How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus


GL PreVUE: Week of January 28 Edition

A bittersweet reunion…
Thursday, January 24, 2008 9:34 PM | By Venus Stone

( — A mother reunites with the daughter she thought was gone forever…


Olivia’s plan to get Gus all to herself goes bust when Natalia shows up in his place. Dinah and Jeffrey point out to one another how Bill and Reva are bossing them around. Cassie continue to see Will’s true colors when she saves RJ from skating on thin ice. Marina’s dream of marrying Cyrus falls apart when the truth of her schemes are revealed. Reva knocks Alan out when he gets closer to seeing Sarah.


Lizzie is floored to see the person who saved her is Jonathan. Lizzie become furious at Jonathan for faking his death. Bill puts together that Lizzie came to the cabin to try to get pregnant again. Alan approaches Reva, Sarah’s doll in hand, demanding answers. Bill and Jon face off, where Bill threatens to expose him for the liar he is. Realizing how painful it is for Lizzie believing Sarah has died, Jonathan reunites mother and daughter. Lizzie rails into Jon for lying to her just as Alan comes to the cabin door. When Lizzie is unable to soothe Sarah, she turns to Jon for help. Jon has pleasure in making Bill uncomfortable. Gus learns the truth about Jonathan and Sarah and tries to convince Lizzie to get the goods on him. Lizzie calls Rick when Sarah becomes ill. As Beth attacks Jonathan for hurting her daughter, Rick can understand why Jonathan went to such lengths to protect Sarah. Bill discovers that Jon has booked a flight for two. When Jon mixes a sleeping pill in Lizzie’s drink but Bill manages to switch drinks on him. Lizzie learns from Bill that Jon was going to skip town again with Sarah. Meanwhile, Gus informs Reva that Lizzie’s pressing kidnapping charges against her, while Beth admits to Lizzie she can now see why Jonathant felt he had to protect Sarah.

Pictured: Marcy Rylan courtesy Steve Vaccariello PGP

Who Do You Think It Is?
Thursday, January 31, 2008 11:00 PM | By Errol Lewis

( — Can Sam Identify her Attacker before she’s silenced forever?


Who Ran Sam Down?

After Lucky and Sam have a heated confrontation over her lies and deception, Lucky is forced to leave Sam and move on with his life. After their confrontation, a distraught Sam finds herself to be the next target of the Text Message Killer. Hoping that Lucky will save her before its too late, Sam calls Lucky. Lucky doesn’t believe Sam’s claims, just as the killer strikes!

With rain beginning to pour during the dark and gloomy night, Sam McCall finds herself trapped and victimized by the Text Message Killer. Finding a slim chance of surviving, Sam runs into the middle of the road and is run-over. Holding onto dear life and out like a light, Sam is unable to identify the Text Message Killer or who ran her down. Who do you think ran Sam down?

The Suspects:

1. An emotional Carly is rushing home after getting examined by Dr. Kelly at General Hospital. With the news she’s been waiting for, Carly finds herself too distracted while driving. Did Carly hit Sam?

2. After Monica and Tracy’s next battle escalates, a drunk Monica gets behind the wheel of her car. After hitting a bump on the road, Monica tries to cover her tracks by claiming her car was stolen. Did Monica hit Sam?

3. On her way to meet up with Jason at their “safehouse,” a tired Elizabeth can’t help but feel like something bad happened on the way. Jason notes that something is troubling Elizabeth. Did Elizabeth hit Sam?

4. Tortured by his memories, Nikolas bolts from General Hospital without authorization from Patrick, Ian or Robin, who are concerned about his condition. Nikolas gets behind the wheel of his car as he goes to seek comfort from Emily. Did he hit a Sam of a stepping stone on the way?

So Who Ran Sam Down? Find out as the story unfolds this February.

Pictured: Who Ran Sam Down? Photos courtesy Ron Tom/ABC

ABC Dramas ‘Go Red’

By Angela Rosa

( — “All My Children,” “One Life to Live” and “General Hospital” prepare to send out a colorful message.

Erika Slezak

In partnership with the Campbell Soup Company, “All My Children,” “One Life to Live” and “General Hospital” will “Go Red” for February Sweeps – “Go Red For Women” that is. “Go Red For Women” is a national movement to raise awareness among woman of all ages about the dangers of heart disease – the No. 1 killer of American women, promote early prevention of heart disease and raise money to fund further research into the causes, diagnosis and treatment of heart disease.

