Christopher Sean “Honored” To Be Pre-Nominated, Highlights LGBT Representation

Christopher Sean
Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

Among the list of pre-nominated performers for “The 43rd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards” is “” actor (Paul Narita), who shared on his Instagram page that he was honored to not only be pre-nominated for his role on the daytime soap in the Outstanding Supporting Actor category, but also being able to positively represent the LGBT community.

“Congratulations to all the talented cast for the Pre-noms,” wrote Sean. “I’m honored to be a part of this list and be representing the LGBT community. #dool #days50 #paulnarita #emmy #daytimeemmys #AsianAmerican #Diversity.”

Christopher Sean is the only pre-nominee whose character is of Asian descent and identifies as a gay man.

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Since debuting on “DAYS” in 2014, Sean’s character has been revealed to be the long lost son of John Black () from a prior dalliance.

The character was involved in three same-sex relationships in 2015, including Will Horton (), Sonny Kiriakis () and Derrick ().


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