GH Recap: Monday, November 14, 2011

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( — “” Episode Recap – Monday, November 14, 2011.


Lucky gets a churchyard message and a visitor.

Delirious, Elizabeth clings to Jason from her hospital bed swearing Jake is alive, as Matt and Monica look on.

Mac questions Patrick and Robin about Lisa Niles murder.

Maggie gets acclimated to General Hospital – and Olivia.

Dante interrupts Delores from interrogating Olivia as a suspect. Sonny and Luke have a deep heart to heart about Dante & Lulu. Meanwhile, Lulu has her hands full with Cameron and Aiden, only for Dante to level her with news that he is on the Lisa Niles murder case.

On the Next General Hospital

  • Sam tries to avoid telling Spinelli what haunts her.
  • Lucky awakes from a dream.
  • Steve and Matt exchange quixotic words.

  • My2Cents2

    BESTEST LINE TODAY:Luke to Sonny: ‘You back on your Meds’?? Sonny to Luke: ‘You off your Meds’?
    Who killed Lisa? Who cares! We have Lisa jr on now. (Maggie)
    What kind of disease for chilren causes bruising?? A type of lukemia? I hate the fact they want to REDEEM Luke. Can’t stand him.
    G*D forbit he try to be a grandpa to Lucky’s kids whether blood related or not. LOSER!
    Well GOOD MORNING DANTE! You are finally waking up to Lulu!
    My Steve? My Olivia? My NO BABY?
    LOVE when Jason goes to hug his Mama. Mama knows best Jason, and she loves you the best.
    Thinking about it, if I was dillusional, who would I want? Lucky? Matt? Or Jason?? JASON!!!
    YES Robin was rude in the beginning to Lisa Jr. (LJ) However, anyone on the writing team hear
    of HIPPA LAWS?? They are laws which are to protect your privacy. What was LJ looking at them for when she isn’t on the team yet? So I don’t blame Robin.