy viewing is receiving the best thumbs up every TV show wants…more eyeballs tuning in and the threat of cancellation drifting further and further away.

          • Didja Noit

            ….”What’s up with all the haters? It’s pathetic & transparent,” I believe that part of your initial post was what TSF and myself took exception to, because of being subjected to these types comments by Troy and others when we try to post a comment about how we feel about GH. I’m tired of being called a “hater” when I loved GH up until this merger was concocted by Cartini. I do not support mental illness being used as a sight gag and a joke. I do not enjoy rape being used as a way to drive love stories. I do not enjoy campy, over the top story telling, trashing of show history, or GH character assasination in order to prop the OLTL characters and storylines on GH. And I especially do not enjoy watching GH characters I loved for over forty years being relegated to supporting roles for OLTL characters. I hate the merger and what it’s done to my show every bit as much as the OLTL fans hate that their show was cancelled, but I have tried to voice my opinion without showing any hate for others who enjoy the show now.
            Troy is searching out posts by anyone who disagrees with him, and makes a point of bashing posters rather than keeping his comments on the show itself. Yes, I suppose you are right that he was crucified, because that’s what he does to others. So I will try to make a point of just ignoring him from now on.

          • TiredSoapFan

            Thanks. That statement you quote is definitely the one that set me off. If the person didn’t want to be judged with the others then he/she shouldn’t have used the same direct statement out of the playbook of all the others who make that attack.

            I get so tired of folks making that attack and that statement, and then coming back as if they can’t figure out why people react as they do. If you don’t want to be attacked then don’t attack. And don’t attack and then try to play the victim.

            I like you am so tired of being called a “hater”. I watched GH from 1969 til just recently. When I saw what they were doing with Duke, I knew then that another GH legacy character was going to be sacrificed. And that was enough for me. And I believe all the rumors and stuff that is being posted about AJ too. I think he will be sacrificed for Cartini’s vision too.

            Carlavati is know for his insta-psychos and short-term villians from his years at OLTL. It looks like now he is going to continue that by using GH characters to fill that option. We’ve had Heather with all of her evil stuff — yes she was a villianess before but he has just made her do things that are just so unredeemable. And then you had him bring back Jerry Jacks and have him poison the whole town. And now Duke. And all these people tie to a character Joe Jr. that now he has killed.

            Duke grew so much as a character when he was on GH years ago. People crucified Guza for what he did to Holly, Rick Webber and others, but now Carlavati is once again praised for it. So ridiculous.

            I think the other thing that bothers me just as much as being called a “hater” are the statements like Turner makes about just shut up and watch it. Or others saying you should just shut up and watch it. That you aren’t a real fan if you quit. But yet it was okay for many of them to tune out for years. But now that they think GH might be cancelled they want to try to bully people into watching it.

            Good luck on trying to ignore people like Troy Lee Turner. Believe me they won’t let you. But they sure do love to cry they are the victim. As I said if a person doesn’t want to be attacked then they shouldn’t attack others on a message board. And Troy Lee Turner goes out of the way to attack anyone that doesn’t agree with him. So I don’t feel sorry when he is ganged up on.

            And what is so weird is that the so called “haters” are not even hating on posters — they are “hating” on a show. Troy Lee Turner always directs his hate toward the posters. But yet people feel sorry for him. Talk about not having your priorities straight. It is just another thing that is so ridiculous.

            To these folks it is okay to attack a person but it is not okay to attack a TV show. You and I were only stating our opinions about GH. We never said anything at first about any poster. Yet Troy Lee Turner comes on calls us “so disengenuious it is pathetic” and tells us to “shut up”. Yet he is the one that people feel sorry for.

            To me it is just like a fight — he threw the first punch. If he didn’t want to get hit back then he should have never thrown that punch.

            Oh and as to what you said about the GH online messageboard community. You are right that it is disappearing. Many GH fans just won’t even post anymore because they are tired of trying to voice their opinion because of poeple like Troy Lee Turner and Marc Berman. And if you notice many of the boards threads are not even getting that many posts anymore. Over at TV Media Insights the soap ratings threads there used to get over 100 posts every week. Now they do good to even get 60 and most of the time it is just positive stuff abotu GH or GH and Days folks attacking one another. And Berman’s threads since he started deleting posts that were negative hardly get any comments anymore.

            I know I posts less and less now. I quit Soap Central, Michael Fairman’s site, Daytime Confidential, and Berman’s site (after he deleted a bunch of my posts). Berman is not the only one to delete posts though. I got called a hater on Fairman’s site and responded by calling the poster a cry baby and Fairman deleted that post, but let the post calling me a hater. This is the only place I post now, and now that Turner has come over here I probably won’t even post much here anymore. I even blocked Ron Carlavati and many of his followers on Twitter after his Tweets about who is a true fan and who isn’t.

            But yet to hear all of these so called “positive” GH supporters it is folks like me and you who are running off all the posters. Yet it is not us telling folks to “shut up” or telling folks to quit posting negative stuff. But yet they say they are not trying to censor anyone.

          • sam

            hey me too i quite like GH right now ! lol

          • HOW DARE YOU bring my name into this, or accuse me of something I never do. If anything, you chase US around in order to promote your anti-soap agenda. You sir, are a liar and a fraud

      • Sam

        the truth is that GH is doing well for the state of daytime soaps right now ! Are you for real really ?

