‘Second Chances’ For ‘DAYS’ Stars

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Adam Larkey/Crown Media Holdings, Inc.
Adam Larkey/Crown Media Holdings, Inc.

They portray twins on NBC’s “,” although (Sami Brady) and (Eric Brady) are anything but that in Hallmark Channel’s “.” Premiering Saturday, July 27, the TV movie tells the story of 911 operator Jenny McLean (Sweeney), who along with her two kids, Luke (Benjamin Stockham) and Elsie (Charlotte Labadie), take in firefighter Jeff Sinclair (Vaughan) after he is injured on the job and the family is in desperate need of extra income as a result of Jenny’s work hours having been recently cut. As Jeff and Jenny find themselves drawn together due to circumstances beyond their control, they begin to wonder where their mutual attraction will take them.

“Second Chances” was previously titled “Two In,” when Hallmark Channel first announced the film going into production last summer. The film premieres Saturday, July 27 at 9:00 PM ET/PT on Hallmark Channel and also stars (“Up,” “Gargoyles”) as Buddy, (“”) as Wilbur, (“”) as Jeff’s friend Guillermo and (“,” “”) as Jenny’s friend Maria.