Bold Rewind: Week of March 4

Gilles Toucas
Gilles Toucas


Bill visited Brooke at Forrester and asked if she took his advice and talked to Eric the previous night. “I didn’t get that far because I saw Taylor in her lingerie in Eric’s bedroom!” Brooke replied. Bill thought it was funny and joked that Eric must be hitting the little blue pill hard. Brooke didn’t laugh at the joke and accused Taylor of taking advantage of Eric’s vulnerability. Bill thought Brooke was reading too much into it. “It was one night, they both needed to get a little freaky. They did. Everybody’s happy. No harm, no foul. It’s not like they’re moving in together,” he said. Brooke disagreed and noted that they’re both saying they love each other now. She continued to accuse Taylor of being manipulative and mentioned how she got Eric to promote Thomas. Bill agreed that it did come out of left field. Brooke says Taylor did warn her that there would be payback. Bill decided they should keep an eye on the situation. Brooke went on about how Taylor blames her for everything that goes wrong in her life. She said Taylor is going after her and her children. “And I’m sure this is about Stephanie, too. She’s very angry with Stephanie for dying in my arms so I guess this is payback” Brooke promised she was going to talk to Eric and this time he was going to listen to her. She left.

Eric and Taylor’s clothes were sprawled all over his bed. Eric woke Taylor up. They kissed. Eric told Taylor that he made a decision – he was sending shipping guys from Forrester to get anything she wanted from her house. “I want you to move in with me” he declared, adding that he knows others will think it’s too soon but he knows what he wants. Surprised, Taylor accepted. “Then It’s settled, I crown you the next Forrester matriarch,” Eric told her.

John Paschal/JPI

Steffy and Thomas searched Taylor’s home and wondered if she even came home the previous night. Thomas speculated if she was at Eric’s. Steffy said that wasn’t her style. Later, some Forrester Shipping guys showed up, followed by Eric and Taylor. Eric announced to Thomas and Steffy that he asked their mother to move in. Taylor told them she said yes. Shocked, Thomas and Steffy both expressed how they thought it was too fast but they congratulated and wished them well. Once alone, Steffy and Thomas agreed that they were all in a good place. Thomas wondered what Brooke would think of all this.

Rick stared at a picture of Maya on his tablet. Marcus and Carter stopped by. Rick introduced himself to Carter. The guys talked about Carter’s law expertise. Marcus asked Rick about hiring Carter and picking his legal brain. Carter and Rick discussed the company’s patents. Carter encouraged Rick to review all of them and make sure they were current and protected. Rick and Marcus get Carter access to some files and send him off. Rick asks Marcus if Carter knows any agents – he met a talented young woman at Dayzee’s. “There’s just something about her” he said. Marcus asked if she had a name but before Rick could answer, he got a phone call from Caroline. She asked about dinner tonight. Rick declined, citing that he had to volunteer again. He looked back at the picture of Maya and let Caroline go.

Yolanda Perez/ABC
Yolanda Perez/ABC

Rick did his shift at Dayzee’s and kept watching the door in hopes that Maya would show up. Anthony knew he was watching for the singer he hung out with the other day. Maya walked in just as Rick asked if she was a regular. Rick approached Maya and welcomed her back. He told her that he’s been thinking a lot about her song and that she’s really talented. He offered to hang out with her again on his next break. Maya accepted. Caroline showed up to “kidnap” Rick. She had reservations at a new place they wanted to try. Rick was annoyed by Caroline getting reservations when she knew he had to work. Caroline told Rick that the restaurant called with a cancellation — a true steal because they would’ve waited months to get another reservation. Rick still refused to go out. Caroline pouted and begged Rick to spend time with her but he still wouldn’t budge. Caroline got loud and balked that it wasn’t a real job. Rick said it still mattered to him. Upset, Caroline left in a huff. Maya overheard the conversation and asked if that was his girlfriend. Rick nodded. Maya complimented her beauty but hated the way she talked to Rick. Rick said he could’ve left since Dayzee’s wasn’t busy, and Anthony would have allowed him to leave, but working there just made him feel good. They continued their talk. Rick wanted to discuss Maya’s music, but Maya said she needed his help with a job that required stamina. She promised to pay Rick and they went to her apartment. Maya asked Rick where he lived. Rick lied and said he lived a bus ride away in a studio. Maya said her dream was to live in a mansion in Beverly Hills or Brentwood. Rick told her that dreams can come true. It turned out Maya needed help moving boxes, so Rick helped her. Afterwards, Rick told Maya she was talented, beautiful, and spirited – a great combination for success and happiness. He told Maya she was strong and assumed she’d had a tough life, but Maya told him she wasn’t a complainer. Rick helped hang some portraits on the wall. Maya offered $10 to him. Rick refused. Maya insisted. Rick kissed her on the cheek instead. Maya smiled.

