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Y&R Recap: Wednesday, May 25, 2011

By Venus Stone-Cutter
Y&R Recap: Wednesday, May 25, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Wednesday, May 25, 2011.


Billy and Victoria are happy that Daniel brought Lucy over and is willing to go through with their adoption of her. Daniel was in the process of talking to them about moving above the garage when Phyllis, who was lurking outside, saw the three of them bonding over the baby, stormed in unannounced. She demanded to know why Daniel had brought Lucy over to the Abbott home. Daniel told her that he was going forward in giving custody over to Billy and Victoria.

A concerned Jill spotted Katherine working hard on Tucker's business with McCall Unlimited. Worried about her, she advised Kay to slow down but she told Jill that she wanted to make sure things were in order. Jill realized that Katherine was determined to do what she wanted to do, so she changed conversation to that of Tucker's unknown son, curious to see if Katherine had any idea on what to do about finding him. Katherine admitted that she didn't know where to even begin. After Jill departed, Katherine let Esther know that she was on her way to the hospital. As she was set to head out, Sergeant Goldman arrived with deployment papers for Chance. He informed her that he would be heading back to the Middle East once he re-enlisted. When he departed, Katherine, after looking over the papers, called out to God in frustration on taking another loved one away from her.

Nina lashed out at Heather, thinking that she was the one that caused Chance to decide to go back to the Middle East. Chance explained that Heather had nothing to do with it but a defiant Nina wouldn't let up, spatting that if anything happened to Chance, it would be Heather's fault. Paul walked into Crimson Lights and heard Nina snapping at his daughter and told her not to speak to her like that. Jill, who was also at the coffee house, spotted the four of them and heard them talking about Chance re-enlisting. She became upset, wanting to know why he was leaving them. Knowing that his family was upset, Chance begged them all to focus on the time they had together as a family, rather than spending it upset with one another.

Despite trying to convince Phyllis that he wanted to provide the best home for Lucy, Daniel's words fell short with her. She lashed out that he was making a mistake and that she could call Child Protective Services on them to keep Lucy away. Victoria questioned the furious red-head if she thought that was in the best interest of the baby. Still angry, Phyllis retreated and left the Abbott home. Daniel told the couple that he would deal with his mother. As he left, Victoria told Billy that she believed that Phyllis would do whatever she could to keep them from getting Lucy. After settling with the baby, Victoria gave her a bottle and gushed with Billy how she felt that Lucy knew that she was home again.

Sam walked passed Sharon's room to see that she was crying. When he walked in, he made a comment concerning Piper. As she talked to him, she called Piper Cassie. He asked her who Cassie was, as she shared with him that it was her daughter that had died. She shared how everyone fell in love with Cassie and that today was the anniversary of her death. Wanting to cheer her up, Sam offered to cook her dinner and headed off to get items from the market. When he returned from the market, he shared that he was going to prepare pasta primavera for the both of them. After accidentally dropping a glass, Sharon quickly apologized. Sam told her that items are easy to replace but Sharon said in turn that loved ones could not. Later on, Sam brought dinner for the two of them, where Sharon talked more about Cassie. As the two ate, she complimented Sam on his cooking.

At Gloworm, Nick, having lunch with Faith, shared his memories of Cassie with her. As he went on to describe her sister, Adam, who arrived with Diane, decided to interrupt their moment. When he went on to talk to Faith, Nick snapped for him to leave her alone. Adam, wanting to get a rise out of Nick, threw out the news that he had a new roommate. When Diane showed up to tell Adam that their suite at the Athletic Club was ready, Nick instantly thought that something was going on between the two of them. He tossed out that he didn't care at all about Sharon. Adam reminded Nick of his past deeds that ruined his marriage to Sharon, which angered him to the point where he scooped up Faith and left. When Diane made a slight suggestive pass at him, Adam reminded her that they were only partners, nothing more; his love is for Sharon. Assuming that he and Sharon worked together also to rub it in Victor and Nick's face, he corrected her and told her that his love with Sharon was real and that she felt the same way about him. He went on to share that while everyone was against him, it was Sharon that forgave him and stuck by him. He went on to talk about their first Thanksgiving dinner together: pasta primavera. When Diane was informed that their suite was ready, she departed leaving Adam alone. He thought on the day he proposed to Sharon, causing him to shed tears.

Back home, Daniel and Phyllis got into it about his going against his word with her about keeping Lucy. Daniel told his mother that she didn't hear anything at all he said, but she stated that she heard him but knows that he would eventually change his mind once Lucy was with him long enough. Phyllis went on to put down Billy and Victoria's character, saying that Child Protective Services wouldn't agree to them caring for the baby. When Daniel shot back that she wasn't the best parent herself, she defended herself, saying that she was a great mother to Summer. Daniel told her that he was done fighting over Lucy and that he was thankful that Daisy was far away. When he left her, Phyllis, still focused on getting Lucy, started to go on the Restless Style website. She soon started typing in her blog, Homewreckers of Genoa City in hopes that Daisy would see the article and picture of Daniel and Lucy. Meanwhile, back at the Abbott home, Billy and Victoria discussed setting up the apartment above the garage for Daniel, with belongings of Lucy's just in case Child Protective Services tried to step in. She also mentioned that she was glad that Billy would be abiding by the gag order, preventing any mentions of the case and Lucy in the magazine.

Katherine returned home and overheard Jill talking to Nina and Chance about keeping the news of his deployment from her. She entered and snapped at Jill for trying to hide the truth from her. She handed Chance the deployment papers. Realizing she was upset, Chance told her grandmother that he couldn't leave unless he received her blessing. Jill left to answer the door to Paul and Heather, who wanted to talk to Chance. When Nina saw Heather, she left the room, commenting that she'd never forgive Heather for Chance's decision. Still wanting his grandmother's blessing, Chance received it, although reluctant. Knowing that he had to make things right with his mother, Chance, along with Jill, headed upstairs to talk to her. Heather, attempted to pull him away so she could get her say in but Chance told her he had to talk to her later. Meanwhile, Paul and Katherine talked about the defunct relationship between Chance and Heather. The conversation soon turned to Tucker, where Katherine asked Paul if he could help her locate Tucker's son.

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