‘Glee’ Star Reveals Details on Break Up With ‘AMC’s’ Chrishell Stause

Tommy Garcia/FOX

There was a time not that long ago when “’s” (ex-Amanda Dillon) — who’s been confirmed as a future cast member on “” — seemed on top of the world. She and her boyfriend, “” star , were as happy as could be and even announced their engagement in 2007. But shortly after the joyous news came out, the pair split. Fans have wondered how a relationship that was seemingly so wonderful could take such a drastic turn for the worse, and now Morrison himself is setting the record straight!


In a new interview with British Cosmopolitan, the California native takes full blame for breaking Stause’s heart. “When I was 27, I proposed to my then girlfriend [Stause], but I didn’t do it for the right reasons; we’d been going out for a year or so, and I felt under pressure from society,” he explains. “I was thinking, ‘This is the age when I should probably start having kids so this is what I should do…’ But after I did it [proposed], I immediately felt in my heart it wasn’t right. My instant thought was ‘What did you just do?’”

He consequently called off the engagement, which he admits was a terrible experience. “It was messed up,” he recalls. “It turned out to be one of the biggest growing experiences I’ve had as a man. I’d made this massive decision; I’d promised this girl a life together and I couldn’t follow through. It was awful – all I could do was hold up my hands and be like, ‘I’m the [bleep].”

Fortunately, Stause recovered from the heartbreak and is now on top of the world, having just landed a gig on “Days of our Lives.” We spoke with a representative about her first airdate and character details, but the show rep couldn’t reveal anything at this time.