Beginning on the week of February 11, legendary Llanview dames Victoria Davidson (Erika Slezak) and Dorian Lord (Robin Strasser) will host the “Go Red Ball” on “OLTL,” while the women of “AMC’s” Fusion will host the “Go Red Fashion Show” in Pine Valley. Along with a lot of drama, expect to see an ocean of beautiful woman and handsome men sporting the representative color of this worthwhile cause as these events get rolling. “GH” will tackle the issue of how heart disease effects women with a more practical approach as a noteworthy member of the General Hospital staff suffers a heart attack.

To learn more about “Go Red For Women” visit the American Heart Associations official site for the cause at

  • All My Children
  • Rebecca Budig
  • Alicia Minshew
  • One Life to Live
  • General Hospital
  • Erika Slezak
  • Robin Strasser

    Sweeps Kicks Off the Action
    Thursday, January 24, 2008 1:05 AM | By Errol Lewis

    ( — Sweeps starts off with a bang as new characters bring mystery and danger to Port Charles. Will lives be hanging in the balance before the month is over or will citizens find themselves involved in the ultimate battle for power?


    Claudia Zachhara comes to Port Charles and meets mob boss Sonny Corinthos; The two end up in bed together after Sonny is certain that his future plans with Kate are over. Tracy serves Monica with a malpractice suit alleging she botched Luke’s surgery. Alexis and Diane warn Kate to stay away from Sonny, but Kate isn’t having any of it. Sam tells Alexis she’s falling in love with Lucky, just as Alexis finds herself getting hot and bothered over Jerry. Patrick throws accusations at Robin over her desire to get pregnant. In a moment of anger, Robin tells Patrick she’s already pregnant. Kate divulges her biggest secret to a stunned Jax. Lucky takes no prisoner’s when he tells Sam he knows the truth and ends their relationship.


    Maxie finds Coop’s body hanging from the rafters. The case of the Text Message Killer appears closed as the forensic report is found in Coop’s pocket. Jason senses foul play might have occurred in Coop’s death. Maxie is determined to prove that Coop was not the Text Message Killer. Sam receives a threatening text from the Text Message Killer before she is violently attacked. A devastated Sam is attacked. Able to fight off her attacker, Sam finds herself on a collision course with a vehicle whose driver ranges from a drunk, an emotional wreck, a sleep deprived heroine and a psychotic individual. Will Sam be able to identify her attacker or will she be silenced forever?


    - On Tuesday, January 29 look for a new Girl’s Night Out with Nadine, Regina, Kelly and Lainey.

    - Sarah Brown debuts as Claudia Zacchara on Thursday, January 31, 2008. READ MORE

    - Also returning to the canvas on January 31 is Anthony Geary’s Luke Spencer who isn’t as welcome as he once thought.


    Monday: Sonny wants to settle things with Johnny once and for all. Monica tries to cover her tracks. Nikolas is tormented by what he can’t remember.

    Tuesday: Spinelli and Maxie set out to find out who is the real killer. Carly gives Jax the news he’d been hoping to hear. Tracy stirs trouble for Monica.

    Wednesday: Claudia lets Trevor know who’s calling the shots. Elizabeth can’t forget what she’s done. Ric and Marianna share a passionate night together.

    Pictured: Sarah Brown courtesy Ron Tom/ABC

    By Errol Lewis

    ( — ABC’s “General Hospital” recasts the role of Marianna effective immediately.

    Yeniffer Behrens

    Due to a change in direction for the character of Marianna, “General Hospital” has recast the role with Yeniffer Behrens (pictured), whose credits include stints in “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “Boston Legal” and “Nip/Tuck.” The role will remain recurring so says a “GH” representative.

    The role was previously played by America Olivo who joined “GH” earlier this month with her first airdate being Tuesday, January 22. Behrens’ first airdate is set for Wednesday, February 13.

    A similar scenario took place on “GH” while a storyline was just beginning in 2000, when Chad Brannon replaced newcomer Marc Brett in the role of Zander Smith.

    Ironically enough, Behren’s appeared on the soap in 2005 as a dayplayer by the name of Jecina.

    • General Hospital
    • America Olivo
    • Yeniffer Behrens

      Monday, January 21, 2008 1:14 AM EST | By Errol Lewis with additional Reporting by Xavier Toups

      ( — “Days of our Lives” continues to cut the fat as they get rid of the old and in with the new.

      Soap Opera Network has just learned that actors Brandon Beemer and Martha Madison, who portray the popular roles of Shawn D. Brady and Belle Black-Brady, have been let go from NBC’s “Days of our Lives.”

