‘Y&R’s’ Chelsea Begs Nick to Help Her Find the Missing Adam

Melissa Claire Egan
John Paschal/JPI Studios

A panicked wife turns up her efforts to find her missing husband, this week on “.” Fearing Adam () may have been kidnapped by the ruthless Santori family, Chelsea () goes to Nick (Joshua Morrow) and begs him for help.

Adam was grabbed outside his penthouse door, tossed into an elevator, and carted away, last week, while en route to a business trip for his father. When he never made contact with Chelsea, she went to Victor (), who assured her he’d get to the bottom of things. Victor, however, quickly learned that his son never checked into his hotel in Spain, let alone boarded the Newman jet.

This week, with still no word from Adam, Chelsea turns up her efforts to find him, making the rounds through Genoa City.

“My husband is missing,” Chelsea tells Sharon (), before delivering the same news — and her frightening suspicions about what has happened to him — to Phyllis () and Jack ().

“Adam was kidnapped?” asks a stunned Jack.

Turns out Chelsea is right on target. Viewers see Adam tied to a chair in an undisclosed location, as he struggles to free himself.

A desperate Chelsea, ultimately, turns to Nick and explains all. “There is some Newman/Santori war going on and Victor threw Adam right in the middle of it. I need your help,” she tells him, adding that she believes Victor knows more than he’s letting on. “I have a feeling he’s hiding something”

Nick heads to see his father and asks him point blank, “You know what happened to Adam?”

As usual, Victor plays it cool, insisting he has things under control. “I will do whatever is necessary,” he tells Nick, regarding getting to the bottom of things.

Is the Santori family really behind Adam’s disappearance or is another sinister source responsible? Will Victor be able to track down his kidnapped son before it’s too late? Check out the video preview below.