AMC PreVUE: Week of October 27 Edition

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008 5:00 PM | By Angela Rosa

( — Bad never looked so good.


Amanda realizes Jake has feelings for Taylor. Bianca surprises Erica when she tells her about Gabrielle’s father. Kendall’s condition continues to deteriorate. Angie meets Natalia’s mother, Rebecca (Laura Koffman). Joe reluctantly consents to David operating on Kendall’s heart. David coldly explains that he doesn’t believe Kendall will ever wake up. Joe tries to reassure Jake. Frankie wants nothing to do with Jesse. Rebecca collapses. Jake uses tough love to motivate Taylor. Reese (Tamara Braun) proposes to Bianca. Kendall’s finger moves slightly as Zach prays in the chapel.

The Inside Story: Dr. Strangelove

David blames Krystal and the Chandler men for coming between him and Babe and violently pummels JR. Despite Krystal’s best efforts, David remains intent on making JR and Adam pay. JR resists the temptation to drink. Adam and JR find Little Adam with David. JR pulls Little A away from David, who announces he’s going to sue for full custody of Babe’s son. JR threatens to kill David. Krystal, Adam and JR form a united front against David, who later leases Wildwind. David tries to goad JR into killing him at Babe’s funeral. Krystal witnesses the depth of David’s grief. JR tries his best to give his son a joyful Halloween.

A Closer Look: Child’s Play

A fearful Ryan rebukes Jesse’s help after the kidnapper gets wise to the secret meeting Aidan set up and leaves a chilling threat. The kidnappers’ instructions lead Ryan and Annie to a sleazy motel room, where they find Aidan already waiting for them with a video of Emma. The kidnapper demands ten million dollars for Emma’s safe return. Annie asks Greenlee to provide the funds that she and Ryan can’t come up with. Annie disappears with the bag of money before Ryan is able to plant a tracking device in it. Greenlee and Ryan find Annie at the drop off location, with a gunshot wound to her arm. Ryan dodges Jesse and takes Annie to the hospital.


  • Monday: Ryan and Annie are on the kidnapper’s trail. David vows to get vengeance for Babe’s death. Angie drops a bombshell on Natalia.
  • Tuesday: Aidan gets a clue in Emma’s kidnapping. David wants Krystal to stop JR from moving away with Little A. Jesse is floored by Angie’s news about Rebecca.
  • Wednesday: Erica is a force to be reckoned with as she take charge at Fusion. David makes a move on Amanda. Jake is determined to help Taylor walk again.
  • Thursday: Ryan, Greenlee and Aidan get a lead on Annie and Emma. David continues his subtle manipulation of Krystal. Adam gets under Jack’s skin.

  • Friday: Annie is clearly up to no good. Tad meets the mystery man who hired him to snoop on Taylor. Jesse realizes how deeply he’s hurt Natalia.