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CENTER STAGE: ‘Y&R’s’ Joshua Morrow On Sharon’s Paternity Lies, the Search for Adam and Breaking Character for His New Film, ‘Tentacle 8!’ (Part 2 of 2)

CENTER STAGE: ‘Y&R’s’ Joshua Morrow On Sharon’s Paternity Lies, the Search for Adam and Breaking Character for His New Film, ‘Tentacle 8!’ (Part 2 of 2)

Francois Durand/Getty Images Europe
Francois Durand/Getty Images Europe

Yesterday, Soap Opera Network featured a Center Stage interview with “’” (Nicholas Newman) detailing his new film, “Tentacle 8,” which is out on DVD in select stores and on Amazon now. But as promised, we also got the star to open up about all of his “Y&R” drama, too! Read on to get the actor’s take on Sharon’s () paternity lies, Victor’s () machinations, the search for Adam and the recent departure of some of the sudser’s most popular stars!

It’s no secret that Nick is fiercely protective of Sharon, but what is a secret is that Victor has been making Sharon believe she’s crazy by hiring a Cassie look-alike () to speak with her mom from “beyond the grave.” It’s only a matter of time before Nick finds out what his father has done, and Morrow says you can bet his alter ego’s reaction won’t be a good one! “Nick has taken an interesting stance with his father now, where it’s like, he is who he is, so let’s just be father and son and that’s pretty much it; he stays away from him,” the actor says. “Like, be my dad when you need me and I’ll be your son when you need me, and that’s it, because he’s fed up with all of his ridiculous maneuvering to try and control the family and Newman Enterprises and all of that stuff. So if I had to bet, Nick will be having an unbelievably strong reaction to finding out that Victor has been jacking with Sharon in this fashion. It’s pretty much one of the more evil things [Victor has done], so it can’t be a good thing if Nick ever finds out about this, and you can bet… it won’t be a real positive, fuzzy moment for the Newman family.”

Of course, things may get muddled when Nick also finds out that Sharon lied about Summer’s () paternity: She’s not really Jack’s (Peter Bergman) daughter, as Sharon led everyone to believe, but Nick’s child! And the news may be enough to drive Nick away from Sharon forever. “When it comes out, it’s certainly going to create a problem for Nick and Sharon,” Morrow teases.

And if one had to guess, it’s going to be a huge problem — especially because the actor admits that he’s been working with Case pretty much every day for the past several weeks on some very exciting stuff, leaving him out of other storylines on the canvas, including the search for Adam (previously portrayed by ). “Nick seems to have his hands full with Sharon right now, and I think the principles involved in finding Adam will probably be Victor, Paul (), Melissa [Claire Egan, Chelsea] and maybe Jack,” he says. “However, I would love it if they did involve Nick. I’ve always loved the relationship that Nick and Adam had, and I loved working with Michael Muhney. He’s such a talented dude. And whoever plays Adam next, I’d love to get involved in it, but we have such a huge cast. You’ve got to give everybody something to do!”

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JPI Studios
JPI Studios

The cast, however, is a bit smaller now that (ex-Phyllis Summers) and (ex-Billy Abbott) are gone, with (Chloe Abbott) soon following. But Morrow says that’s all part of the acting game. “You can’t hold people. As actors, naturally, we’re kind of gypsy-like. We want to move around and try other things,” he explains. “I believe Lizzy played her role for 10 years, and sometimes you have to give up some security to go out there and roll the dice and try something else. So I applaud her drive to do that. Billy Miller left for the exact same reasons. People on Twitter were banging on our show for that, but Billy wanted to leave. Same with Michelle Stafford. They wanted to go off and try something else.

“I’m heartbroken to see people like Billy and Michelle and Lizzy leave, but as their co-worker for so long and their friend, I just wish them well and hope our paths cross again,” he continues. “As for the landscape of our show, we have to have the mentality of ‘It’s the next man up,’ same as like a football team. We’ve got to continue to do what we do with the cast that we have, and we will continue to work our butts off as hard as we can. I know that it’s very difficult for fans to see some of their favorites leave, but they have to understand that we all have goals and dreams to do as well, and sometimes some people want to chase them at a quicker pace than others. So just keep believing in us and what we do, and I absolutely promise that we will keep producing a good show.”

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