Bold Rewind: April 3, 2013

"The Bold and the Beautiful"
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Gilles Toucas

It was the next morning and Katie told Donna she had no choice but to go and confront Bill and Brooke. She gave Donna instructions to watch the baby and left. Liam stopped by looking for Bill. They planned a private meeting at the house. Donna played clueless. Hope appeared and locked eyes with Liam. Apparently it was Hope’s morning with the baby this week so she and Donna agreed for her to take over. Donna left for work. Liam told Hope he could take care of Will but Hope wanted to stay. They sat Will on the floor with his toys and discussed babies and how much they change your life with all their needs. Hope encouraged Liam to be patient with Steffy through this whole process. Liam wondered if he was even cut out to be a father to anyone. Hope was sure he’d be a dream father. They played with the baby and continued chatting. Hope expressed that this was how she envisioned her life with Liam one day. Later, the baby was napping. Liam tried getting ahold of Bill again but with no luck. Hope and Liam talked about babies growing up. Liam wished he could go back to living the simplistic life of a baby. Hope said that you have to straighten up and start coloring in between the lines at some point. Liam apologized for being on one side of the line and Hope being on the other. “Me too,” Hope replied.

Photo Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS
Cliff Lipson/CBS
Monty Brinton/CBS
Monty Brinton/CBS

Brooke visited Bill in her bedroom. Bill woke up hungover and in pain. Brooke said she had an antidote for him. She gave him a green concoction she created. Bill forced it down and started to feel a little better. Brooke sat next to him on the bed and rubbed a damp cloth on his forehead. Bill pondered calling Katie. Brooke suggested he go straight to her instead and offered to call him a cab. Then, they heard someone come in through the door downstairs. Brooke thought it might just be Hope. They continued chatting. Brooke worried about her and Katie’s relationship and asked Bill to put in a good word for her. Just then, Katie appeared and freaked out. Brooke and Bill were stunned. Katie screamed that both of them make her sick. Brooke and Bill immediately told Katie about the accident and how he was hurt. Katie couldn’t believe Bill drove drunk. Bill explained that he lost control, side swiped Brooke’s car and she drove him to her house. Katie was disgusted Brooke didn’t drive him home or to the hospital. Bill said he didn’t want doctors and Brooke claimed the car barely made it to her house. Katie questioned why Brooke didn’t tell her all this on the phone last night. Brooke said because of Lt. Baker. Katie sobbed that Bill should’ve come home and been in her bed, not Brooke’s. Katie went on a rant about Brooke and how she’s Bill’s confidant now. Bill told her to leave Brooke out of it. Katie told Bill he was lying to himself if he thought there was nothing going on here. Brooke continued protesting. Bill complained again about Katie trying to change him and how nothings ever good enough for her. Katie called him ‘selfish, poor misunderstood Bill’ whose stuck with a wife who is no fun anymore. She hissed that It’s not all about him, they have a child now and she just doesn’t trust him anymore. Bill said nobody appreciates time with Will more than he does, but he just wants a little balance. Brooke told Katie that Bill loves her. Katie declared that she was done with Bill. She was done with all the secrecy, deception and juvenile acting out and told Brooke she could have Bill now. Brooke was dumbfounded and insisted she and Bill were just friends. Katie wasn’t buying it. Katie took her ring off and asked Bill for a divorce!