‘General Hospital’s’ Patrick and Robin Wed in Storybook Ending

Jason Thompson, Brooklyn Rae Silzer, Kimberly McCullough

It’s taken years, but Scrubs fans are finally getting their wish, this week on “.” Newly reunited Patrick () and Robin () are getting remarried, and this time they’re going to live happily ever after; albeit off camera.

The duo’s second wedding is an impromptu affair, inspired by a talk with their daughter, Emma (). Afterwards, Patrick and Robin decide to invite family and friends over to their house for a party. Once they arrive, the couple surprises them with the happy news that they’re about to exchange “I Do’s.”

Anna (), Felicia (), Maxie (), Carly (), Sonny () and Elizabeth () are among those on hand to witness the nuptials, with Robin’s Uncle Mac () officiating over the ceremony.

The couple’s daughter, Emma, is thrilled to see her parents back together as husband and wife.  “This time, it’s forever,” she announces excitedly.

The happy ending, of course, has one major drawback. The newlyweds and their daughter will immediately head off the story canvas, as Thompson reports to “” to assume the role of Billy Abbott and McCullough returns to her directing work.

But it will be a beautiful sendoff, as Patrick, Emma and Robin leave together — arm in arm and all smiles. Young Emma is even carrying her mother’s bridal bouquet.

McCullough, for one, promises it will a storybook ending. “Don’t forget to watch this week! [Lots] of good stuff #gh #psychofan,” she tweeted.

You can watch a preview of Robin and Patrick’s wedding below:

A wedding is coming your way this week on #GH!

Posted by General Hospital on Monday, January 4, 2016