Gilles Toucas
Gilles Toucas

Taylor started settling into the mansion when Brooke arrived and asked what the hell was going on. “I’m moving in” Taylor said. “Oh my god” Brooke replied. Taylor said she knows It’s a lot to absorb but hopefully one day she’ll find a way to accept it. Brooke couldn’t believe it and accused Taylor of trying to get back at her. “This is no romance, this is revenge!” Taylor refused to debate with Brooke on this and excused herself from the conversation. Brooke followed Taylor into the living room, where she started unpacking a box. Brooke demanded her to stop. “This is sick.” she hissed, accusing Taylor of trying to get Stephanie back for not reaching out to her in her final hours. Taylor said that brooke was just mad because Taylor’s family was finally happy and that resulted in the unhappiness for Brooke’s family. Brooke went on about Taylor taking advantage of a grieving man. Taylor noted that Brooke was so busy planning an ambush wedding for Liam and Hope that she hadn’t noticed how hurt Eric was. Taylor said she however noticed because she and Eric discussed his feelings and came together as friends. Brooke accused Taylor of causing a scandal by moving into the mansion. Taylor was amused by Brooke’s use of the word “scandal” and huffed that she was the last person warning of scandal after all the scandal’s she’s been involved in. Taylor added that she knew Brooke talked about this with Bill and wondered if Katie knew she was having private conversations with her husband behind her back. Brooke defended her relationship with Bill, saying they were just friends. She went back on her rant about Taylor taking advantage of Eric’s vulnerabilities, claiming that Taylor’s plan was to appoint herself as Forrester matriarch and have Stephanie’s portrait replaced with hers. She accused Taylor of wanting to undermine her family and push them out of the business. “Well It’s not happening, Taylor. I won’t allow it” Brooke left. Later, Eric returned home. Taylor filled him in on Brooke’s rant and how she accused Taylor of using her seductive powers to lure him into her diabolical web. Eric laughed and said he’d talk to her. Taylor worried that Brooke wasn’t going to let this go. Eric said if this is where Taylor wanted to be, this is where she belongd. Taylor gushed that it was good to be home.

Katie was feeding Will in the living room when Bill walked in and told her she was stuck with him for the rest of the day, due to canceled meetings. Katie didn’t seem that interested and took the baby up to the nursery. Later, Katie came back downstairs and started cleaning. Bill asked her to take a break. He kissed her and tried to take it to the bedroom but Katie resisted because she thought it would wake the baby. Bill reminded her that they’re a couple and suggested they get a nanny. Katie said she enjoys watching the baby and doesn’t want a nanny watching her kid. Bill expressed that their family needs balance. “There is nothing wrong with us going out by ourselves, for ourselves. We need that.”

Later, Brooke stopped by. Will woke up. Katie went upstairs. Brooke told Bill about Taylor moving in to Eric’s place and went on another rant about Taylor vying for revenge and control. Bill went to check on Katie and the baby but they were sleeping. He told Brooke that Katie spends most of her time in the nursery. They continued their discussion on Taylor using Eric. Bill said he didn’t want Taylor having any influence over the company. He told Brooke he wants her to run Forrester Creations. “You need to be at Forrester so you can counter Taylor’s influence” Brooke wasn’t sure. Bill told Brooke she could save that company. Brooke smiled. Bill told Brooke that she was the face of Forrester Creations. Brooke said he was exaggerating. He gave her an example – when you search ‘Forrester Creations’ online, Brooke’s Bedroom is the first video that pops up. Bill said it gets tons of hits still to this day and reminded Brooke that the line sent profits through the roof. Brooke remembered how horrified Stephanie and Taylor were. Bill suggested she revamp the line. Brooke wondered who would model it. “Who else?” he said. “Not Me!” Brooke replied. “Why not?!” Bill exclaimed “I’m too old!” Bill told Brooke that she was sexy as ever. Brooke said that she loved lingerie and still wore it to this day, but she doesn’t consider herself to be a model. Bill told her to let him be the judge of that. Brooke untied her dress and revealed her lingerie. Bill told her she looked amazing and that she knew it. Brooke said it feels so good to hear that from a man because It’s been so long. Bill knew Brooke’s line would be on top again. They discussed Katie. Bill says she’s been unavailable. Brooke told him to be patient. Bill worried that Katie has changed and doesn’t find much to love about him anymore. Brooke assured him there was plenty to love about him. Bill talks about the time he had with Brooke in Aspen and the feelings he developed for her – he can’t get it out of his mind. They hugged and a tear fell down from Brooke’s cheek. Bill asked if Brooke felt the same way. Brooke told him that he’s become very important to her.