      According to sources, “Belle” and “Shawn” will be written out of the show due to storyline purposes. Madison and Beemer will continue to tape episodes for approximately another month.

      News of their firing comes just two days after it was announced that former “General Hospital” actress, Tamara Braun (ex-Carly #2), would be joining the cast as Ava, a woman from Steve “Patch” Johnson’s past. Braun begins airing on February 8.

      Madison portrayed a waitress on “Passions” before joining the cast of “Days of our Lives” in July 2004. She immediately took over from Charity Rahmer, who replaced Kirsten Storms just days after the actress last aired. She also appeared in 2001’s “Kate & Leopold” with Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman.

      Before joining “DAYS” in October 2006, Beemer had guest roles on ABC’s “General Hospital,” MTV’s “Undressed” and CBS’ “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.” He also appeared in the film “Material Girls” with Hilary and Haylie Duff. The actor played the sixth Shawn D. Brady, taking over from Jason Cook.

      Soap Opera Network will continue to follow this breaking story as more details come to light.

      • Tamara Braun
      • Days of our Lives
      • General Hospital
      • Brandon Beemer
      • Martha Madison
      • Charity Rahmer
      • Kirsten Storms
      • Meg Ryan
      • Hugh Jackman
      • Hilary Duff
      • Hayle Duff
      • Undressed
      • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
      • Material Girls
      • Kate & Leopold

        Mary J. Blige Returns to ‘One Life’

        Popular musician returns to soap
        Tuesday, January 15, 2008 6:27 PM| By Scotty Gore

        ( –Six-time Grammy Award winning artist Mary J. Blige returns to Llanview just in time for Valentine’s Day.

        “One Life to Live” starts off 2008 with a bang as the multi-platinum singer/songwriter makes her second appearance in Llanview in less than two years. On July 28, 2006, Blige made her soap debut on “OLTL.” In a press release issued by ABC, Blige is quoted as saying, “It’s absolutely amazing to be integrated into a soap opera I’ve watched since I was a little girl. I performed on the show two years ago and had a ball, and I am beyond thrilled to be welcomed back again.”

        The release goes on to say that “the return of Ms. Blige to ‘One Life to Live’ marks success on the show’s part in forging its unique path in ABC’s daytime lineup as a music-focused show.”

        Performing as a surprise guest at Starr Manning’s Sweet Sixteen party, Blige will perform the singles “Just Fine” and “Hurt Again” from her Grammy nominated album “Growing Pains.” Blige will be joined onstage by members of her band.

        According to Brian Frons, ABC Daytime President, “Mary J. Blige represents another of today’s top recording artists who sees the power of ABC Daytime as a promotional platform to reach the highly engaged, passionate audience of women 18-49. Music is an important component to daytime storytelling — it is relevant, contemporary and builds emotional intensity.”

        Since its December 21st release, “Growing Pains” has gone on to top the Billboard charts and become Blige’s 8th #1 CD on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart and her 4th #1 CD landing at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart. Says “OLTL” Executive Producer Frank Valentini, “Mary J. Blige is one of the most prominent and powerful voices in the music industry. She is an inspiration in both her music and her life, and we are thrilled to welcome her back to ‘One Life to Live.”

        Blige is part of an impressive list of musicians for appear on “OLTL” in recent years. Others on the list include Lifehouse, Simply Red, Timbaland, Nelly Furtado. Look for Blige’s scenes to air on February 15th and 18th.

        Photo Credit: One Life to Live logo courtesy ABC

        Danger Coming Thy Way
        Thursday, January 17, 2008 10:30 PM | By Errol Lewis

        ( — The Week before Sweeps begins, the danger keeps on rising.


        Sonny proposes marriage to Kate, but the fashionista can’t help but run away from the future. Sonny pays the high price for love. Robin is distraught after she overhears Patrick telling Dr. Leo about the night they were together. Nikolas is left with the ultimate decision: do nothing about his tumor and die or get treatment and lose Emily forever. Michael defies Jason’s earlier warnings as Jason catches Michael for the second time with Sonny’s gun. Robin witnesses an intimate moment with Patrick and Leyla.


        Evidence begins pilling in that puts Coop in the spotlight as the possible mastermind behind the masked killings. Mac questions Coop about a missing file. Coop proclaims his innocence as Logan confronts him with the missing DNA test results. Coop meets an enigmatic Daniel at Kelly’s before he gives Jerry a piece of his mind. Will Coop be able to get out in time or will more danger hit closer to home?

