How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus


GH Alerts: Week of April 4 Edition

GH Alerts: Week of April 4 Edition

( — "General Hospital" DVR Alerts for the Week of April 4, 2011.


  • Monday: Jason stops Michael from pulling the trigger. Robin suggests that she and Patrick enroll in marriage counseling. Johnny invites Lisa over and they have sex.
  • Tuesday: Who killed Brandon? Suzanne arrives with a surprise for Brenda! Sam talks Spinelli into attending a book signing that Maxie arranged.
  • Wednesday: Jason and Michael protect each other. Lisa continues to cultivate a relationship with Kristina as a means to gain access to Patrick and Robin. Patrick confronts Johnny.
  • Thursday: Luke loses control. Sam counsels Jason as he reveals his regret over not being Jake's father. Nikolas says goodbye to Brook Lynn.
  • Friday: Lucky suggests he and Siobhan get married right away. Brenda and Carly clash. Carly goes to Sam and tries to convince her to give Jason a baby.
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    Austin Williams Honored for 'One Life' Bullying Storyline

    ( — Fourteen-year-old Austin Williams, who joined “One Life to Live” in 2007, is being honored for his pivotal role as Shane Morasco in the show’s ongoing bullying storyline.

    On Saturday, April 30, Williams will be recognized at the 7th Annual Prestige Awards in Poughkeepsie High School in Poughkeepsie, New York. The awards recognize people in the art and entertainment industries, along with hometown heroes, “who are making a difference in society, and giving back to a community,” according to a press release.

    Other celebrities being honored at the event include Angie Stone, Deborah Cox, Avant, Denise Williams, and Marlon Jackson. Click here for more information.

    Congratulations to Austin and be sure to watch “One Life to Live” as Shane prepares to risk his ‘Life’ in an attempt to escape from his bully, Jack Manning (Andrew Trischitta).

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      Y&R Recap: Wednesday, March 30, 2011

      Y&R Recap: Wednesday, March 30, 2011

      ( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Wednesday, March 30, 2011.


      The court session is briefly delayed due to an emergency that the judge must handle. Sharon worries about the thoughts going through the jury's minds. Meanwhile, Nick and Billy discuss the court case and are surprised on the fact that Victor is going to take the stand on Sharon's behalf.

      At the craps table, Phyllis gets in on the game, while Adam from a distance watches and hopes. Koa, impressed by Phyllis, asks her to stick around to see her 'luck' change. After bowing out after losing, she manages to switch the dice and drop a sedative in Koa's drink. Shortly after, Koa is kicked out of the gambling venue after he's discovered cheating with the loaded dice. When he sees Phyllis, he realizes he's been set up but passes out thanks to the sedative.

      Chloe grows tired of not being able to be with Kevin. He warns her that her being around him is only putting her in danger with Angelo. She soon leaves to meet him and Angelo is curious to know what Chloe wants to meet with him about. She tells him that wants to be with Kevin, but because of his threats to Kevin that he'd hurt her, she's been forced to keep her distance. Angelo tells her that he had no intentions of hurting her; he only told Kevin to put him in his place to do what he wants. When Chloe tells Kevin what she did, he takes matters into his own hands and pays Angelo a visit. He demands that Angelo leave Chloe alone or he'll expose his gambling books to the authorities. After Angelo backs down and departs, Chloe learns that Kevin was bluffing.

      At the courthouse, Nick arrives with Faith and Sharon is overcome with happiness to see her. Sharon thanks Nick for bringing her. Nick tells Sharon that she needs to fight to prove her innocence and tells her he wants to stay at the courthouse as moral support. Billy and Nick watch as DA Walsh tear apart Sharon's character; going as far as to say she's the cause of Cassie's death. A furious Sharon lashes out in the courtroom.

      At Crimson Lights, Heather receives a phone call from Chance wanting to meet with her. When she arrives, Chance wants to know if she has feelings for him. She is hesitant to admit how she feels, but not wanting to let her go, Chance tells her to take her time to sort her feelings. Meanwhile Paul and Nina voice their concerns and fears if both their children get together. Back at the mansion, Heather, still fearing for his safety, tells Chance that the two of them can't be together.

