Report: Susan Lucci Salary to Remain the Same If She Jumps Aboard Prospect Park

Thomas A. Montalto/
Thomas A. Montalto/

( — As previously reported, the cast of “” have received offers from to return to the series upon re-launch in January 2012, nearly four months after the series completes its run. According to Deadline Hollywood‘s , Prospect Park is offering (Erica Kane) virtually the same salary she’s currently receiving from ABC.

In her posting, Andreeva states Lucci “is currently mulling the offer. While there will probably be some budget trimming due to the medium switch, it looks like AMC and OLTL‘s’ new producers are stepping up to keep the shows’ biggest stars and fan favorites.AMC and OLTL are scheduled to relaunch online in the first quarter of 2012. Prospect Park is also in talks with cable networks about carving out a traditional TV window.”

Should Prospect secure Lucci, it will mark the first public sign of confidence from an “AMC” actor since news of the deal between Prospect Park and was announced on Thursday, July 7. The series has already lost (Angie Hubbard) to “” and Jacob Young (JR Chandler) to “,” although for Morgan she made her deal with the the Television produced “Y&R” before news of Prospect even came to light. Young announced his post-“AMC” plans on Monday, August 15.

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