        THE REST

        Ric’s memories begin to haunt him as he finds himself at his childhood home. He becomes intrigued by a mystery house guest. Jason spends a special moment with Elizabeth as he begins to rethink his decision to not be a part of his son’s life. Johnny and Lulu are trapped on an explosive Haunted Star. While watching Jake, Lucky is called away due to a police matter and leaves the baby in Sam’s capable hands. Carly picks a fight with Kate after she learns that Sonny proposed.


        - Tuesday, January 21: America Olivo debuts as Marianna, a character who bonds with Ric while in Martha’s Vineyard. READ MORE

        - Friday, January 25: Seamus Dever debuts as Dr. Ian Devlin, a former college buddy of Dr. Patrick Drake’s (Jason Thompson). READ MORE

        SON ALERTS: WEEK OF JANUARY 28, 2007

        Monday: A mystery woman is on her way to Port Charles as one of Port Charles’ finest meets an untimely demise.

        Tuesday: Lulu and Johnny try to fight their attraction. Alexis accuses Jerry of trying to play her.

        Wednesday: Jax and Carly make plans to make their baby. Elizabeth tells Lucky about Sam’s misdeeds.

        Thursday: Lucky dumps Sam. Emily tries to get Nikolas to remember the night she was killed.

        Friday: The Text Message Killer is still on the loose and Sam becomes their primary target. Lulu puts an end to her relationship with Logan.

        Correction: 01/17/2008 11:21 PM

        We mistakenly referred to the TMK on “GH” as the Masked Killer. The proper name is the Text Message Killer.

        Pictured: Jason Gerhardt courtesy ABC

        Y&R PreVUE: Week of January 21 Edition

        Dastardly Deeds…
        Thursday, January 17, 2007 5:57 PM | By Venus Stone

        ( — Can Hitchcock help plan the perfect murder? Gloria’s about to test that theory…


        The judge comes to a decision in the divorce of Nikki and Victor. JT finds himself wanting to keep Reed far away from the Newman family. Amber becomes over-eager in her scheme to win the Faces of Jabot contest. David continues to plot and scheme to ensure what he wants. Victor finds himself without any family to support him.


        Sharon tries to convince Jack to do right by Gloria by honoring John’s wishes for her. When Gloria shows up at the Abbott mansion, she and Jack get into a heated argument, which forces Sharon to decide who’s side to take. Meanwhile, Kevin helps Gloria devise a scheme ala Hitchcock to set up Jeffrey for murder.

        Pictured: Gloria Chapman courtesy CBS

        GL PreVUE: Week of January 21 Edition

        Jonny Comes Marching Home…
        Thursday, January 17, 2008 6:12 PM | By Venus Stone

        ( — A familiar face returns home to settle an old score…


        Bill and Coop have a confrontation but is interrupted when Lizzie storms in announcing she’s having Bill’s baby. Alan wants Beth to attend the memorial service with him and offers the invitation to Rick. Once alone, Alan calls in a few favors to make sure Rick will be too busy to attend. Natalia learns that Olivia and Alan are working together to keep her from marrying Gus. When Cyrus wavers in wanting to marry Marina right away, Marina calls on Remy to continue their scheming. After seeing how much Coop truly loves Ashlee, Doris offers Buzz a job.


        Cassie turns to Josh for support when the memory of Tammy resurfaces which angers Will. Alan confronts Reva about the harrassing telephone calls he’s been receiving. Reva approaches Cassie with the information and when she denies having a hand in it, Reva soon worries that Jonathan could be doing it. While Bill is happy to learn that his vision will return, Lizzie is heartbroken to learn that she is not pregnant. As Reva is searching for Jonathan, she spots Sarah’s suitcase. When Alan offers his deepest apology to Cassie, she invites him to attend the memorial. As the memorial service is underway, an emotional Jon doesn’t notice Sarah crawling away. Lizzie finds it difficult to tell Bil the truth about not being pregnant. As Bill’s vision starts to return the first thing he notices is Johnathan. Lizzie believes she’s seen Sarah. Reva finally catches up to Jonathan and warns him to stop causing trouble and leave town. Lizzie, who has arranged for Bill to meet her at cabin, is close to walking in on Jonathan and Sarah. Reva, who has returned quickly diverts Lizzie’s attention but soon notices Alan’s car approaching. Frustrated with keeping a lie, Lizzie runs out of the cabin with Bill right on her trail. Struggling to break free from his hold, she finds herself falling into oncoming traffic.

        Pictured: Tom Pelphrey courtesy Robert Milazzo PGP

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