‘DAYS” Melissa Reeves Appears in Inaugural Episode of ‘MB’s Kitchen’

Mary Beth Evans, Melissa Reeves, MB's Kitchen, Days of our Lives
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As previously reported, “Days of our Lives” actress Mary Beth Evans (Kayla Brady) is hosting one of the first original series on the DOOL app. Entitled “MB’s Kitchen,” the inaugural episode, released today, April 5, features Evans alongside co-star Melissa Reeves (Jennifer Horton) as they cook up a beautiful Chicken Pot Pie.

In the just over seven minute clip, Reeves and Evans discuss happy “DAYS” memories, including a blooper Evans recalled of Reeves in a scene with the late Macdonald Carey (Tom Horton) and Frances Reid (Alice Horton). “You were probably like 18 or 19, so sweet,” says Evans to Reeves. “You were in a scene with Alice Horton and Tom Horton, and you were supposed to walk by and say you were all aggrieved about something and put your arm in a pie. And it was about four tries getting in the pie, and it was like whipped cream…like meringue thing, and finally, Tom takes off his glasses and he hands them to you and these are the giant glasses of Macdonald Carey, so funny,” Evans laughs.

“Yeah, so I would get my hand in that pie,” Reeves trails off in response as she remembers that moment way back when. “Such a gift to get to work the amazing people we work with all the time,” she adds as the two get ready to cook.

Although they were unable to make use of the stove while piecing the ingredients together during the bulk of the segment, the two were able to fake it and show the steps one would follow in order to make a thrilling dish when time is of the essence. Of course, the end result is a dish made to perfection as Reeves displays the finished product fresh from the oven.

In what could possibly become a recurring theme in the show, Evans revealed her quote of the day once they were ready for the ultimate taste: “Food is memories.”

In a post on the DOOL app website, Reeves says of the dish, “This is my favorite go-to recipe for friends and family! So easy, so cozy and it is great year-round!! And you can get crafty with the crust on top for any occasion. Always yummy too. You can make small individual pies or one large with this recipe. Have fun and enjoy.”

For the full ingredients and the steps to follow in order to make your own, watch the episode on the DOOL app or visit the DOOL app website.