Gilles Toucas
Gilles Toucas

Katie came back downstairs. Brooke said she had to go see Hope. Bill suggested Hope babysit sometime. Katie shot that down because she doesn’t want Will out of her sight. Brooke left. Bill asked Katie if it was so wrong he wanted some time with his wife. Katie said they need quality time with the baby. Bill said their relationship needed quality time as well. They debated. Katie just wants to make up for the time she was away, and wants to spend time with the baby until he’s bonded with her. Bill wondered how long that would take. Katie said as along as it takes. Bill admitted to being frustrated and lonely. Katie told him to bear with her. Katie changed the subject to Brooke – she seemed off.  They talked about Taylor and Eric’s relationship.  Katie thinks they’re just lonely and Taylor isn’t calculating anything. Bill warned her that Brooke disagrees with that and is gearing up for a fight that he’s going to help with. Katie wondered how they were going to get in between Eric and Taylor. Bill said it was more about business and money – reasserting Brooke back into the top of the company. Katie agreed it was a fantastic idea for Brooke to get back into the game. Bill said that Brooke was pretty turned on by the idea.

Steffy visited Taylor at the Forrester mansion. They talked about how happy they are with the way things have turned out. Steffy hoped that Hope would find someone. They embraced each other.

Liam and Hope met at Forrester. Liam worried that Rick was in the building somewhere but Hope assured him that he wasn’t. Hope asked how Steffy and her pregnancy were doing. Liam said they were alright and that he was adapting to things. He asked Hope how she was doing. Hope joked that she would join a convent. She told Liam that she was wasn’t happy, but good. She worried about him more. She told him she wanted him to marry Steffy before the baby was born. Liam wondered why she would ask him to do that. Hope said because it was right. Liam said it wasn’t her responsibility. Hope refuted that it would be if he doesn’t marry her – because there’s only one reason he wouldn’t. She added that she, Liam and Steffy all had split up parents when they were raised and that the cycle needed to be broken, starting with this new child. Hesitant, Liam said he’d do it and then hugged her.

Brooke visited Hope at Forrester. Hope told her she encouraged Liam to marry Steffy. Shocked, Brooke wondered why she would do such a thing. Hope said she knew it was important for Liam to raise a child in a stable home. She had to let Liam go and move on. Brooke said that once Hope gets out there, men will be lined up for miles. Hope said she needed to get her own life in check first. She expressed that she wants to relaunch Hope for the Future, see new people and make new friends. “Or reconnect with old ones” Brooke replied, adding she heard Hope had been spending some time with Oliver. Hope said he’s a good guy but just not Liam. Brooke hugged her.

Gilles Toucas
Gilles Toucas

At home, Steffy talked to Liam about turning the guest room into a nursery. Liam said they need to talk about where to go from here. He told her he was excited about the future and wanted to set a wedding date. “I want to marry you, Steffy. Before the baby comes” Steffy was caught by surprise and told him he needed to be sure that It’s what he wants. She wanted to hear all the reasons he wanted to marry her and then she’d give her answer. Liam flashed back to Hope telling him to do it. He told Steffy that the time he spends with her is fun, she lights him up and makes him happy, and now she’s given him this incredible gift of a son or daughter. He said that getting married was the right thing to do and assured her that he didn’t feel obligated – It’s what he wants. He got on one bended knee and proposed to her again. Tearful, Steffy told Liam that he’s got himself a wife. They excitedly started discussing where, when and how big. Steffy told Liam how amazing he is and that their baby is lucky to have a father like him. Later that night, they discussed things in bed. Liam wondered if Ridge would attend. Steffy hoped so. She asked if he was sure about this. Liam flashed back to Hope telling him to do it. He told Steffy “Were doing this” and kissed her. They made love. After, Steffy excused herself. Liam got up and looked out at the moon.

Rick visited Hope in her bedroom and tried to comfort her. He apologized for the way things worked out. Hope said some things just aren’t meant to be. They talked about the botched wedding ceremony. Hope said it was their last chance. Rick was surprised to hear Hope told Liam to marry Steffy. Hope said she had to let Liam be the dad he always wanted. She had to let go. She flashed back to her many happy memories with Liam and later looked at pictures and stared at the moon.

At Forrester, Brooke broke the news to Donna about Eric and Taylor being together. Tear struck, Donna was upset and wondered why Eric didn’t move on with her. Brooke consoled her. Outside the office, a hysteric Pam was hearing everything and couldn’t believe it. Back inside, Brooke told Donna her theory about Taylor wanting revenge. They agreed how disrespectful this was to Stephanie. Brooke thought she heard someone outside the door, but when they looked there was no sign of Pam. They spotted a photo of Taylor stabbed with a letter opener on the desk. They gulped and recalled how destructive Pam could be when she’s angry! (Donna flashed back to the honey bear incident).

Eric and Taylor settled in their first night living together at the mansion. Taylor asked if he wanted her to fix some dinner. Eric said that Pam has been stopping by a few days a week to make dinner. He wondered if maybe he should cut ties with her now that he’s living with Taylor now. He suggested Taylor not eat any of Pam’s cooking until she gets used to the idea of them being together. Taylor was more concerned about Donna. Eric thinks that eventually everyone will support them. Taylor offers to make dinner again. Eric said it could wait. He kissed her. Downstairs, Pam let herself in. Upstairs, Eric and Taylor made themselves comfortable kissing in bed. Taylor hears a noise. All of a sudden Pam enters the bedroom, growling, with a knife in her hand!


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