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‘One Life’ Prop Leads to Late Night Fodder

Disney/ABC Television Group
Disney/ABC Television Group

( — For the second time this year, comedienne singles out the recently canceled ABC soap saying that “‘’ is one of the soaps that is headed to an early grave and, unlike many of its characters, it won’t be able to come back as its separated at birth evil, retarded twin.” And while the joke was an obvious reference to the “Tale of Two Todd’s” storyline, it wasn’t the only current plot on the soap targeted by Handler on her show “.”

Handler also took a jab at the fan favorite stuffed porcupine Morris, whom she affectionately refers to as that “stuffed little buck-toothed nugget.” In a clip from the soap featuring Cutter () and Aubrey () talking about the furry little guy, which he bought at a flea market from Roxy (), the comic jokes that due to budget cutbacks [Morris] had to replace the third actor that was supposed to be in the scene. She even manages to take a jab at actor , who has recurring guest role on “,” at the end of clip.

In April of this Handler poked fun at “One Life’s” “cougar” storyline involving (ex-Dorian) and (ex-David), claiming the show had “gone to far” with the story.

You can watch the clip of her latest jab at “One Life to Live” below:

Thanks to Soap Opera Network message board member Cheap21 for uploading the clip.