OLTL PreVUE: Week of December 1 Edition

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008 11:22 PM EST | By Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Broken dreams, lost memories, and painful secrets.


Blessing are counted on Thanksgiving; Viki confronts Todd; Charlie brings a little piece of Paris, Texas to Llanview; Jessica begins therapy; Dr. Joplin can’t handle the guilt; Todd has an unexpected ally; Nora helps Marty make progress; Carlotta keeps the peace; Starr holds her own baby; and Dorian hires a new personal chef.

The Inside Story: Everything Old Is New Again

As Llanview celebrates Thanksgiving, Charlie surprises Viki with the new diner he built for Carlotta. Named the Buenos Dias Café, it is an exact replica of the Bon Jour Café in Paris, Texas. The surpise continues when Moe and Noelle join the celebration. Dorian’s homemade Thanksgiving dinner goes up in smoke, however the Cramer family is just happy to be together. Meanwhile, Nora’s holiday dinner also turns into a disaster as the caterer’s van has an accident on the way to the Buchanan mansion. Hungry, both families head to the Buenos Dias Café for a Thanksgiving meal. At St. Ann’s, Dr. Bonner hypnotizes Jessica to draw out Bess. After being stonewalled by Bess, Dr. Bonner speaks to Tess, who asks him what he is going to do about Jessica getting the wrong baby. Tess is certain Viki showed her the wrong baby, and bumps into Brody as she attempts to flee the scene. Bess stops Tess and allows Jessica to return. Dr. Bonner makes a promise to Jessica. Moe gives Dorian feedback on her truffle custard. Roxy gives Noelle a new hairstyle. Moe tells Noelle that he has accepted a job as Dorian’s personal chef and that the two of them are moving to Llanview.

A Closer Look: A Guilty Conscience

Blair, Starr, and Sam wish Marcie and Michael a happy Thanksgiving. Later, Starr angrily confronts Todd. Nora helps Marty cope by relating her own experience about being with someone who lied to her about who he was. Todd stumps Starr by admitting that he changed his mind about the baby when he fell in love with Marty. Dr. Joplin feels she made a major misdiagnosis while reading the autopsy report; unaware the dead baby was really Jessica’s. Dr. Joplin prepares to tell Blair, Dorian, Starr, Michael, and Marcie about her discovery. Roxy sticks her nose in John’s love life, and ponders whom he will end up with. Nora and Marty bump into John on their way out to breakfast. Dr. Joplin takes responsibility for what she thinks happened, and is consumed with guilt. Viki has a nasty showdown with Todd, who is unable to defend his actions. As she storms out, Viki warns Todd that she will never forgive him for what he’s done. Marty is in shock as John and Nora delve deeper into Todd’s misdeeds. Blair spots John and Marty sharing a laugh while at breakfast together. Starr holds Jessica’s baby, unaware it is really her own daughter. Viki comforts Starr as she breaks down about Todd and the baby. Dr. Joplin can take the guilt no longer. Todd tries to escape. Dorian adds to a tense moment between John, Blair, and Marty. Dorian defends her actions to Blair. John taunts an incarcerated Todd. Marty pushes John away, unsure of what she will do next. Cole takes Marty to visit her “grave.” Marty vows revenge. Todd has an unexpected visitor as an old ally returns to Llanview.

What to Watch
  • Shane softens towards Rex.
  • Sarah embarrasses herself in front of the Vegas.
  • Carlotta tries to keep the peace at the Vegas Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Gigi, Rex, and Shane bond.
  • Dorian offers her assistance to Vanessa and Lola.
  • Vanessa believes she and Lola will most likely be deported.

SON ALERTS: WEEK OF December 8, 2008
  • Monday: Todd turns down Tea’s offer of assistance; Marty is out for blood; Viki reaches a decision concerning Charlie.

  • Tuesday: Rex and Shane grow closer; Brody soothes Jessica; Jared and Natalie are busy babysitting.

  • Wednesday: Rev. Andrew Carpenter presides over Baby Hope’s funeral; Jessica has a reaction to news of the funeral; Marty reaches out to Cole.

  • Thursday: Nora urges Todd to do the right thing; Andrew provides Marty with a glimpse into her past; Lola asks Langston to hide her.

  • Friday: Tea is determined to help Todd; Vanessa has an offer for Cristian; Nora brings down the hammer on Todd.