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Y&R PreVUE: Week of July 28 Edition

By Venus Stone-Cutter
Tragedy changes everything…
Sunday, July 27, 2008 11:10 PM | By Venus Stone

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Lives are forever changed and hard choices are made…


Chloe is determined to claim her man at all costs when she doctors up a sonogram. Daniel and Amber have a heart-to-heart where he tells the blonde they should stick to being friends. Their moment is ruined when Adrian arrives. Neil and Tyra realize they have more in common than they thought. Cane is given the proof from Chloe while Lily has to make a decision that could change her life for good. Michael decides to go forth in looking for his father.


Nick and Victoria get word about their mother being rushed to the hospital, Victor, learning of the car accident, rushes to the scene where he sees a criticallly injured David. Victor is told that the woman in the car with David has been rushed to the hospital, and Victor quickly thinks it is Nikki. Before he can head to the hospital, Victor realizes that it was Sabrina that was in the car with David. At the hospital, JT and Paul give Nikki and her family the news that David didn’t survive the car accident and that Sabrina was also in the car. Victor gets word from the doctor that Sabrina lost not only the baby but her life is fading fast due to a damaged liver. A defiant Victor refuses to believe the worst and promises his wife she will be fine.

Nikki, feeling fine after her ordeal, finds herself going to the ICU to peek in on Sabrina and sees Victor exchanging an emotional plee to his wife to fight. She leaves and Nick soon appears to see how his father is holding up. Angry at his son, Victor tells him he needs no support from him. Soon after, Katherine’s news about Sabrina’s pregnancy hits hard for Nikki and Victoria. Victoria, wanting to see her estranged friend arrives at the hospital. Victor immediately tells Victoria she is not welcomed there but Sabrina, who has come to, begs Victor to let her friend stay.

What to Watch

  • Adam decides to take on his true name.
  • Nick and Phyllis move to the ranch.
  • Jill sets herself as CEO of Jabot.
  • Jack pays top dollar for the crash site photographs.

Pictured: Melody Thomas Scott courtesy CBS

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