      Adam and Phyllis manage to drag a drugged Koa back to his motel room. When he comes to, Adam and Phyllis demand to know what he did with the camera that can prove Sharon's innocence. Koa admits that he in fact met Skye, who gave him the loaded dice. Koa doesn't believe them when he's told that Victor has already talked to the police about seeing Sharon trying to save Skye and that he's going to take the stand on Sharon's behalf. Fed up with Koa's stall tactics, Adam threatens him. Koa soon admits that the same day he caught Adam with the camera and knocked him out, he gave it to a street kid to sell.

      The judge gives both Sharon and Walsh a stern warning about outbursts in the courtroom. Walsh continues to rip apart Sharon's character and tells the jury that Sharon not only committed the murder of Skye but also tried to flee the country. When it's Vance's turn, he deflects Walsh's statements of Sharon being an unfit mother who committed murder,stating that Sharon was in Hawaii to prove Skye was very much alive and to bring her back to Genoa City to clear Adam's name.

      On the Next The Young and the Restless…

      • Daniel admits he wants to keep the baby's whereabout hidden.
      • Primrose catches Jana in the act.
      • Victor takes the stand.
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        AMC Recap: Wednesday, March 30, 2011

        ( — “All My Children” Episode Recap – Wednesday, March 30, 2011.


        A saddened Maya (Mariah Buzolin) leaves her newborn girl in Brot’s patrol car. Jesse is unsuccessful in getting an ambulance to the scene as Angie continues to suffer contractions. Brot receives Jesse’s S.O.S. Angie loses consciousness mid-labor and Jesse is left to deliver the baby alone. Jesse realizes baby Ellie is not breathing after he delivers her. Brot arrives and tries to console Jesse. Angie wakes up just as Brot arrives on the scene with the abandoned baby. Asher is concerned when he bumps into a pale Maya in the park.

        Erica admits to Jack the reason why she wants to get married immediately, to prove to Caleb that she does love Jack and plus there’s no point in waiting and he agrees. Jackson plans a trip to St. Barts and tells Erica that once they get there they’ll get married. Bianca tells Erica that she wishes she could believe that she wants to be with Jack completely but she knows she’s trying to challenge Caleb. Caleb learns from Erica’s maid that she has gone off to get married. Jack proposes to Erica that they postpone their wedding a couple of days so their family can travel to St. Barts to be with them on their special day. Erica agrees. As the couple embrace, Erica ignores a call from Caleb.

        When Marissa comes over to the mansion to try and calm down AJ, she sees a contract for Reese that was drawn up by JR. He explains that he did it so Reese would speed up the custody case to work on a big project. In a phone conversation with Bianca, Marissa says that she doesn’t need to be talked out of spending more time with JR as she is having fun. After hanging up she returns to JR and AJ to play one more game which leaves AJ happy.

        On the Next All My Children…

        • Brot and Jesse lie to Angie about her baby.
        • Griffin tells Cara he had a great time with Kendall.
        • Amanda assures Jake and Cara she is unaffected by their partnership.


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          OLTL Recap: Wednesday, March 30, 2011

          OLTL Recap: Wednesday, March 30, 2011

          ( — “One Life to Live” Episode Recap – Wednesday, March 30, 2011.


          Marty shows up to Natalie and Brody, and Natalie is enraged to hear John vouched for her release from St. Ann’s. John and Kelly have spent the night and they realize that what they have isn’t actually a relationship but way of soothing their wounds. Natalie storms in and confronts John about helping Marty.

          Everyone reacts to the news that Clint was arrested for killing Eddie.

          Tess notices James’ MyFace friend request from Deanna which he is ignoring. Rick the porn producer tries to lure Deanna in, but instead she goes to see James. However James is dealing with the baby and Tess answers the door, letting Deanna believe the baby is James’ (with Starr). Tess doesn’t tell James that Deanna was there.

          Starr and Langston are at the Buenos Dias Café and Langston admits, she misses Ford although she’s not sorry they broke up. Ford comes in and they have a brief wistful moment before Ford leaves.

          Starr helps James with his job search and sees the friend request from Deanna. Deanna returns to Rex, dejected and broke, and he tells her he can make her a star.

