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ATWT PreVUE: Week of July 28 Edition

ATWT PreVUE: Week of July 28 Edition

‘Romeo and Juliet’ get grounded….
Sunday, July 27, 2008 10:48 PM | By Venus Stone

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Reckless teens spur parents into taking action…


Meg can’t shake the ghost of Sophie. A new scent sends Emily into a rage, causing her to snap at Casey and calling Alison a slut. Chris has his own problems when he suddenly gets the case of the itches and starts to undress right in the middle of the on call room. Vienna, under the impression that Henry sold Metro back, decides they use the money to spruce up the diner. Things turn sour when Henry’s called away to Metro and Vienna catches him. When Henry tries to reason with her she tearfully tells him that it’s over between them.

Holden and Lily head pick up the girls from summer camp. Carly, not wanting run into the estranged pair, tries her best to hurry Sage along but wind up running into them anway. Camp counselor Winkie doesn’t make things any better when she jokes about Holden having two ‘wives’ and explains that the two shared quarters together. Before Holden or Carly can explain, Lily takes the girls and leaves the camp. Riding back with Carly and Sage, Holden finally arrives to confront Lily. Lily rails him for being reckless enough for Faith to walk in on him with the other woman. Holden, unable to reason with her, is told to get out and stay out.


Janet is floored when Liberty tells her that she and Parker had sex together, while Parker keeps mum with Jack. Unable to keep her mouth shut, Janet tells Jack everything about the two teens. When Jack becomes upset at their actions, Janet waves it off saying that they don’t plan on doing it again. Brad not pleased with how his daughter has been behaving resorts to tapping into her computer for information. Liberty and Parker soon meet up and discuss their parents. The teens head over to Liberty’s where they soon are making out. Brad arrives and immediately flips out when he sees Parker opening a condom. Before Liberty or Parker can do anything, Brad whisks the frisky teen down to the police station. Jack higtails his son back to the house while Janet attempts to talk to Liberty again. Jack and Janet meet up and he tells her her approach was a flop and Brad is right in saying the teens need not be together. Janet instantly thinks that he’s faulting her and they argue. Meanwhile, determined to keep Parker and Liberty away from one another, Brad hires on a bodyguard to keep his daughter under watchful eye.

Pictured: Austin Peck courtesy NBC

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