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ABC Releases Sonny & Carly Episodes, Part of ‘GH’ Collection Series

ABC Releases Sonny & Carly Episodes, Part of ‘GH’ Collection Series

ABC really loves “General Hospital’s” Sonny and Carly. In addition to a re-airing of a classic episode of the couple’s first Thanksgiving together on Thanksgiving Day (see story), the network has made available on its website 20 episodes of the popular duo dating back to November 30, 1999, beginning with the infamous “hate sex” episode in which Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly (then played by Sarah Brown) hit the sheets for the first time while their best friend Jason (Steve Burton) is running for his life following a mob hit.

The episodes, which will remain available for viewing now through Tuesday, February 12, 2019, highlight pivotal moments of the couple’s history, including some of their weddings, various deaths of their children, and other high and low points they’ve experienced together, and apart. Fans will also get a chance to re-live the Carly eras featuring former portrayers Brown and Tamara Braun, and the early days of current portrayer Laura Wright. The most current episode of the collection aired on March 30, 2018.

“The Best of Sonny and Carly” is the second release this year by ABC of classic episodes featuring its popular couplings as part of “The General Hospital Collection.” The first collection, released in the summer, featured highlights of pivotal moments from the past of Jason Morgan and Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco).

A breakdown of the Sonny & Carly episodes is listed below:

“The Sonny and Carly Collection” (Credit: ABC)

Four episodes featuring Sarah Brown

  • 11/30/99 – A heated argument between Sonny and Carly explodes into lovemaking as Jason is shot in an ambush.
  • 12/01/99 – In the aftermath of their lovemaking, Sonny and Carly realize they have made a huge mistake.
  • 05/24/00 – Sonny tells Carly that their baby has died.
  • 10/09/00 – Sonny and Carly admit their feelings to each other.

Five episodes featuring Tamara Braun

  • 05/14/01 – Sonny confronts Carly about her betrayal.
  • 06/28/02 – Sonny and Carly renew their vows (Part 1 of 2).
  • 07/01/02 – Sonny and Carly renew their vows (Part 2 of 2).
  • 05/14/03 – Sonny takes a pregnant Carly on a getaway to his island.
  • 12/09/03 – Carly spirits Sonny away to France to hide him from the police.

Eleven episodes featuring Laura Wright

  • 01/10/07 – Sonny tries to convince Carly to remarry him so she cannot be forced to testify against him.
  • 01/16/07 – Sonny and Carly are remarried, even though she is romantically involved with Jax.
  • 02/07/07 – Sonny and Carly re-declare their love during the Metro Court hostage crisis.
  • 09/24/13 – Sonny goes off his meds and begins to spiral. Carly convinces him to resume taking his lithium.
  • 04/01/14 – 51st Anniversary Show: Sonny confesses to Carly that he shot AJ, and reminisces with Carlys from the past.
  • 12/11/14 – Serving a life sentence in Pentonville, Sonny breaks things off with Carly and demands that she forget him and move on.
  • 07/15/15 – Sonny asks Carly to marry him.
  • 09/14/15 – Sonny is in critical condition after being shot. Sitting vigil in the hospital chapel, Carly reads the vows he wrote for her, and remembers their ups and downs.
  • 10/14/15 – Sonny and Carly get married in the General Hospital chapel.
  • 10/12/16 – Grieving for Morgan, Carly blames Sonny for their son’s death.
  • 03/30/18 – Sonny recreates “Luke’s” for one night to help Mike, and tells Carly he would have ruined everything good in his life if not for her.

The entire collection can be viewed by going to abc.go.com/shows/general-hospital-collection.

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