          Ford tells Tess the judge has made a decision about Ryder’s custody.

          Joey berates Cutter for running off with Jess. Cutter and Aubrey spar about his interest in Tess and her commitment to Joey. Aubrey works overtime to convince Joey he needs to trust her.

          On the Next One Life to Live…

          • Clint has a warning for Bo.
          • Charlie tells Echo that Viki needs him.
          • Rex learns Shane has been bullied by Jack.


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            GH Recap: Wednesday, March 30, 2011

            GH Recap: Wednesday, March 30, 2011

            ( — “General Hospital” Episode Recap – Wednesday, March 30, 2011.

            IT HAPPENED TODAY…

            Sonny offers a self-loathing Luke his support. Luke and Elizabeth share a heartbreaking conversation. Elizabeth blames herself for Jake’s fate. Luke confesses to Elizabeth that he was under the influence of alcohol when he hit Jake.

            Carly does not accept Brenda’s well wishes and their feud continues. Carly breaks down to Shawn over the tragic irony of Jake’s life for Josslyn’s. Carly watches a protective Shawn looking over Josslyn.

            Dante and Lulu agree to put family first while simultaneously upholding the law. Michael interrupts them with news of Brandon’s release. As Dante bemoans that the law keeps letting Michael down, we wonder how dangerously far Michael will go.

            Reconciled, Patrick and Robin flirt in front of Lisa then take off together with Emma. Later, the Drake family shares a favorite meal together. An upset Lisa watches a loving moment between the family from the bushes outside of the Drake house.

            On the Next General Hospital…

            • Lulu continues to worry over how Jake’s death will affect her family.
            • Theo gets closer to finding his grandson.
            • Michael remains determined to protect Abby.


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              Shipp Promises 'Dramatic' Return to Llanview

              ( — After dragging out the storyline for nearly four months, "One Life to Live" is finally ready to reveal the identity of the person who murdered Eddie Ford. As we previously reported, John Wesley Shipp is heading back to Llanview as the recently deceased Ford brothers abusive father. While his return is expected to be brief, the actor tells Soap Opera Network that "you can bet it's going to be DRAMATIC!" In the coming weeks Shipp will appear in several flashback scenes as the murder mystery finally begins to unravel.

              With Clint Buchanan (Jerry verDorn) arrested for Eddie's murder this week, little brother and Police Commissioner Bo Buchanan (Robert S. Woods) and Llanview P.D. appear to be to declare the crime "case closed." However, while the evidence against the Buchanan family patriarch appears solid, a series of cryptic riddles and some finger pointing from the prime suspect himself begins to plant seeds of doubts in the minds of some concerning his guilt. At the same time, fans continue to speculate that perhaps either Clint's sister-in-law Nora (Hillary B. Smith) or his nephew Matthew (Eddie Alderson) could be the true culprit.

              Further blurring the line between Clint's guilt and innocence are comments from two of the actors themselves. Shipp tells fans on his Facebook page that "man oh MAN y'all are missing obvious (if you think about it) suspects…and/or outcomes." Meanwhile, Smith tweeted earlier this week that she was "Heading to work today after a lovely weekend of precious sleep. Sad stuff coming up! But I get to work with my Matthew and Bo!!!"

              But what about Eddie's ex-wife Inez (Jessica Leccia)?  Is she still considered a suspect? Judging by Smith's comments, it appears she may be somewhat of a non-factor in the upcoming reveal. "I truly miss Jessica Leccia. We had some good giggles. I miss Jessica, but if Inez comes near my man…. OOOOOOOoooooooo."

              No first airdate has been confirmed by the show, and Shipp admits that even he isn't exactly sure when his scenes will air, saying "I was told [April] 7th (not likely) the 5th, straddling the first weekend in April the 1st-and-4th option (which dramatically makes more sense. Also, around the 26th I will be in newly created 'flashback' scenes to the Dayton Chop Shop."

              So who really murdered Eddie? Tune in to find out! In the meantime, sound off with your thoughts.

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                Susan Haskell Reportedly Leaving 'One Life to Live'

                ( — According to reports, two-time Daytime Emmy Winner Susan Haskell (Marty Saybrooke) has been let go by "One Life to Live." When pressed for a statement, a spokesperson for the show reminds Soap Opera Network that "we don't comment on rumors."

