‘Y&R’s’ Daniel Goddard Has Emergency Surgery

John Paschal/JPI Studios

Bad news for “The Young and the Restless'” Daniel Goddard. He’s on his way to the hospital to have emergency surgery, due to complications from an injury he incurred on the set of the CBS soap two months ago.

“Emergency surgery scheduled for today. My body is rejecting the metal in my elbow and I have get it out ASAP :(,” Goddard shared on Twitter, along with a photo of his infected left arm.

Goddard originally broke his elbow on Friday, September 18, while taping a fight scene on the show. At the time, he tweeted a dejected picture of himself from the hospital, donning a cast and a sling, and explained what happened. “I am just so bummed out,” he tweeted.

On September 23, Goddard reported that he had surgery “to screw and wire” his broken elbow back together. Following the operation, he was bedridden, but finally returned to work on the Y&R set on October 1.

He continued to keep fans updated on his recovery via Twitter. On October 7, Goddard reported that he had his cast removed and would be wearing a brace for six weeks, adding that “rehab is about to begin.”

On October 29, Goddard posted an optimistic update: “And the rehab continues. 4 days a week. I will get my arm bending again. I have promised this to myself.”

Sadly, due to this setback, it looks like Goddard’s recovery is going to take longer than planned.