OLTL Quick Peeks: Week of July 5 Edition

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OLTL Quick Peeks: Week of July 5 Edition

By Scotty Gore

Photo: ABC

Tuesday, July 6, 2010 at 11:00 PM ET by Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “One Life to Live” Quick Peeks for the Week of July 5, 2010.


  • Monday (encore of the 05/24/10 episode): (Episode #10692) — John tells Natalie how much he cares for her.  Jessica informs Brody her memories have returned.  Rex and Gigi get out of jail. (Rated: TV14 L, S, V)
  • Tuesday: (Episode #10721) — Todd and Bull are involved in a shoot-out.  Hannah tries to make a deal.  Jessica makes a confession to Brody. (Rated: TVPG L, V)
  • Wednesday: (Episode #10722) — Dani learns of Téa’s cancer diagnosis.  James is rushed into the ER.  David and Dorian dance around their feelings. (Rated: TVPG V)
  • Thursday: (Episode #10723) — Blair makes a pact with Téa.  Does Hannah really know who pushed Marty?  Starr and Cole come face-to-face. (Rated: TVPG)
  • Friday: (Episode #10724) — Eli has a warning for Hannah.  David tells Matthew to keep his mouth shut.  Cristian and Layla hurry to visit Evangeline. (Rated: TVPG L)

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