                Haskell originated the character of gang rape victim Marty Saybrooke in 1992. After leaving in 1997, she made brief in returns in 2004 and 2005, before returning full-time in 2008, replacing Christina Chambers in the role.  In 1994 and again in 2009, she won Daytime Emmy Awards for her portrayal of Marty. Haskell is married to her former "One Life" co-star Thorsten Kaye (Patrick Thornhart), whom she also appeared with on "Port Charles" in 2001. Her other television roles include "JAG" and "The Good Shepherd."

                A reason for her potential exit has not been determined, although given Haskell's recent lack of airtime and storyline, it appears the show may have been uncertain what to do with Marty, therefore writing her into a corner. Look for Haskell to continue to air through at least through the month of April, however, when Marty gets caught up in some more drama with several other Llanview residents.

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                  From Actor to Professor: James Franco to Teach Directing Course at NYU

                  ( — If appearing on ABC's "General Hospital" and co-hosting the Academy Awards wasn't enough, you can now add Professor James Franco to the entertainers list of accomplishments. Franco received his MFA in film production last May after his hard work at New York University, and has now been given the opportunity to teach a third-year course on directing at the universities Tisch School of the Arts.

                  "He's here to teach because he really knows something about directing that he can share with our students," said John Tintori, chair of the graduate film program in a statement released to the New York Post on Tuesday. "He's incredibly prolific, and that comes from a real work ethic – and that's another thing to impart to our students."

                  According to the Post, current and prospective students have mixed feelings on whether Franco's high profile in the entertainment world may hinder him in his teaching abilities. "We choose [courses] because of the films we want to make, so somebody who wants to strengthen how they work with actors would work with James," said film student Heather Fink. "I think using celebrities is great. We want successful people who know about the business." Meanwhile, incoming student Ashley Lawwill has a different opinion on the matter. "I find it absolutely ridiculous and silly to sign up just because he's James Franco," the 24-year-old said. "I imagine in the first year, it'll be a lot of people just there for the name, [but] I don't want to go and learn what I can learn from Us Weekly."

                  The program is scheduled to last for three years and house a maximum of 12 students who annually pay a tuition of $46,000. The course calls for students to adapt poetry into short films.

                  Franco joined the cast of "General Hospital" in the fall of 2009 as the devilish Franco (how quaint a name). He most recently appeared in the Friday, March 25 episode when Franco delivered a message to Carly Jacks (Laura Wright).

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                    My View of Llanview: March 30 Edition

                    My View of Llanview: March 30 Edition

                    ( — With “One Life to Live’s” bullying storyline now kicking into high gear, just how effective has it been so far?

                    Anyone who has seen the latest “One Life” promo, with a desperate Shane seeking to escape the torment of being bullied by a classmate, knows that this storyline is certainly taking on rather realistic tone (I have included a different version of the promo at the end of this column). It’s often said that soaps imitate life, and while, in reality, that isn’t always the case, what with mind-controlling brain chips, mad scientists, space aliens, secret underground cities, and time travel, the statement is quite accurate in this particular case. With a child becoming the victim of a bully every seven minutes, “One Life to Live” could not have chosen a better time to launch this much-needed storyline.

                    According to statistics, 30% of teenagers in grades 6-10 are involved in bullying — either as a bully, a victim, or both, and 1 in 4 kids in this country are bullied at one time or another in their lives. On the flip side, 1 in 3 kids admit to having bullied a peer at least once. But perhaps the most startling statistic involves a recent survey, which found that 77% of the children who responded admitted that they been bullied either mentally, verbally, or physically by someone, and that 14% had experienced a severe reaction to the abuse they suffered at the hands of their peers.

                    With numbers like that, I applaud “One Life to Live” for taking the initiative and deciding to do a storyline about bullying. After all, this is the same soap that has tackled many controversial and topical issues in the past, including interracial relationships, homophobia, gay marriage, breast cancer, heart disease, mental illness, gang rape, drug abuse, and menopause, just to name a few. I see nothing wrong with them taking a firm stance on this particular issue as well, just as long as do it the right way. Done correctly, this storyline can reach a lot of people and help them to understand the depth of the problem and how best to deal with it when and if it happens to you or your family. And, while I haven’t always had faith in “OLTL’s” ability to successfully pull-off a realistic depiction of real-life events with regards to socially relevant storylines, in this case I feel obliged to give them the benefit of the doubt.

