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OLTL PreVUE: Week of February 22 Edition

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OLTL PreVUE: Week of February 22 Edition

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Friday, February 19, 2010 at 8:00 AM ET by Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Llanview, what it do!


Jessica has no memories of either Natalie or Bree, but pretends that she recognizes her daughter to keep from upsetting her. On Wednesday, February 24, Brody shows Jessica photos and a DVD of the time they shared together in an attempt to jog her memory. Even a kiss fails to trigger her memories of the man she loves. Jessica calls Crsitian and asks him to visit her on Friday, February 26. However, when he gives her a little friendly peck on the cheek, she pulls him into a passionate kiss. Elsewhere in Llanview, John and Marty try to bury the hatchet on Thursday, February 25. Watching John and Marty kiss gets to Natalie. Blair warns Dorian that she might be letting her guard down too soon as far as Mitch is concerned. Kelly and Adriana return to La Boulaie for Dorian’s Cramer girl pow-wow. Andrew arrives with bad news for his former mother-in-law on Friday, February 26. Roxy is shaken up after confronting Mitch is prison. And Mitch is visited by one of his many disciples.

The Inside Story: Two Men and a Little Lady

As Sierra Rose is being prepped for surgery, Schuyler floors Gigi by announcing that he is the baby’s father on Monday, February 22. Gigi is further shocked when he announces that he’s been sitting on the news for months. Rex tells Shane the truth about the baby, and later confides in Bo. Meanwhile, Shane begins to wonder if his parents will get back together. Kyle is disappointed that Fish doesn’t want to find out if he is the baby’s biological father because he believes that a baby should be raised by a “normal” family and not by a gay man and his boyfriend. After apologizing and love making, Greg and Rachel once more spar over Schuyler’s stealing drugs from the hospital. Although they agree to drop the subject, a curious Rachel discovers the missing oxytocin while peaking in Schuyler’s backpack. On Tuesday, February 23, Schuyler, thinking all is still well with he and Gigi, receives a rude awakening when she unleashes her anger upon him. At the same time, Roxy urges Rex to go and be with Gigi. Concerned for her friend, Rachel seeks legal advice from Téa, who advises that Schuyler could be in serious trouble if he helped induce Stacy’s early labor, and then something happened to the baby. Clint apologizes to Kim for scolding her for belittling Nigel after learning of Stacy’s death. By Thursday, February 25, Gigi is appreciative of Rex’s support as they stand vigil at the hospital. Rachel tells Schuyler that she believes him when he says that didn’t induce Stacy’s labor. Finding Schuyler praying in the chapel, Gigi temporarily puts aside her anger to tell him that Sierra Rose is out of surgery.

A Closer Look: In the Dogg House

Blair rebuffs Todd’s advances for fear of history repeating itself on Tuesday, February 23, after learning that Téa has moved out once again. Matthew puts on the brakes when things get a little heated between him and Danielle, and convinces her that it is not the right time for them to have sex. Snoop Dogg returns to Llanview on Wednesday, February 24, when he stops by to invite Bo, Nora, and Matthew to his concert at Capricorn. Danielle is infuriated with Todd when he refuses to allow her to go to the concert with Matthew. However, he eventually agrees to let her go but only if he and Téa can chaperone their date. Jack and Danielle don’t make a good first impression on one another. Bo attempts to calm Nora’s fears about their son getting involved with Todd’s daughter. At Capricorn, Shaun’s parents continue to give Rachel the cold shoulder, all the while fawning over date, Vivian. Langston tries to get Ford off her mind by agreeing to babysit Hope while Starr and Cole attend Snoop Dogg’s concert. Meanwhile, Ford continues to be vague when Cristian questions him about the girl he is lusting over, and later shows up to visit Langston. By Thursday, February 25, Markko nearly discovers Langston and Ford about to have sex. At the same time, Starr tries to hide her jealousy when she meets Cole’s classmate Hannah. Despite her denials, Starr suspects Langston is hiding something on Friday, February 26. And, after confronting Ford about his coming over the night before because he knew she’d be alone, he plants another kiss on her.

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