GH DVR Alerts: Week of May 21 Edition


(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “” DVR for the Week of May 21, 2012.


  • Monday: Connie makes a shocking confession. Carly comes to a realization after her encounter with Shawn. Jason confesses his dilemma to Elizabeth. Dante makes a discovery.
  • Tuesday: Sonny and Alexis are unsure of how to handle the situation with Kate. Starr and Michael, as well as Todd and Carly, have interesting encounters. Sam bristles over Jason’s closeness with Elizabeth. John confides in Tea.
  • Wednesday: Sonny and Carly come to a surprising agreement. Will Luke and Tracy’s plot go awry? Spinelli and Matt discuss Maxie. Anna reaches out to a distraught Felicia.
  • Thursday: Todd and Sonny face off again. Olivia reaches out to Kate. Carly and Johnny have a heart to heart. The Quartermaines are rocked when a shocking new addition to their family is revealed.
  • Friday: Tracy, Edward and Monica fret about the future of ELQ. Jason and John face off. Several truths are revealed to a rocked Alexis. Michael is confused in the wake of Sonny’s altruistic decision.

  • My2Cents2

    A Monica siting!! YES!

  • Radiodj1520

    I Hope In June 2012 On GH, Jason And Sam’s Marriage To Be Back On Track For The 1st Time In Over A Month, And Have Her Move Back Into His Home, And Let Him Be The Real Father Of Her Child, For Real.  Elizabeth Would Need To New Male Lover In Ewen, Patrick, Or A New PC Male Resident.  And John Bring Natalie Back Into His Love Life, By Having Natalie Move To Port Charles, And Into His Apartment, For Real Romance.