                    In a recent interview with Soap Opera Digest, Austin Williams, who plays bullying victim Shane Morasco on “OLTL,” summed it up perfectly when he said that “It’s really hard to play, because it’s sad to go to that place where everyone just hates you. On the other side, it’s really fun knowing that this really can make a difference in some people’s lives.” Truer words were never spoken. Williams’ comments convey what those who have been bullied go through everyday. They constantly live in fear no matter where they go. They skip school, refuse to attend social events, and generally try to avoid contact with other kids at all costs. However, they can’t always hide from their problems, especially when their parents, teachers, and others become aware of the situation. Eventually, they turn to desperate measures to escape the pain because they feel too embarrassed and humiliated to ask for help or tell confide in anyone — even their own parents, for fear they wouldn’t understand.

                    In that same interview, “One Life to Live” Head Writer Ron Carlivati echos a similar sentiment while explaining why Shane has been keeping his parents in the dark about what he has been going through. “He’s scared, he’s embarrassed and he thinks that getting the parents involved is going to make it worse. That’s what does happen with a lot of these kids. They don’t think that they can tell anybody, so they kind of take it and put up with it.”

                    Carlivati also points out why, as with Shane, there is always a particular reason why someone is bullied. “We don’t ever see the origin; where it began. It’s very typical of what does happen: [Bullies] just see a kid that’s an easy target, or there’s the kid that’s sitting on the sidelines ’cause he can’t play in the basketball game, or he doesn’t have the latest, coolest sneakers.”

                    The bully in case is Jack Manning (Andrew Trischitta), who “seems like the leader, but in some ways, Jack is a little bit of a follower and just wanting to be part of that popular crowd — as much as he seems like the ringleader,” says Carlivati. While Jack is trying to gain acceptance from his peers for being a tough guy, he is actually insecure about his own identity and feels the only way he can truly feel superior is to pick on those who are smaller, weaker, or different from him. Eventually, however, I’m sure he will start to feel guilty about what he’s done and ultimately seek forgiveness. And that is starting to come across on screen where, in recent scenes, you can tell that Jack is starting to suffer a bit of a guilty conscience, however small it may be at this point. However, the road of redemption will be a long one, because Jack doesn’t seem ready to play nice with Shane anytime soon.

                    So again, I am going to give “One Life to Live” the benefit of the doubt on this one. As someone who majored in education, I have seen first hand the dangers of bullying in schools and honestly believe that the show is trying to make a difference with this storyline, and think that they will succeed. At least I hope so anyway. If it can make the difference in at least one person’s life, then it will have all been worth it in my opinion.

                    Moving on, congratulations to “CBRVA,” who correctly identified last time’s mystery “OLTL” celebrity guest star, which was “Simon & Simon” star Jameson Parker.

                    In case you missed the clues, here they are:

                    Simon says that this actor who co-starred in a popular ’80s CBS primetime action drama played a cad on “One Life to Live” in the late 1970s.

                    Now it’s time to play another round of “Llanview, Who Am I?,” a new feature where you have to use the clues to figure out the identity of some mystery future celebrity from “OLTL’s” past. See if you can figure it out. Good luck!!!

                    Before going ‘Brown’ and finding her ‘Hope,’ this actress played a preppy Llanview socialite back in the 1980s.

                    So who is this mystery group from the past? I’ll have the answers in the April 15th edition of My View of Llanview. And don’t forget to check out my Twitter page for all the latest “OLTL” news and information at SON.

                    Now, before I wrap up this column, I’m going to look into my crystal ball and give you a quick sneak peek at a few things coming up a few weeks down the road. These are for the week of April 18th. A surprising confession is made.  Someone is attacked. One woman has a decision to make. And an unlikely pair team up to get what they want.

                    Well that’s concludes yet another column. Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful spring weather. Take care and stay safe. And until next time remember, we only have “One Life to Live”…

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