Executive Producer Promises Monday’s ‘GH’ Can’t Be Missed!

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(Executive Producer, “”) is promising that the Monday, August 27 episode of the drama series is “not to be missed” as the series has “been keeping a huge surprise under wraps.” The producer tweeted the message to his 12,000 followers earlier today.

From what we know about Monday’s episode Anna () learns the identify of a mystery patient, Jerry makes his demands clear to the people of Port Charles. Joe Jr. promises to protect Tracy and John questions Alexis about what she can remember about the night she was injected.

In possibly related news, (ex-Brenda Barrett) just tweeted a picture to her followers that said “Got Brenda?” Also, “’s” (ex-Greenlee Smythe) was the first one to respond to Valentini’s above mentioned tweet. The actress said “I’ll be watching!”

The things that make you go hmmm…

“General Hospital” moves to a new time period beginning Monday, September 10 (2:00 PM ET/1:00 PM PT/CT). The network promises to thrill audiences in the days leading up to the timeslot switch with lives hanging in the balance and shocking revelations hitting Port Charles. Who survives and who thrives? You’ll just have to tune in to find out!

  • Elli

    Unless its Robin played by Kimberly McCullough I am not interested. Tired of being baited. Robin deserves her happy ending with Patrick and Emma.

  • Elli

    Honestly not interested in seeing any AMC people on GH either. Had enough with the OLTL people.

  • Vicki

    OLTL ratings were way better than GH for a long time, and many fans miss OLTL, which is why the replacement shows have not worked. So I say bring on more OLTL’ers! These actors were the best in the business, and that includes Erika Slezak, Bob Woods, Hillary B Smith, Jerry Ver Dorn, Melissa Archer, Ilene Kirsten and others. And unfortunately the ratings have not picked up as expected with the FV/RC regime so I say bring on more OL’er to encourage more OLTL viewers to come over and watch GH! They should make this a hybrid soap, which is the only option to make this one lone soap to survive past next year. And by the way, I say replace the head writer (Ron Carlivati) because he has been a utter failure on OLTL, as well as now on GH! His storytelling has always been juvenile and lacks any real drama that a soap should have.

    • rara1950

      Ron sucks as a writer, he only likes to write about cheating mates that have familys in Llanview, destroying characters that have been known differently on OLTL and making the whole personna of the chracter of John into a loser, who says about 30 times on the phone I love you and miss you to kissing that ugly dog sam cause havoc, whe he could of just had Joh an his family live happily off screen and bring ME over as another character but in real life only people like Ron Calivarti can write such trash and expect the viewing audience to beleive this crap he is throwing at us, all I can ay is he must be the most miserable SOB in his real life, because we hav enough heartache an misery in our everyday lives, we dont need to turn on TV for enjoyment and watch this crap he expects us to beleive, he thinks we are fools, who believes these s/l and they are not appealing, maybe he should go on youtube back to 1981 and before and watch Luke and Laura and all they went through all their adventures, and maybe he could get some ideas, instead of babyswitching, killing babies and children, how about cheaters and deadbeat dads, drugs, killing, shooting, and whatever else his twisted ming can come with If I were the higher ups I’d fire his ass and soon, he is destroying John and Nat who it took almost 8 years for them to be together, finally at the end of OLTL he made us wait more than a year for them to finally be happy nd looke at wha he is doing now Ron get a life and forget Caleb/Livie that show got cancelled because it sucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rosalie Pantano

    I know it’s not but I’m wishing it’s Cole and Hope. I don’t like Michael with Starr at all. Starr is boring with him. Put him with someone else. If they wanted Cole & Hope out of the picture, Kristen should have come back as a different character.

  • Rosalie Pantano

    When I talk about Cole I mean Brandon Buddy!!!!!!

  • Dawn

    It better not be another non GH person!!!!!

  • Suzanne

    I was actually getting bored with GH until the OLTL people started coming over and now I am loving it!!!!!!! GH is better than it has been in years so I say keep up the good work!!!!!!!

