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Y&R Recap: Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Y&R Recap: Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Y&R Recap: Wednesday, July 13, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Wednesday, July 13, 2011.


While busy at work at Fenmore's, Jill and Jack were happy when Daniel and Lily arrived wit hthe twins. Jill gave Lily a array of Jabot products when she learned from her that it was her birthday. The moment was ruined when Colin arrived, shortly followed by Genevieve, each focusing their attentions on the twins. At Lily's request, Daniel left with the twins and Lily lashed out at Colin to stay away from her. She stormed off. Jill, in turn, took a verbal swipe at Genevieve. She decided to leave, shortly followed by Jack, stating he had some more business to see after. Alone with Colin, she questioned why he was there; he said he needed to get some new suits since Katherine got rid of his. Jill wasn't buying it; nor was Colin buying the fact that she wasn't happy to see him.

With Victoria's arrival in court, she was aske to take the stand. She spoke highly of Billy, pointing out that he was a wonderful father. She shared that Delia and Billy had a wonderful bond with one another, and felt that if taken away, it would only hurt the little girl. Rafe soon asked on Lucy's adoption and she said that because the adoption wasn't legal, the baby went to Daisy and Phyllis. Rafe soon brought up the topic of Jana being Lucy's nanny. Victoria did her best to point out that they were never aware of the danger she posed, even when Chloe borught it to their attention. After Rafe ended his questions, Chloe's lawyer begins to grill Victoria as to why she no longer had Reed and again brought up Billy's buying a baby on the black market. After the cross-examination, the judge left and informed them that his decison would come in the morning.

At Lily's Malcolm and Devon were decorationg for Lily's surprise birthday party. Things were going well until Devon started to talk on the twins. Malcolm admitted that he didn't want to become a father. His mood soured even more when Neil arrived, followed minutes later by Sofia. Once Devon left the apartment to get the cake, Malcolm began to question when they would be able to find about the paternity. Meanwhile, Lily and Daniel arrived at the door. He let her know that they were going to throw her a surprise party and to act surprised. He left to get her gift as she walked in to be greeted by her family. As they embraced her and wished her a happy birthday, someone outside was looking at her.

Angelo returned and a surprised Kevin wondered why he came back if he was avoiding the authorities. Angelo gloated that business was back and that he made a killing with one of his big time clients. He wondered if Kevin would be interested. Chloe, headed over to the coffee house and quickly said hello to Angelo. When she and Kevin were alone, she told him about Victoria testifying for Billy. She voiced nervousness of what the judge may decide. She feared that Billy wouldn't be able to be a responsible parent if the judge awarded full custody to him. Billy, meanwhile was grateful for Victoria's testimony. While she was happy to help him, she did let him know that things hadn't changed between the two of them.

Back at Lily's birthday party, Devon and Lily could tell that something was wrong between Malcolm, Sofia and Neil. Daniel, returning back to the apartment, saw the gift that Cane left for her. He quickly hid the card that was attached and walked into the apartment. While opening gifts, Lily made the suggestion of having a little fun with a few party games, but Malcolm wasn't interested. Knowing that something was wrong, Lily wanted to know what was going on. Unable to hide the truth any longer, Neil, Sofia and Malcolm all confessed that the reason why things were bad between them is because of the fact that Sofia's baby could be Neil's.

Jack's meeting was with Genevieve at Crimson Lights. He asked briefly on Colin but she changed the subject. She told Jack that she wanted to have their official first date together there. Jack was pleased that he was spending time with her. Genevieve complimented him on his upcoming lauch of Jabot. He was impressed that she was in the know about the cosmetics business. She continued to compliment him but Jack wanted to know a bit more on her. She suggested they hold off until they had their second date.

Leaving her apartment after learning the truth about her father and Sofia, Lily and Daniel went to Gloworm. Lily said that she was disappointed that her father chose to lie about the baby. She found it hard to forgive him after what she went through the same thing years ago regaring who her father was. As they were talking, Daniel confessed that he lied about the gift he found at the door. Lily let him know that she was aware that the gift was from Cane. Handing her the card, Lily read Cane's words.

The beautiful blonde that saw Billy back at Jimmy's bar, approached him while he was at Gloworm. Billy told her he wasn't interested in any company. She tried her best to sway him but he left after his drink. Not giving up, she followed him out of the restaurant/bar. Once again, he told her he wasn't interested in her company. He handed her one hundred dollars to get her own ride home and to get away from him. When the blonde grabbed his arm, a police officer, who was on the street noticed and approached them, arresting Billy for solicitation of a prostitute. While Billy was being hauled down to the police station, Victoria, was unable to focus on work. She decided to go see Billy. When she saw that he wasn't there, she spotted his spare key, letting herself in.

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