Bold Rewind: April 1, 2013

Bell-Phillip Television Productions


Gilles Toucas
Gilles Toucas

Brooke awoke after the car accident. She stumbled out of the car and searched for the other victim, who she soon discovered was Bill. Bill, clearly hurt, woke up in a stupor and tried to act like he was ok. Brooke was adamant about calling for help until she realized Bill had been drinking. She told him to move over and let her drive. She drove to her house. Outside, Bill apologized to her. Meanwhile, a police officer discovered Brooke’s totaled car, plus another set of car tracks on the road and contacted Lt. Baker. Baker said he’d take it from here. Then, he took a bite out of a hot dog. Back over at Brooke’s place, Brooke settled Bill in her bedroom. Bill regretted drinking and driving and told Brooke that putting their lives at risk was a big wake-up call for him. Bill recalled Katie pushing him earlier and told Brooke about the “No” drinking game he played with Katie, which he admitted was childish. Bill said he just wants his wife back but she’s totally distanced from him and he doesn’t know if It’s because she’s off her meds or if she’s just done with him for good. Bill thanked Brooke again for saving him tonight.

Gilles Toucas
Gilles Toucas

At Katie’s home, Katie felt a chill. She continued confiding to Danielle about Bill. She wondered if maybe she really was pushing him too hard. Danielle said that Bill needs to own up to his share of responsibility in this too. Talk shifted to Brooke, and Katie quipped that her sister always goes too far with men and it never ends well. Danielle agreed it was good Katie told Brooke to back off, but wondered if she would even be able to if she has feelings for Bill. They continued their conjecture. Katie flashed back to her and Bill’s wedding day. Katie decided that she just wanted Bill to be home and called his office. She left a message asking for a truce and told him to call before leaving. Katie and Danielle speculated if Bill would drink and drive.


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