Jason and Carly Finally Set A Wedding Date on ‘General Hospital’

Laura Wright, Carly Corinthos, Steve Burton, Jason Morgan, General Hospital, GH
ABC | Laura Wright, Steve Burton ("General Hospital")

After spending weeks trying to convince the town of Port Charles that a legal union between them made perfect sense, it was high time that Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) did the same for themselves. On the Thursday, August 19 episode of “General Hospital,” the pairing, better known as “Jarly,” finally set a wedding date which to their fans has been 25 years in the making.

In the episode, J&C spent the hour discussing why they were getting married in the first place and also what that would truly mean for them on a personal level, but before those conversations could be had Carly questioned Jason’s logic in saying that their plan to get married to show the Five Families they were a united front would actually be a way to show they are weak instead of strong. “We’re doing it to comply with their ultimatum,” Jason begins to explain to Carly who asks what that meant. “To marry you… or eliminate you,” he tells her. “They ordered you to kill me?” questions a stunned Carly, to which Jason confirms, saying, “I would never let that happen.”

The reason the Five Families want to off Mrs. C is due to trust. They do not believe Carly will keep her mouth shut about the mob world and wouldn’t hesitate to turn to the feds with evidence considering she’s the widow of Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). “Their position is, unless or until we get married, you’re a civilian who could flip and give evidence to the feds,” Jason tells her outright. Carly then explained to Jason she would never do that and Jason agreed, telling her that they [the Five Families] made the demand only to see how he would react.

“I told them we would get married as soon as we can arrange it,” Jason told Carly of his response. “And this just proves that any negotiations – honest negotiations – are a waste of time. The Families are not interested in cooperating. They believe Sonny’s territory is wide open, and you’re the key, which you are. But threatening you… is the worst mistake they ever made. And they’re gonna pay.”

After agreeing that any retaliation now would be risky, Jason tells Carly that they should set the date, “send out the invitations and give them [the Five Families] time to set whatever they’re planning in motion.” Seeing where Jason is coming from, Carly pulls out her cell phone and starts scrolling through her calendar before she anxiously asks, “Can you just tell me – is any part of this wedding gonna be about us?”

Without wishing for any hearts or flowers, Carly feels that with the people closest to them genuinely wishing them the best after receiving initial doubts about their union, just maybe they can make their marriage a real one and not just a show for the Five Families. “Okay, our wedding is not just a show,” Jason reassures Carly. He explains it’s still gonna be the two of them getting married to which Carly finds unbelievable considering her marriages to Sonny and even when she married AJ, Jason was still essentially by her side being her best friend. So, now that she’s marrying said best friend, things are more complicated than ever.

“I mean, if something went wrong and the marriage ended, you would be there, and you were,” Carly says to Jason, referring to his being there for her past marriages. “And now, this time, the marriage is to you. And you’re — you’re my safety net, and I’m marrying my safety net, and I’m really kind of freaking out here.”

Jason again reassures Carly, saying, “I’m still gonna be your safety net. And I’m counting on you to be mine.” Carly chuckles telling him he doesn’t need a safety net. “But I need you to stand by me,” Jason replies. “No matter what.” Carly tells him she’ll always stand by him no matter what. “Okay. Uh, then we’ll just, you know, figure the rest out,” Jason responds.

Steve Burton, Jason Morgan, Laura Wright, Carly Corinthos, General Hospital, GH
ABC | Steve Burton, Laura Wright (“General Hospital”)

Explaining to Carly that no one ever knows what will happen when they get married and that all they can do is hope for the best and just trust each other, Jason tells her to remember that they do trust each other and when she starts to freak out to count to 10. 

After hugging each other, Carly gets her bearings and says they should pick a date. With a quick glance at her calendar again, she asks Jason, “How’s September 17th?” He responds, saying, “September 17th. That works for me.”

So, there you have it, kids! You’re cordially invited to the wedding of Carly Corinthos and Jason Morgan taking place on Friday, September 17 on “General Hospital.”

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