‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Just Went There With Eric Giving His Blessing to Quarter

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‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Just Went There With Eric Giving His Blessing to Quarter

On "The Bold and the Beautiful," Eric Forrester just gave his blessing to Quarter, but it's given some fans the "ick" factor. What do you think about this storyline twist?

By Errol Lewis
Rena Sofer, Lawrence-Saint Victor, John McCook, The Bold and the Beautiful
Howard Wise/JPI Studios | Rena Sofer, John McCook, Lawrence Saint-Victor ("The Bold and the Beautiful")

Soaps are known for their outlandish plot points, and often fans are left excusing what happens on them by saying, “Oh, it’s just a soap!” That’s not necessarily the case if you tuned into the Monday, September 13 episode of “The Bold and the Beautiful” when the “It’s just a soap” line couldn’t really be used as an excuse following a recently revealed to be impotent Eric Forrester (John McCook) gave his wife, Quinn (Rena Sofer), permission to have sex with her lover, Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor), since he knows he can’t give her the satisfaction she desires in the bedroom. This storyline sounds straight from the playbook of “Passions” or “Sunset Beach,” but “The Bold and the Beautiful”? Say what?

Officially, Quinn and Carter decided to stop seeing each other after the reveal of their affair this summer. Unofficially, however, the pair have remained intimate and have even declared their love for one another. So, on the surface, Eric giving his permission to Quinn and Carter to continue seeing each other would appear to be a blessing in disguise for the pairing dubbed Quarter, right? Not according to fans who watched today’s episode with disdain.

One commentator said of the storyline, “Oh, for God’s sake! Any therapist will tell you that there are plenty of things a couple can do together to bring a woman satisfaction other than intercourse.  This whole episode is an insult to all those couples who have worked together on what is a serious issue. As old as Eric is and as many women he’s been with, you would think he’d be more adventurous and skilled. If not, then I have to believe all those women that are supposedly after him have only orgasmed when he threw his wallet at them.”

Rena Sofer, Lawrence-Saint Victor, The Bold and the Beautiful
Howard Wise/JPI Studios | Rena Sofer, Lawrence Saint-Victor (“The Bold and the Beautiful”)

Another said, “I love it but Eric don’t do this. Don’t disrespect your wife like this. I know Quinn has done a lot but she’s been a better person being with you. Maybe there’s some other medications out here you can take to help that issue but a relationship at the same time shouldn’t be built on just sex and playtime. Smh. Carter walk away.”

Yet another commentator said, “I think Eric is losing his mind. What man who supposedly loves his wife that much makes that kind of arrangement?????? I don’t think so. Also in this day and age, there is a lot they can do for ED… Eric had so many women he should be experienced enough to satisfy Quinn without intercourse. This is such a BS storyline”

“Carter is a fool if he falls for this,” said another. “He is not a for hire stud. Eric has more than ed. He is a cruel and evil old man. This is so embarrassing and whatever Quin decides she is the one that the fans will crucify. What she needs to do is get a divorce from this old dog. He does not love her and he is not worthy of her love.”

So, clearly, some fans aren’t really into what they are seeing and wish the soap would put the brakes on the direction it’s headed.

What do you think about the storyline twist? Yay or Nay?

P.S. The “ED” stands for erectile disfunction for those wondering.

Watch the clip below.