Mark Lawson Issues MMA Tourney Challenge

Mark Lawson Issues MMA Tourney Challenge

( — "One Life to Live's" Mark Lawson is ready to prove that he is both a lover and a fighter, telling ESPN that "I want to take part in a celebrity mixed martial arts tournament. UFC president Dana White, let's set this up. I'm a good fighting weight of 175 and I'm ready to take on all comers." However, don't expect Lawson to be quitting his day job anytime soon. "I love acting and singing, but something inside of me wants to get back into the cage."

In an interview with the sports network's website, the actor reveals to columnist Lynn Hoppes that he has some prior experience, not to mention the fact that he works out nearly every day, is a personal trainer, and runs a strength and conditioning business. White, meanwhile, has responded to Lawson's request, encouraging the soap star to get the event set up. 

Before joining "One Life" as Brody Lovett in 2008, Lawson participated in an MMA fight in the 'Octagon,' earning a 1-0 record in a semi pro fight.  However, he did not make it through the fight unscathed.  "I did break my jaw in that match, so I'd be a little worried about that.  I think my agent is going to kill me for issuing this challenge," he reveals.

A Virginia native, the 31-year-old Lawson earned a bachelors' degree in fine arts from the renowned Boston Conservatory.  He is also a graduate of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.  His other acting credits include an appearance on "Cold Case" in 2005, and the comedy short "Breakdown" in 2006.

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