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Y&R Recap: Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Y&R Recap: Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Y&R Recap: Tuesday, May 24, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Tuesday, May 24, 2011.


Jack talked to Traci, wondering how Ashley was doing. She sternly forbad him from going to Ashley to talk to her about Jabot. Jack said he was merely concerned about her and only wants to be there regarding the company. Traci again told him to focus on family, not Jabot. He wondered where Ashley could be and was stunned when Traci said that she most likely was there at the hospital. He was shocked that she would go there, especially with Katherine there. Traci left to go see Billy and Victoria, leaving Jack alone at Crimson Lights. Shortly after she left, Victor arrived and Jack started to prod him on Katherine's sudden reign of Tucker's company. Victor, knowing that Jack was pressing for information about Jabot, continued to let Jack run his mouth. Jack warned Victor not to get too happy about possibly getting Jabot from him; Victor in turn told Jack that he needed to curb his enthusiasm. Jack gloated that if Ashley were to step down, Katherine would more than likely let him step back in, especially with the new product that they are testing out. Victor told Jack he doubt that Katherine would ever give him Jabot again.

Ashley continued to beg Katherine to let her see Tucker but Katherine refused. She said she heard what she said to her son shortly after the accident and was concerned that she could be a hinderance to his getting better. Ashley explained that what she was telling Tucker was that she was sorry for what Abby put him through: setting him up with Diane. Unfortunately, her explanation fell on deaf ears, and Katherine said she needed to start looking out for the best interest in Tucker and his business. She crushed Ashley by telling her that she was fired from Jabot. Ashley was furious that Katherine would do that to her. Katherine calmly told Ash to focus on what's going on with her instead.

Nina excitedly tells Chance that she has vacation plans with one another but is crushed when Chance told her that they wouldn't be able to go; he'd be going back in the military. She asked why he'd want to go back and he stated he needed a clean slate for himself; to find himself. She wondered why he didn't want to stay on as a cop but he said with everything that happened, nobody would respect him on the force. Heather arrived and asked how the two of them were doing. The minute Nina looked at Heather, she realized Chance was doing it because of her. She quickly placed the blame on her shoulders.

Victoria wondered aloud to Billy why Daniel hadn't called them about Lucy. Billy told his wife to be patient, that Daniel would grant them what they want in due time. Victoria wasn't so sure. When Billy received a phone call, she assumed it was Daniel but was crushed when it was just the office calling. Traci arrived and asked how the two of them were holding up. Victoria said she just wanted to know that Daniel has the baby so that he can sign over the papers for them to have her. When they learned that Daniel received custody of Lucy, Traci was happy for them, because it would mean that Daniel would stick to their original agreement. Billy, however, explained that things had changed since then, thanks to Phyllis's interference. Rafe showed up to tell Billy that there has been a gag order put on the case; nothing can be written or said about the case or who are involved. Billy agreed to keep quiet but is hit hard when Rafe warned him that the D.A. wants him to stop avoiding his questions regarding his illegally buying Lucy. Billy foolishly thought that Rafe could simply find a way around the matter, but Rafe said that the charges against him would be serious, so answer what the DA wants answered.

Phyllis arrived at Daniel's to find out when he'd get Lucy. Still annoyed with her constant pushing, Daniel told her that Lucy would be arriving there at the house. Still not wanting to give up having Lucy in the family, Phyllis told her son that it was time for him to truly bond with her. Daniel said that Lucy already had great parents in Billy and Victoria. Phyllis balked and said they bought her, they didn't adopt her, therefore,the right place would be with him. Lucy finally arrived and when Daniel held her in her arms, Phyllis automatically assumed that Daniel's mind would be changed.

Victor arrived at Katherine's to see how she was doing. She shared her concerns, especially where Ashley were concerned. He asked her about the status of Jabot and gave her advice on how to keep Jack away from the company if and when he tried to sway her. Katherine wanted to know if Victor already knew of someone that would be interested in helping with the company. Victor, thinking of himself, quickly piped up that Victoria should be the one to run the company. Katherine was surprised that he'd be pitching his daughter in to be in charge. Victor quickly asked his friend to keep quiet about his suggestion. When Victor departed, he ran into Jack, who was also on his way to plead his desires to be back at Jabot. Once inside, he told Katherine that he would be the one to step into the position of CEO. After telling her about the latest product that Ashley was working on, Jack stresses he just wants what's right for Jabot. Katherine said she'd give it some thought.

Ashley, still at Gloworm, is having coffee when Victor arrives to see how she is doing. She told him the news of her firing, to which, Traci, who had also arrived, overheard. Victor told her that he was going to be there for her no matter what. She thanked him and soon greeted Traci, who said she overheard their conversation. Traci told her sister that whatever comes their way, they will survive.

Phyllis continued her gush session and speech of being a daddy to Lucy with Daniel. When she left to get the diapers and formula for the baby, Daniel played the phone message that Victoria left for him. In the message she stated she was sorry for forgetting that Daniel is the birth father and that he has the ultimate say in what happens in Lucy's life. After he listened to the message, he took Lucy and her belongings and headed over to the Abbott home. Billy and Victoria were overjoyed when they saw him with her. He told the couple that he still stood by what he wanted: for them to have Lucy. Meanwhile, Phyllis arrived back at the house and saw that Daniel had left with Lucy. She quickly panicked, realizing that Daniel was over at the Abbott home. At the Abbott home, Daniel asked if he could reside upstairs in the garage apartment; promising that Lucy could stay downstairs with them in the main house. They happily agreed and Daniel gives Lucy over to Victoria. While they hugged and kissed the baby, Phyllis, arrived at the Abbott home in time to see the Abbott couple holding the baby.

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