      • David F.

        What amazes me is TiredSoapFan and some others on here say that they get attacked yet look at all the hate and venom in their threads. If Someone is positivie about GH they call them every name in the book. They say they should be entitled to their opinion and they should just as others are entitled to theirs. If they think you are hating its not fact but an opinion so deal with it. The numbers for GH speak for themselves and ultimately that is what matters most to ABC. ABC has been hugely behind GH the last few months and with the ratings improve they will continue to be so. If a downward trend starts that will change until then way to GO Frank, Ron and GH the show right now is on fire!

      • davidg

        Thanks for the truth about lame ass Cartini. I hate them and thier whiny cult member fans.
        U hit the nail on the head. Theyve turned GH into a cartoon. Im a lifelong viewer since 1969 and ive hardly seen such drivel. I only watch the vets on my dvr and I skip the rest. I couldnt care less about the ratings or the numbskulls who rave over Cartini. Theyre too stupid and desperate for entertainment to know better.
        Thanks again for your awesome comments. Much love and respect.

    • sam

      Ugh ?? GH is up on the ratings for weeks now, you are not the viewers, you are just ONE viewer ! lol

      • TiredSoapFan

        Funny when ratings are down that is what we say too, but we are bombarded with EXCUSES as to why people are not watching. When the ratings are down it has nothing to do with Cartini or the mess they are putting on the screen. Then it is either Nielsen, or people are watching in other ways, etc. GH has only been up a few weeks now. For many weeks esp. between May and September GH was down under Cartini and thousands of excuses were made for that. Even when they did the Duke stunt and ratings went up and then right back down no one would admit it had anything to do with the stunts.

        Well for now a few weeks it has been one stunt after another just like it was under Guza. Guza always brought ratings up during stunts too and during sweeps. And then they went right back down.

        Cartini have done the same exact thing.

        Folks need to remember if they give Cartini the credit when ratings are up then Cartini also has to take the blame when ratings go back down. Even at OLTL last year they couldn’t keep the ratings up. They went up during Two Todds and then back down and then came back up during the shows final weeks.

        Someone posted on another site that when Cartini could bring the ratings up and keep them up, then they would give them a 2nd chance — but simply doing the same things that Guza/Phelps did and getting good ratings during climaxes, sweepts and stunts — just proves they can do what Guza did.

        Which to me they have already proven that. The show is still about the mob — just a different set of mobsters — and now with spoilers it looks like even AJ will be tied to the mob or at least to a mobster. The show is still about constant murders and violence. And child deaths and kidnappings. Add to that rape and women who can’t do anything without their men there to save them. They just took a page out of Guza’s notebook and just write it more campy and over the top than Guza did. And with Valentini and Carlavati there they do it with worse diologue and cheaper production values.

  • jon

    Amazed at the assholes posting their venom on here. This place is not for me.

  • Soapoperafan4life!

    Be positive! GH ROCKS at the moment,it’s so damn amazing! I don’t understand negative comments at all,especially not when it comes to soaps, say something positive about it instead! Let the network know you love soap operas and want them on air a long time. Of course you’re aloud to have a opinion(spelling?) but you don’t have to “overload”/only write negative things.

    • TiredSoapFan

      When I see something positive to comment on I do. And I have. Right now with Cartini there is nothing. The only positive thing is the acting but Cartini has nothing to do with that. The actors of GH have always been able to turn terrible writing into gold. But so can other actors on other shows. But it boils down to the stories and Carlavatis stink for me. I have given B&B credit on a lot of boards lately and I did last week here. And they are bringing it right now. But sorry GH it is just awful and I won’t refrain from saying so. If you don’t speak up then all you are doing is saying that whatever they do is okay. And for this long time viewer it is not. And I for one don’t mind letting ABC know that. ABC took away AMC and OLTL and now they have effectively taken away GH. And I will continue to speak up to let them know that many of us GH fans don’t like what is going on. It is the same game I have played for years. When I don’t like something on a show I let the powers that be know about it.

      Soaps are no different than primetime, movies, etc. They are there to entertain and when they don’t do it — I as a consumer let them know. I either tune out, don’t buy a ticket, or write letters and speak up. If you don’t do that these idiots behind the soaps especially will never know the millions of things they are doing wrong these days.

      Not saying that you do but others have already done it here. I love how they always throw up in regards to Cartini that you shouldn’t say anything because you can’t do any better. Funny in regards to other writers and producers that argument never comes up. Those same people talk about how bad Guza was or how bad Phelps was. But yet if they apply their logic they shouldn’t say anything because they couldn’t do any better. So they should just shut up too.

  • Just because its was Steve Burton last 2 weeks

  • tinkerbells99

    These shows are here to entertain us, we maynot like the story line all the time Some people liked Sam and Jason, some like Elizabeth and Jason, some people say Elizabeth whined too much, maybe so, it was her characted to be needy. The stories right now are from OLTL, I liked them on there and like them on GH, there are stupid parts Connie and Kate, Yes Connie was in love with Sonny and the alter was Kate, what ever. this show is on 5 days a week, hard to come up with new stories. only so much to write about, baby switch, affairs, murders, weddings, and deaths done on ever soap several times. split personalities, coming back from the dead, twin taking over siblings life. all done but still entertaining, thats way we want OUR SOAPS ON!