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HOME / Recaps / Y&R Recap: Thursday, May 26, 2011


Y&R Recap: Thursday, May 26, 2011

HOME / Recaps / Y&R Recap: Thursday, May 26, 2011


Y&R Recap: Thursday, May 26, 2011

Y&R Recap: Thursday,  May 26, 2011

( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Thursday, May 26, 2011.


Phyllis checked her laptop to see if Daisy might have read her blog but was disappointed when she found no Canadian hits on blog. She continued to write, depicting Daisy as a cold and calculated woman that hurt innocent people, while another family wanted to raise Lucy. As she typed, Daniel pounded on her door and when she let him, he demanded to know what she was up to.

Lauren, Michael, Kevin and Chloe all share a double date at Gloworm together. As they are talking, Kevin commented that while Lauren and Michael were all lovey dovey, Chloe is on her phone again. Chloe, who was checking on something on Restless Style, noticed the blog that Phyllis wrote. While Lauren and Michael were alone talking, Chloe told Kevin about the blog and how she was worried that Lauren would have a fit when she saw it. As they were talking about the blog, Kevin received a text from Angelo telling him he was coming over to the restaurant to see him. He told Jeffrey and stressed to him to come clean with Gloria about doing business with Angelo. When Gloria continued to hound him about what was going on, Jeffrey admitted the truth to her. Meanwhile, away from the group, Lauren expressed her fears regarding Daisy, and how it was her fault that Jana had died. Unable to remain calm, Lauren opted to keep herself busy. Michael and she left the restaurant together.

Devon and Malcolm met up with Neil, who talked about his concerns regarding Lily. They talk about what they could do for her. Meanwhile, Sofia, taking Neil's suggestion to check on his daughter, headed to see Lily with dinner. Lily quickly assumed that she was there to check on her just as everyone else. Lily told her that she could share with them that she was doing just fine. When Sofia left and returned to Crimson Lights, she shared how she was doing. As they all talked on baby names, Neil returned to the table.

At the park, Colin and Caleb met up to discuss how Lily was falling apart as they had hoped. He shared with the twin that Neil was looking into getting her a psychiatric evaluation and that since he was Cane's father, he would have claim over the twin more-so than Neil would. An anxious Caleb again asked that once the job was done if he could get rid of Lily; Colin told the young man he could do whatever he pleased with her.

While Billy and Victoria watched over a sleeping Lucy, Rafe showed up, demanding to know what Billy was up to. When he saw the baby, he asked how he managed to get Lucy back. They shared the news that Daniel was living with them. Not wanting to know anymore details, Rafe told Billy that he came over to talk to him about going against the gag order. Billy said he never went against it and he and Victoria learned that Phyllis purposely used the magazine to attempt to lure Daisy out of hiding. Angry, Billy left to go deal with her. Meanwhile, Daniel told his mother that she had no right using him and Lucy as a way to get Daisy to come out of hiding. Phyllis insisted that she was doing it as a way to buy time and that she wanted him to understand that he needed to be a father to the baby. An angry and rather annoyed Daniel told her about how he helped give birth to the baby and how Daisy left him for dead. When Phyllis learned that Daniel knew longer than he admitted about Lucy, she snapped, saying he purposely deceived her. Daniel told his mother that Daisy wasn't going to come out of hiding, but everyone would hate her guts for what she's done. He walked out on her and shortly after, Billy arrived. When Phyllis opened the door to him, she told him she was in no mood to hear anything he had to say and started mocking his character. Billy told her that she was fired from Restless Style and that he wanted her nowhere near the magazine or his family.

Caleb arrived at the penthouse and Lily was happy to see 'Cane'. She begged him to spend time with her and the twins, opting the two have sex together. They got hot and heavy but he pulled away, telling her that they weren't safe. When he started talking on how the family didn't want them to be together and they had to leave from Genoa City, Lily started to become confused, wondering if he was real or if she is truly imagining things. Meanwhile, Colin, approached Neil at the coffee house and apologized for upsetting him regarding Lily. Neil told Colin that his family were going to work on getting Lily better.

Daniel returned back to the Abbott's and Victoria asked how he was doing. He told her that he was annoyed with his mother's actions. Victoria explained that she could understand that Phyllis was doing it because she cared about her son, but Daniel said that his mother would cut all ties to him if she had to to get claim of of Lucy. Soon after, Billy and Michael, who wasn't too far behind, entered. He wanted to see how they all were doing now that the blog was out there for all, including Daisy to read. Billy told everyone that he fired Phyllis and had the blog removed from the magazine, but despite it's removal, it would still be on the Internet. Victoria asked how Lauren was holding up and Michael admitted he didn't know what his wife is thinking but knew that Phyllis crossed a lot of people. As for Lauren, she headed over to see Phyllis, who immediately lied, telling her friend she wasn't trying to get Daisy to come back. Lauren cut her off and told her that she better get to Daisy before she did, because she wasn't going to be her victim any longer. Unbeknownst to them, however, Daisy, obviously in her hiding place, checked the Internet, where she read Phyllis's blog.

Back at the park, Colin met up with Caleb again, bad-mouthing Neil. While the two men talked, someone was watching from the shadows. Colin told his son that he once the job was done, he would be rewarded. The minute he left, a woman stepped out of the shadows, where Caleb told her how much he hated Colin. Meanwhile, at the penthouse, Neil showed up to check on Lily, who was frazzled. She told her father that he had to leave. When he tried to comfort her, she pushed him away, stressing again that he had to but to take Charlie and Maddie with him; she admitted that she was losing her mind and didn't want the twins there with her. A fearful Neil hugged his daughter close.

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