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Several ‘Guiding Light’ Reunions Set with Multiple Fan Favorites

The Locher Room

April has been a month filled with soap reunions and the next two weeks will bring even more fan favorites to “” as host brings a fresh batch of “” alums together.

The virtual reunions have been part of a series that are streamed on Locher’s YouTube channel with all “GL”-related sessions taking place at 3:00 p.m. EDT, the same time period the show was officially scheduled to air on the east coast during its broadcast run on CBS.

On Tuesday, April 21, Matt and Vanessa Reardon ( and ) reunite along with Vanessa’s daughter, Dinah (), and “Little Bill” (). Buffington played Bill “Little Bill” Lewis III from 1989 to 1998. To join the Reardon family reunion of sorts, click here.

On Wednesday, April 22, it will be a “GL” and “” mashup as several current Port Charles residents return to their Springfield roots as  (ex-Sam; Peter “GH”),  (ex-Lizzie; Lulu, “GH”),  (ex-Annie; Nina, “GH”) and  (ex-Cassie; Carly, “GH”) join Locher and former co-star  (ex-Bill) for a chat. Cosgrove played Bill Lewis III off and on from 2002-2009. To set your alarm for this reunion, click here.

On Wednesday, April 29, look for (ex-Olivia) and (Natalia), better known as “Otalia,” (ex-Ava), (ex-Frank) and (ex-Rafe). To join the gang for their reunion, click here.

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