‘GH’s’ Parry Shen Heading to ‘Dancing With the Stars’ with His Daughters

Parry Shen

“General Hospital’s” Parry Shen (Brad Cooper) is heading to “Dancing With the Stars” — with his daughters, Avery and Kori. The actor got a personal invite to the show from dancer Karina Smirnoff, who’s playing his wife in the film “Swing State.”

After Shen told Smirnoff that his two girls were huge fans of the show, the pair had a video chat with them, which Shen posted on Twitter.

“Hi girls. Hi Avery. Hi Kori. So nice to meet you through the video,” says Smirnoff. “But guess what? I met your dad; he’s fantastic. And I promised him when the season [of Dancing With the Stars] starts he’s going to give me a call and I’m going to see you on the set.” Then, Smirnoff blew the girls a kiss and encouraged them to “keep dancing.”

When Shen returned home, he played the video for his daughters and taped their joyous reaction to their special invitation.

“What do you think that means?” Shen asked Avery and Kori about Smirnoff’s personal message to them.

“That we’re going to Dancing With the Stars,” responded one of them, proceeding to embrace her dad.

“Don’t hug me,” laughed Shen. “Hug Karina when you see her.”

You can watch the adorable interaction here: