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DAYTIME EMMYS: On the Red Carpet with Angelica McDaniel

Jill Johnson/JPI Studios

Being in charge of a powerhouse daytime lineup and the first-run syndication arm of one of the industries biggest production houses can’t compare to the world of motherhood. CBS Daytime’s , fresh from the birth of her newborn daughter with husband Brian McDaniel, Dylan Rose, took the night off to share in all the fun and the glory with her friends, family and colleagues which concluded with CBS taking home the most Emmys of any network during the combined creative arts and broadcast ceremonies.

In our interview with the executive, McDaniel chats about the ABC rumors and her reaction to the network pulling its talent from “,” the success of CBS Daytime, and elaborates on her new position at CBS Entertainment.

On Monday, April 27, “The Talk” featured newly anointed Daytime Emmy Award winners from “” and “” to its studio for a chat about how they celebrated their big night. Sadly, the powers that be at ABC and “” chose not to take part. In our interview, McDaniel addresses this situation and says, “It is disappointing that ABC has decided not to participate this year. It’s unfortunate, but at the end of the day we’re still thrilled to celebrate with the other people who will be joining us.”

Watch our full interview below and tell us what you think about CBS’ continued support of both “Y&R” and “,” and let us know whether ABC and “GH” should have reconsidered their decision.