Former ‘AMC’ Actress Denise Vasi Reveals Baby News!

AFF/TA/Steven Bergman
AFF/TA/Steven Bergman
AFF/TA/Steven Bergman

played Randi Hubbard on the ABC version of “” from 2008-2011, but she’s probably best known for her current portrayal of Raquel Lancaster in the VH1/Centric soap, “,” although her latest endeavor is likely one she’ll cherish over all.

Yesterday, Vasi announced on her Twitter page that she and husband are expecting their first child together. “Then comes BABY in the baby carriage #vasimandlerbaby,” her tweet read referencing the fact that the couple fell in love, got married in January and are now expecting.

“Thank you for all the beautiful, supporting, & loving wishes. Feeling blessed & humbled,” tweeted Vasi earlier today.

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