GH Recap: Friday, January 27, 2012


( — “” Episode Recap – Friday, January 27, 2012.


Sonny brings Jason up to speed on new developments, just as Johnny makes a threatening pass at Kate. Sonny and Kate discuss rebuilding their favorite restaurant, Fortunato’s. But later, Sonny nails Kate on her secretive travels. Meanwhile, Carly can’t stay away from Johnny.

Sam and Spinelli try to get excited with baby planning, but soon Sam, Jason and Robin all get unsettling news.

Matt gets uncomfortable with Elizabeth’s potential future.

Maxie calls Lulu out on her career search and alcoholic behavior. Lulu confronts Luke at the Haunted Star.

On the Next General Hospital

  • Sam rushes to the hospital.
  • Luke and Lulu have a heart-to-heart.
  • Carly gets closer with Johnny.
  • My2Cents2

    ‘Was he walking or floating’? (Johnny) LMAO! That was funny Sonny! (John @ the pier)

    I walk around the house in my sweats or pj bottoms when I am home. I like being comfie. Though I drink coffee for breakfast and not wine!! LMAO! I also BRUSH the teeth first. Stanky breath Lulu!

    On one hand I am happy to see Carly not with Shawn. I saw no chemistry and they are leaning her toward Johnny now. I still think Carly should go home and be a mother to her children first! But that isn’t who Carly is, is it?

    IMO scenes are being cut and added. Though it may not make sense to see Sam & the Grasshopper, how do we know the original scenes weren’t cut? They could have been scenes of Maggie, or LIW & Delorse. Notice they were only on one day this week. I think they are being edited out. Which is fine with me!

    Hey Sonny, Kate is in the process of taking you down. Wayyyyy down! Are you ready?? lol

    Clearly Sam is going to have a difficult pregnancy. Still, it will be worth it to get a little ‘stone cold’ out of it!
    Will their be a problem because of the test she took? Is that why Spinelli was rattling on and on about loving the baby no matter what?

    I missed Tracey today. And Papa. Didn’t Edward look old yesterday?

    I am likin this show!