Chandler Massey and Casey Deidrick Rock Out for A Good Cause

Corday Productions, Inc.
Justin Lubin/NBC
Justin Lubin/NBC

” stars (Will Horton) and (Chad DiMera) are on a mission: They’re hoping that through music with their band, , they can help raise awareness about cystic fibrosis.

The actors’ group, which also includes , , and , has started a Kickstarter page that includes a music video for their song, “Sixty-Five Roses,” which conveys the experiences of someone living, loving and dying with the tragic illness.

“Fans of music and fans of creating a better world can unite in rocking out to our upcoming music video!” says the band. “With your help, we can bring our vision to everyone through our music.”

Check out the video below and then check out the actors’ official Kickstarter page to find out how you can help support their cause.

To hear some of their music:

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