  • David

    If it is Rebecca Budig as Greenlee would make sense since when Anna was on AMC she would have interacted with her. I was thinking maybe it will be David Hayward. I believe Anna had storyline with him during her AMC gig. I however hope it is someone from GH making a surprising return like Stuart Damon as Alan would be really good. I could see it perhaps being NIkolas Cassadine as well. It could be anyone, but it has people talking and should be fun to see GH on Monday and the next few weeks leading into the time change

  • CTwildheart

    I am absolutely loving General Hospital! I am happy to have these characters and stories any way I can get them. For me, the new team has been doing a fine job of story telling getting out of what they were left with and moving on to new things.
    Hoping I am not disappointed by the mystery patient…

  • Miggy Smalls

    I don’t know anyone on AMC or OLTL so hopefully it’s a former GHer like anyone mentioned below. What would totally surprise me would be someone like Genie Francis. and that would certainly pique my interest. I don’t know why there’s so much hate on for the OLTL members, I have enjoyed the additions, I prefer Todd Manning more than anyone else, especially as he’s totally meshed well in the cast. Starr is okay.

  • Didja Noit

    People that didn’t enjoy OLTL because of the writing and aesthetics of that show, are not going to enjoy that show being put on in the place of GH. It’s as simple as that. *The new GH has lost even more viewers than they gained. And the stunt casting really needs to stop. So does the mindset that anything Frank and Ron dream up is good for GH. If they don’t start concentrating on General Hospital’s characters and viewers, none of us will be watching a soap, or seeing any of our favorites, on ABC. They can still cancel this soap, and will if the ratings don’t become sustained on an upward trend. ABC can keep their word and do a 50th Anniversary show whether the soap is still on the air or not. It is on Frank and Ron to get the ratings higher and keep them there, and so far, they haven’t done it. Just my opinion of course. *See SON ratings archive*

    • theralph

      Any of you people ever think that the reason the ratings are down year-to-date is because of the sh*tty lead in GH has had all year…first with The Revolution, and now with “GMA in the Afternoon”. Both of those shows also have no base to speak of. It’s not the Cartini regime’s fault….Also, it’s genius to bring back more OLTL vets now, especially since THEY ARE MOVING TO THEIR OLD TIME SLOT. Is it that hard to figure out lol?…Look for Trevor St. John to be in the mix soon. He has shown he can move the needle, and there aren’t many of those types left.

      • Didja Noit

        So you’re saying that last year’s numbers, when GH was hitting new lows, were because it had OLTL as a lead in? I will never understand the argument that more OLTL characters will help the ratings when it has been obvious that the ones on GH now haven’t. If anything, they are hurting the show! People need to get a grip on reality here. General Hospital is a business venture for ABC, which makes money off the advertising. If the ratings are low, so is the amount ABC can charge advertisers. I don’t care and neither does ABC, who likes what Frank and Ron have done to GH, if what they are doing isn’t bringing up the ratings it is still failing. When something is failing, you don’t keep doing the same thing, you try something different. Like it or not, General Hospital is an iconic brand for ABC, and screwing around with a brand is seldom successful.

  • Nancy

    Thanks to Frank and Ron this show is so freaking great. They have made my life happy again after being so miserable when ABC cancelled my beloved shows. Thank you so much for creating something so fabulous for all of us who love the soaps.

  • GH has been better these past few months than it has in years. I would forget between Friday & Monday what was going on. Now I’m counting the hours. As sorry as I am to see Jen Lilly go, I am so excited to see Kristen Storms come back, I just hope they put her & Spinelli back together. I had to laugh on Friday, no one ever watches TV on any soap, what a riot it was to see everyone turn on their sets, & Elizabeth folding laundry? I thought any resident in a soap town had cleaning fairies, no one seems to clean & their “homes” are spotless. lol

  • lm cee

    Don’t miss the Monday episode LOL. That was a huge joke. I didn’t even know who that person was. GH ratings are down by 200,000+ compared to last year. I never watched OLTL so I was not interested in the people that came to GH why cuz they have GH actors that they aren’t even using. Like the Quartmines. RC and FV brought OLTL charcters over to boost ratings well guess what they aren’t going up. He has destroyed the greatest couple to pimp McBain. Can’t wait for GH to be cancelled. I want to remember it for what it was not the mess RC and FV has turned it into. They don’t call RC reRon for nothing same used stories, he can’t come up with anything original.

  • eskimoboy

    It has nothing to do with the character from oltl. just to let y’all know the two soaps didn’t get canceled cause of ratings. it was because it posted too much to make. That’s for all of the soaps. The ratings were doing good for GH. They fell during the olpics. Also summer I also agree with the comments about the lead in too. The guy that can.celed the two soaps was fired. I have to say the past few weeks have been the best in years. I was a child when i started watching these soaps and have watched GH for 32 years. I watched with my grandma. If your a true fan then you would support the show. Cause its cheaper to do a talk show. So I love GH

  • eskimoboy

    *costed too much*