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AMC PreVUE: Week of July 7 Edition

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AMC PreVUE: Week of July 7 Edition

By Angela Rosa

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) – What lies beneath.



JR is extremely upset to see a drunken Colby. Dre surprises Cassandra with a kiss. Adam challenges Krystal to embrace her true feelings. Babe decides to remain at the mansion. Erica and Samuel continue their flirtation. Frankie is desperate to protect Randi who fights her growing feelings for Dr. Hubbard. Erica and Kendall share an emotional moment as Erica is allowed to hug her daughter for the first time since her incarceration. Samuel’s father, Melvin (Melvin Van Peebles), questions his son about his interest in Erica Kane. Carmen pushes Jack to pursue Erica. Babe continues to complain about her position at Fusion which prompts JR to offer to buy the company for her. Angie and Frankie get into it after mother Hubbard finds Randi on Cassandra’s bed.

Main Story: Getting Away with Murder

Jesse isn’t pleased to learn that Zach has taken off in search of Richie. Kendall fears Zach will take matters into his own hands if he finds Richie. Zach calls Jesse to report that he found Richie dead on the road. Jesse questions Zach at the scene of the crime. Annie is at a lost about what to feel upon getting the news of her brother’s death. Zach and Kendall drop in on Ryan and Annie to offer whatever support they can give. Zach privately begins to suspect that Annie is hiding something. Jesse doesn’t believe that Richie’s death was merely a hit and run accident and calls Zach in for more questioning. A nerve wrecked Annie remembers back to what really happened the night of Richie’s death as she and Ryan wait on the results of Richie’s autopsy. Zach maintains his innocence to Jesse. Jesse grills Annie about the night of Richie’s death after discovering that Novak’s last call was to Annie’s cell phone. Kendall becomes furious at Annie when she deflects blame on to Zach with some very damaging statements. Zach ends up in handcuffs after challenging Jesse to arrest him.

Dre and Cassandra panic after learning that Richie died in a hit and run. Dre and Cassandra explain to Colby that they hit something with her car while driving her home the night before. Colby, Dre and Cassandra are almost certain they’re responsible for Richie’s death and contemplate doing the right thing. The teens ultimately decide not to tell anyone about that fateful night but can’t keep their minds off Richie. Colby is surprised when Pete Cortlandt (Daniel Kennedy) stops by. Pete makes a disturbing observation as Colby tries to get rid of him.

Rocking the Boat

Aidan insists on spending the night outside of a shaken Greenlee’s door. Jake urges Greenlee to give his pal a second chance. A flirtatious Aidan begins to wear Greenlee down with the help of cue cards. Ryan is hit with more memories of Greenlee. Aidan and Greenlee begin to find their way back together but Greenlee wants to take things slow. Greenlee goes sailing to try to sort out her feelings for both Aidan and Ryan. Ryan is horrified when he sees Greenlee fall and hit her head.


Monday: Ryan is filled with memories from the past four years. Kendall tears into Annie for making Zach look guilty of murder. Pete’s discovery spells trouble for Colby, Dre and Cassandra.

Tuesday: Ryan remembers his love for Greenlee. Angie and Frankie search for a missing Randi. Adam takes control when Colby and Cassandra come clean with him.

Wednesday: Kendall figures out that Ryan loves Greenlee. Samuel has good news for Erica. Annie questions Ryan about his feelings for her.

Thursday: Kendall is faced with a dilemma where Greenlee is concerned. Zach doesn’t buy Annie’s story. Randi is reluctant to open up to Frankie.

Friday: Annie warns Greenlee to stay away from Ryan. Jesse gets proof that Colby’s car was at the scene of Richie’s hit and run. Ryan gets some surprising news at the hospital.

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