‘General Hospital’ Again Featuring Shriners Hospitals for Children in Story Arc

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Todd Wawrychuk/ABC

If you tuned into today’s episode of ABC’s “,” you probably took notice of a conversation Elizabeth Webber () and Jason Morgan () had with Jason’s mother, Dr. Monica Quartermaine (), over Jason and Elizabeth’s son, Jake (), and the severity of his recent injuries. Monica suggested that their son’s orthopedic care be moved from General Hospital in Port Charles to in Philadelphia. The transition to Shriners marks the second consecutive year in which Shriners Hospitals for Children has teamed up with the daytime drama series to raise awareness and support for the expert care it provides to kids. Last year, the soap told the story of Spencer Cassadine (), who was severely burned following a fire at Wyndemere. In story, Spencer was treated at the Boston location for Shriners Hospitals for Children.

Fast forward to earlier this month, wherein after witnessing Sam McCall () fall down the stairs, Jake blamed himself for her fall and ran out of the house, although he did leave a note for his parents, which read “I’m sorry.” He then disappeared to whereabouts unknown. After discovering their son had run away, a devastated Elizabeth was frantic with worry as Jason came back to the Webber household following an unsuccessful search for their missing child. Shortly after Jason’s return, the two heard a car screech to a halt as memories of how they lost Jake the first time came rushing back. Thankfully, Jake would be discovered to be very much alive this time around, but he would require surgery.

Todd Wawrychuk/ABC
Todd Wawrychuk/ABC

While successful in the sense that he’s alive, Monica relayed in today’s episode that Shriners Hospitals for Children might be better suited for Jake’s medical needs. The storyline kicked off today, but will be in high gear beginning the week of February 29 as Jake is transitioned from General Hospital to Shriners Hospitals for Children Philadelphia. During that week, look for a reunion of sorts between Jake and his younger brother, Danny (played by twins Braiden and ). You’ll recall that the two have barely shared screenspace since Jake returned to the canvas last year.

Todd Wawrychuk/ABC
Todd Wawrychuk/ABC

“Our collaboration with ABC raises awareness and support for the expert pediatric specialty care available at Shriners Hospitals for Children,” wrote the hospital group on its Northern California centric Facebook page. “Tune-in to ‘General Hospital’ starting today, February 16 and throughout the month of February, and into March, to see how Shriners Hospitals for Children will be woven into the show’s storyline,” continues the posting on the page which is accompanied by the hashtag ‪#‎lovetotherescue‬, referring to the Love to the Rescue campaign initiative the organization partakes.

In addition to “GH,” Shriners Hospitals for Children is also being featured on another Disney/ABC property: “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.”

Read the full message from the Shriners Hospitals for Children — Northern California Facebook page below.

As part of this year’s Love to the rescue® campaign Shriners Hospitals for Children® will once again be featured on two…

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