AMC PreVUE: Week of June 6 Edition

AMC PreVUE: Week of June 6 Edition

( — A look at what’s happening on “All My Children” during the week of June 6, 2011.


Greenlee confides her biggest fear in Jackson after a tense evening with Ryan on Tuesday, June 7. Kendall tells Ryan that if he can’t see himself getting past what Greenlee did he owes it to both of them to walk away. Ryan later encourages Madison to keep an open mind about Scott as Greenlee urges Scott to fight for Madison. JR hits Scott where it hurts. Scott responds in kind. JR makes a deal with Bianca concerning Marissa. Marissa reaches out to Bianca on Wednesday, June 8. Bianca confides in Kendall that she’s been struggling with the attack – and her feelings for Marissa. Kendall gives Bianca food for thought. Marissa questions why Bianca has been pushing her away. JR makes a vow to Krystal. Tad tells Liza he wants to repay the favor as she works on settling Griffin’s case at his request. Kendall & Griffin continue to skirt around their feelings. On Friday, June 10, David tells Griffin he’s going to be back on-top soon and wants his best student with him.

The Inside Story: Double-Faced
Ben and a hopeful Erica connect. David finally injects Jane with the epi-pen after she signs papers getting him one step closer to regaining his position at Pine Valley Hospital. Jane lashes out at David when he takes hold of a picture of a unfamiliar little girl in her possession. Seeing the scars on her hairline, David puts the pieces together and calls Jane out on being a fake. Jane confirms David’s suspicions on Monday, June 6, but gives him something to think about. Greenlee & Jackson are not happy to learn that “Erica” is assisting David’s cause. David tells Jane to convince Greenlee to follow through and sell the hospital – to Erica! In return he’ll keep her secret. Charmed by her outgoing behavior, Jackson pulls “Erica” into a passionate kiss. Jane becomes agitated when the conversation turns to Erica’s children. Liza confronts David after spying his interaction with Jane. Jackson sees “Erica” reaching for a drink.

A Closer Look: Oh, Brother
Griffin lays into Cara for her stupidity after putting the pieces together about what has her so uneasy. Tad questions if Jake is really done with Cara. The P.I. admits that he wants to pursue a real future with his wife. Cara is surprised when Tad encourages her to reclaim her job at the hospital after she confesses to her indiscretion with Jake. Cara & Jake finally toss out their old wedding rings. Griffin tells Cara he believes her desire to get him and Kendall together is due to her own regrets about Jake. Tad explains to a touched Cara the real reason why he’s so intent on helping her brother on Thursday, June 9.

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  • Jackson rallies the family after stopping “Erica” from taking a drink.
  • Will Bianca confess her true feeling to Marissa?
  • Opal tells an insecure Tad to not to allow the past to interfere with his future.
  • Cara and Jake’s renewed working relationship throws Amanda for a loop anew.
  • Amanda plots to give Jake a taste of his own medicine.
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